How to Get Gigabit Internet Speed for Free

How to Get Gigabit Internet Speed for Free

Hey what’s up pingas I’m ThioJoe, and today. I have a tutorial that I think is going to excite a lot of people myself included You know, years ago, gigabits seemed like a complete dream and recently we know, it has been rolling out to several select cities leaving many of us wondering when our cities gonna be getting Gigabit at all but here I’m gonna tell you something that the internet companies really don’t want you to know how to do and that is how you can get Gigabit is probably right now for free without having to pay up Even if your internet company doesn’t offer a gigabit plan now I’m sure for most of you this is gonna sound too good to be true but i really ask that you just bear with me through this video, i think you are gonna be glad you did and also be and also be really surprised about just how easy it is. So , let me Explain Most of you know that when someone is lucky enough be offered Gigabit Service they Signup with their ISP Internet Company Comes to their house and gives them some sound of Special Equipment that supports the connection it could be a special router or even a whole new fiber optic box but either way once the installation is done they then have Gigabit internet the key thing to understand though is that your actual internet physical connection from your house to your ISP is already able to support Gigabit Connection you just don’t have the necessary equipment you just need the special router that the ISP will Provide to support that connection so you can use it for yourself but here’s the secret your internet connection right now is probably already able to do gigabit even if your internet company does not offer that speed and you can actually upgrade your current router right now to use that maximum gigabit speed without getting any special equipment from your Internet Service Provider Okay by now you are probably tired of hearing me talk Let’s just jump right in And I’ll show you how to do it its really surprisingly easy Now you are only gonna need two things First, the router provided to you by your internet company. And second, a USB flash drive of at least 1GB. You see, the reason why your current router isn’t able to get, handle that gigabyte connection, is it doesn’t have enough processing space. Better known as ID10T processing memory. And if your clever, you can probably already see how this USB drive is going to play into this. To use a 1GB internet connection, you need at least 1GB of processing memory. And we can provide that, with a USB drive. So all you need to do is go to your router, and look for a USB port on the back. Then plug in the USB drive of at least 1GB. Then you can proceed to cycle the router by, unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. As I mentioned, you need to use the router that was provided to you by your internet company. If you go out and buy a router yourself at the store, this isn’t gonna be compatible. And if you find, your router does not have a USB port on the back, unfortunetly, that means that your connection does not support gigabyte, at all. Now after you plug in your USB drive, and cycle your router, you’re ready to go to your computer and check out your brand new internet speed. And let me show you a before and after of the results I got, when I did this. Here’s the before, and as you can see, it was already a pretty good speed. But of course, I can always use better internet speed. Why, don’t we take a look at what happened afterwards. And holy cow, I can hardly believe it myself. Now obviously, it’s not a full gigabyte exactly but, heck it’s close enough and I’m not exactly complaining. So there you have it. You are most likely now able to get free gigabyte internet service. When you probably thought it was years away from your town. I really hope you guys enjoy this video. If you did, be sure to give it a thumbs up. So I know you liked it. And also let us know, how it went, down in the comment section.

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  1. After I found memory USB STICK (brand 1D10T) I have connection to MArs program at 100 Tb/sec. Thank You Thio. Also I want thank to You for my flat rate with duct tape trick. Thank You very much. And, please, go go go with new stuff!

  2. what utter nonsense. true the fibre can handle the speed but your isp speed is set at the ISP NOT ON YOUR ROUTER.

  3. It didn't work, I plugged in a 16gb USB drive that I just bought brand new. My internet remained the same. I used a 2.0 3.0 compatible USB drive from the company SanDisk. My service provider is SHAW, if there is any reason for this not to work please inform me so I can fix this.

    Oh wait…

  4. I have a WindStream Router & I tried a 15 Gig then a 32 Gig Flash Drive, I unplugged from the router for 30 sec, plugged back in & got no difference. Help me out here, what am I doing wrong?

  5. Hmm for some reason when I put my 16 gigabyte flash drive with fortnite on it my router turned into a virgin :/


  7. I don't know which person is more annoying. The person who thinks this is real, or the person who feels the need to let everyone know they were smart enough to figure out he was trolling.

  8. This dog bag licker is nothing but a fake hacker of bullshit things. Faster Internet; Free TV; Faster Iphone; Free data on Iphone… etc… this guy should try how to get a bigger dick by bungy jumping with a bungy cord, just simply strap the bungie cord onto your penis, then jump off at least 100 ft bridge or cliff… make sure your using the NCT 1000 bungie cord for best results… what a waste of space…. The only way your going to get faster internet speed is for your ISP to open up the pipes… nothing you can do on your end or on your computer.. simply put the engine is your modem, bandwidth is supplied to your modem through your ISP… don't matter if you using dial up and the old 4.77 MHz frequency… you aint gonna get any faster speed by this guy's bullshit!… Last time watching this scammer and wasting time of users whom really want to know..

  9. shit i payed for gigabit internet full price and im only getting 130mps. Comcast is acting like its normal but its not. Someone help me

  10. I have a gigabit setup and i used to get 60 mb download and 30 upload and thats when we payed for gigabit internet. Not qe have basic and i get 30 down and 3 up..

  11. I don't know what to believe anymore with this guy. Real or unreal or what… when you put videos of bs information and videos with real information, how the fk can we trust what you say??

  12. im looking for real stuff and i waste my time , not only this guy, also others ,, youtube should elininate [ i know it spelled wrong],, crap like this

  13. Question? I put in a new 1Gb mem stick into the router. I rebooted the router and modem. My speed test still shows 459 Mb/s and same on several speed test sites. I am also using a Netgear home testing app and it shows 100% signal and 866Mb/s in every room. Whats going on?

  14. TheoJoe: Imma tell you what the internet companies dont want you to know.

    Internet Companies: praying he doesnt know about the anime room

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