48 thoughts on “How to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

  1. when user sing up. and wordpress didn't send activation key to user email..wordpress send password reset link to user email…why its happen.
    my site: www.androidtechteambd.gq

  2. I tried changing the name of the file to plugins_backup. When I changed it back to plugins, the plugins were still in my hosting's (FTP) folder, but not in my wordpress admin backend. Furthermore, I cannot install new plugins in the admin backend. I get an"Installation failed" response. Please help.

  3. Thanks for the video. But I am testing my website locally. I tried all the steps to login as you have said in the video. not able to login. Is there any alternate for this. I did'nt get the last step.

  4. i got problem in plugin whenever i try login without plugin / rename it, working fine, so nest step what should how make slove plugin problem

  5. damn! almost 4 hours searching for an solution and that delete .htaccess made my day!.. life saver thank you very much 🙂 smash that like and subscribe!. I got error because off that sakura ssl fuck!, can't login all google search and lots of youtube search until this video hit me.

  6. I recently created a WordPress.org account as an admin, and I’m currently logged in now, however when I try to log in on another tab with my password it’s telling me my info is wrong so I’m worried about logging out and losing my website, please help!

  7. You cant clean all browsing history all the time isnt it? I tried the below steps it worked:

    if your website is https://example.com/wp-login.php then just add ?asdasda at the end or any other characters. now it will be

    https://example.com/wp-login.php?asdasda and hit enter. it should work this time.

  8. Hi, after I go to setting > general on my WordPress dashboard and changed URL and URL site from http to https and then SAVE CHANGE for ssl purpose. Now I can not login to my wp dashboard anymore. Could you please give me your suggestions how to fix it. Thank you for your time and much appreciated.

  9. I didn't connect my wp site to filezilla and my wp-admin page is redirecting to my custom login page. can anybody help me?

  10. madam your tutorials are so helpful for people. plz help me. my website is www.ideakaroronka.com some days my website cant open. when i or other visitors try to open my website then after hitting enter button some other websites are start to open one after one. i am so worry. plz guide me that how i can solve this big issue.
    i am waiting for your kindness.
    Thank you

  11. I have a problem with mine. I did it with hostgator. When I go to the wp-admin page, it redirects me to my custom website. How can I fix this? Thank you.

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