How to enable demographic reports and exclude domains in Google Analytics – Alight Analytics

How to enable demographic reports and exclude domains in Google Analytics - Alight Analytics

Oh this is Rick Reiner I'm the manager of web analytics for a light analytics and i'm going to show you two new features that google analytics has added to the admin these features are interesting because in the past you used to have to put custom code on your page to enable both these and now they're just features within this admin section the first we're going to look at is under your property settings where you can enable demographic and interest reports and advertiser features as one click of a button so once you click into your property settings just scroll down and you'll see two new checkboxes 14 enable advertiser features in the other four enable demographic and interest reports after you click those just hit save below I'm also going to show you how you can exclude referral visits from certain domains in your reporting in the past you use have to use cross-domain tracking to try to exclude referral visits now you can just click on tracking info and then down on referral exclusion list you may want to use this feature if you often send people off to another site and then they come back to yours oftentimes we'll see this with clients who have ecommerce sites and the transaction may actually take place somewhere else so you're on your site go to your shopping cart and then come back and you don't want that to be counted as a new session so you'll exclude the shopping cart visit you'll also notice that Google Analytics automatically put your domain in the referral exclusion list but if you'd like to add another one you just hit add referral exclusion and in this domain box you type in the domain that you want to exclude in our case I want to exclude traffic from this domain so that it when it comes back to our site after all the links we have to it it doesn't look like a new session so that is how you add referral exclusions and this and I put it in there it saves it and you're good to go you

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