How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Today on Bernadette TV The Best Three Ways
To Get More Traffic To Your Website. Hello, and welcome to Bernadette TV, online
TV to help you be the best you can be in your business, and your life. And
today we’re talking about traffic. Specifically getting more traffic
to your website. Are you the best kept secret in town? Do you
have a beautiful website, but no visitors? Is it more tumbleweed than stampede?
Well it’s time to change all of that, and today on Bernadette TV I
want to show you the top three ways to get more traffic to your website starting
today. If you want to get more traffic to your website
the first problem you face is that there is so much conflicting advice
out there on the best way to do it. You probably heard about pay-per-click
advertising, Google ads, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, article writing,
blogging. What of the all the opportunities out there are the things that
you should be focusing on to get more traffic to your website? And the trouble is, if you’re like most small
business owners there just aren’t enough hours in the day to sift through
all the different options, and figure out which are going to be the best
methods for you. It can be like a full-time job just to generate more
traffic to your website. So let’s keep this simple. At the end of the
day, there are only three ways to get more traffic to your website. You can
either buy the traffic, you can borrow the traffic, or you can create
the traffic. I’m going to take you through each of these
in turn, in reverse order so you can figure out which is the best way for
you to focus on. So first of all let’s talk about creating
traffic. This is normally the best thing to start out doing if you’re new
to your website, if you’re really figuring out what you’re selling, and
you need to test your price points, and your conversion. And when you
are creating traffic what this means is you’re probably going to have to
put in more in terms of time, and energy, and creativity, but you’re not going
to be risking any hard earned money to get more people to your website. So when it comes to creating traffic, what
you’re really doing is finding out where your target audience is already
hanging out, and then putting in place interest, and little bits of baits and
tidbits to encourage them back to your site. So for example, you could find an organization,
or community where your target audiences hang out online, and go and
post a blog, or guest blog on that place, and then have an invitation for
people to come back to your site. Or it could be that you do this offline,
so maybe you’ll go, and give a free talk somewhere, and then invite people
to sign up for your tips, and advice on your website. So when you’re creating traffic you definitely
have to put more effort into getting the traffic to you, but this type
of traffic is very targeted, as long as you’ve really narrowed down who it
is you’re targeting, and where they’re hanging out. And the good news about
this is, is it’s going to take time, and energy, but it’s not going to cost
you any money. Now once you’ve started to do that, you can
also go on to continually drive traffic back to your website which is what
I did for the first five years, and it helped me generate a million dollar
plus business doing this. So after I had created the traffic initially,
I used email marketing to get people back to my site over, and over, and
over, and over. So it’s not just creating a one time visitor,
it’s about creating return visitors as well. And if you want to know
more about how I used email marketing, check out this episode of Bernadette
TV where I shared my email marketing secrets. So the next way that you can create traffic
is you can borrow traffic, and what this means is you go, and find people
who already developed a relationship with the people that you want
to target, and you ask them to send them your way. This is also known as
joint venture and affiliate marketing. Now when you start out, a lot of people have
questions about how this works, and you might be thinking well how
on earth can I persuade someone who has a list to send those people over to
my website? Well it can be done, but you need to approach people in the
right way. So first of all, this is the absolute no no,
never ever just approach someone with a list, and say “Hey I’m launching
this new product, will you promote it to your list?” That’s absolutely
the worst way to approach a potential list owner. You want to approach
them focusing on this, what’s in it for them? And what your list owner is going
to be looking for is either that your product is complimentary, and one
that they really be happy to endorse, because it benefits their customers,
and or that there’s some type of financial payoff for them recommending
it. Now in an upcoming episode of Bernadette TV,
I’m going to go into this in more detail, and I’m going to show you exactly
the script that I use, and how I approach joint venture partners. If
you’re interested in that, you need to hit this button right here, subscribe
to make sure that you get access to the episode when it comes up. So
that’s how you borrow traffic. And then the final way you can get traffic
to your website is you can buy traffic. So this is where you do paid advertising.
Now the one that most people know about is Google Ad words for generating
page traffic, pay per click advertising. These days I get most of
my paid traffic through Facebook, that’s where I do my pay-per-click
advertising, and the reason Facebook works better for me with my audience
is I can target right down to demographics. So Facebook enables me to target women versus
men, or a certain age group, or people with certain preferences. You can’t
do that with Google, because with Google you can target people who are
already looking for something, so the ad pops up after they’ve typed something
into the search engine. Now either one may be best depending on the
process that your client goes through as they are working through the process
of thinking of becoming a client. So bottom line is are you selling
something that people know they need, and are likely to come, and type a question
into a search engine to try, and find it? Or is it you’re selling
something where you maybe need to educate people that they need it in which
case the pay per click advertising that would probably work for you
better would be something like Facebook which is why I’m using. Now that’s not the only ads that you can use.
You can do offline paid advertising to generate traffic to your website.
You can also use something called solo ads, and this is where you would
pay a list owner to send out an ad on your behalf. I use most of them,
but right now the one that’s working best for me is the Facebook ads. So those are our three main ways of getting
more traffic to your website. You can buy it, you can borrow it, or you
can create it. What I would say about buying traffic is it’s best to do that
after you’ve tested out your conversion strategy, and you know that when
people come to your website they’re buying. If you don’t know that yet,
if you haven’t had a chance to test out whether what you’re offering is really
working, and something that people would buy, you’re probably better off
starting with creating traffic to start with. So the three things are, you can buy traffic,
you can borrow traffic, or you can create traffic. And now what I want
you to do is think about which is going to be best for you. Which is the
right fit for where you are right now. I would love if you would come, and share
that over on y blog, and if you have a question
about this, of course come, and submit that, and I’ll be happy to
answer either on the blog, or in an upcoming episode. And while you’re there I would really love
it if you signed up to my email updates, because I’ve got so much more to
share with you, and would love to give you more tips, and advise on what you
could do to be better in your business, and your life, and I look forward
to seeing you on the next episode of Bernadette TV. Come on get in the car… traffic and you
go, “Isn’t this traffic terrible?” We are the traffic. Unknown Male: It’s very philosophical. Bernadette: Kind of Zen isn’t it? Just put
an X next to your name, and I won’t add you to the email list. So can you
see that’s a very natural thing to do at the beginning of your talk, to first
of all engage the audience, get them raising their hand, seed that you
have products, and resources coming up, and also to grow your list, and
that’s all within the first five minutes. So I wanted to share this with you, because
I think it’s a really simple tip, and I think anybody who’s giving talks
and going out, and connecting with potential clients this way can use this,
and I’d love to hear about how you use it. So do me a favor, come on over to my blog,
and share…

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