100 thoughts on “How to: Install plugins on your server

  1. Can I use the latest version of skript on spigot1.12.2 in aternos? When you chat with /skript reload, you only see /skript help. Aternos, and the version that skript can use, what version of skript is?

  2. One question, for example i have already a server in Aternos, but it is in Vanilla, if i change it for example to Spigot or another one, the world gonna be delete? or its still there?

  3. One question, for example i have already a world in Aternos, but it is in vanilla, if i change it for example to Spigot , the world gonna be delete?

  4. Hello Aternos can you help me whit one plugin because I don’t now what to do,my plugin don’t working pls help mr

  5. I wanna know how to use SimpleCommands for my 1.14.4 server. It has a lot of commands but only one works which is /vanish. can you help? thanks.

  6. Can you make how to bring plugin from other websites and put in aternos sever?

  7. I would appreciate it if you guys could add like a randomized block drops and/or a randomized item recipe plugin. THX! and continue on the GREAT work! =P

  8. You're freaking awesome Aternos! I always did my server with hamachi and it took me for ages, now I can easily create server by one click. Thanks Aternos!!!

  9. Best minecraft server hoster
    i started a server in under 5 minutes and could directly play with my friend witout lag and good ping. THX

  10. I put in plugins then it broke my intire server, I tried deleting the plugins.. Still not working.. Nobody can get on anymore!

  11. Anyone know if there are any grief prevention add ons for Aternos Servers? Also, does installing a plugin onto a server cause any resets with existing worlds? Thanks for any response, cheers!

  12. А что делать если нужного плагина нет в списке? потому что я нашёл в интернете но установить не смог

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