36 thoughts on “How To install Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS + Static ip + LAMP SERVER + Webmin Admin Panel

  1. I get stuck at installing webmin – failed temporary failure in name resolution unable to resolve host address

  2. Very nice. I like the responsive theme you picked for webmin. It will work well if you're on a smartphone. Thanks!

  3. when i entered /etc/network/interfaces
    the lines i have was only the loop network interfaces… im a complete noob and at lost here… any help is greatly appreciated

  4. hello, i tryed to follow this tutorial but i can see one problem with my network , only show ip internal ( and the phicis address like ip v6 . curiusly i think that make brige with ipv4 becausewhen i tipe cmyip gave me 168.192..1.188 (in my computer) i don´t know nothing over servers please if you have one soluction for that please help me. thank you

  5. Vous êtes très fort et vos tuto son super bien fait merci !!!
    You are very strong and your tuto its super well done thanks!

  6. J’aimerais avoir votre aide pour créer avec un Ubuntu server un partage de disque dur externe tous fait en Nfts avec des données déjà présent sur le disque dur. Je sais qu’il faut samba pour partager les fichiers avec Windows, ensuite un cloud perso pour envoyer du smartphone vers le cloud personne ?

    I would like to have your help to create with an Ubuntu server an external hard drive sharing all made in Nfts with data already present on the hard disk. I know it takes samba to share files with Windows, then a personal cloud to send the smartphone to the cloud person?

  7. great tutorial. Just we need to look out when you are installing the OS first need to try that the network card is working

  8. Riba excelente procedimento, muito obrigado! Consegue fazer um procedimento de instalação do Ispconfig 3 + Webmail Roundcube? Obrigado

  9. Thanks for the video.This video helped me a lot to maintain my ubuntu mail server.I have ubuntu server from www.datasoft.ws.They are providing servers at cheap rate with low price and good technical support

  10. I have fought with a 1/2 dozen different tutorials over the last week to do this and in 12 mins and 51 seconds you get it done. Awesome job, great vid.

  11. How To install Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS + Static ip + LAMP SERVER + Webmin Admin Panel https://youtu.be/SNJJTUkE7y0

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