How To Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version – OptimizePress 2 Help

How To Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version – OptimizePress 2 Help

How To
Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version – If you have updated your wordpress to the
latest version and found that your theme and/or plugins are
now causing
your site nothing but problems, then you can
easily downgrade your wordpress to an earlier release version. This video shows you step
by step how to take your website from a new
version of wordpress back to the previous version (and earlier if that is your fancy). I created this video to help those OptimizePress
2 users who found wordpress
3.6 killed their functionality of their theme and plugin. Using the above method for your
website can step back from these issues until theme and plugin designers have the chance
to upgrade for compatibility reasons. You can find out more on Optimize Press 2
and what it does at Incoming Search Terms:
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100 thoughts on “How To Downgrade WordPress To Earlier Version – OptimizePress 2 Help

  1. Thank You so much Andrew Power. Your video tutorial really helps me downgrade my wordpress site. And now my site is working in version 3.9.1. thanks

  2. Thank you Andrew. I've been working with WP for years but had my first ever "downgrade" today. This confirmed my suspicions and gave the the confidence to say "OK sod it lets try this"! lol

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Very helpful 🙂 I had to downgrade from WordPress 4.0 to a previous version and it really worked!

  4. Thanks you literally saved my day. I needed to recover my portfolio website to pursue more freelance gigs….This video is Bookmarked ASAP.

  5. Really a good video and really sexy pronunciation! I had a problem on WP 4.1 with fusion page builder, now I am going to try if this will help to fix the problem if downgrade to 4.01. thanks very much.

  6. Good, easy video to follow.  Helped get back a site after our theme broke with an update.  Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for saving our web site after the last nasty forced WP upgrade. This video is so clear and easy to follow. 🙂

  8. Legendary tutorial Andrew. Worked a treat although my problem is not quite solved.. I am going to continue to step back one version at a time till I find one that works with my template, which, lost the ability to change some template specific settings but worked in general so I didn't notice. Cheers W

  9. Yeah, thanks a lot for this. Just waiting for all of the files to upload so I'm hoping it goes back to being all good. But thanks for the detailed and clear tutorial!

  10. i am Downgrade WordPress4.4 WordPress4.3.1 all problem resolved. 4.4 update very BAD. I do never update …. Thank you very much Andrew <3 🙂

  11. BOOM! This just saved my ass big time! I always do backups, but I've never had to revert back to an old version of WP. This method still works perfectly with WP ver 4.4 back to > 4.3.1. Thanks Andrew

  12. This was a life saver! The 4.4 update wrecked some of my sites and this made it really easy to turn back the clock, thank you for sharing!

  13. Sure wish I would have found your video tutorial 5 days ago. I've been going through literal hell trying to restore my site after WP4.4.2 wasn't working properly with Woocommerce. I am hoping that this is all I now need to do after FINALLY getting my site back up again this afternoon (although I STILL have the same problem that got the ball rolling to begin with 4 days ago!). Fingers crossed that there aren't any other problems that were created after restoring from a back-up, and simply rolling back to a previous WP version using your method will make everything okay again.

  14. this is very very awsomeeee , this tutorial actually save my life . now 28 March 2016 i use this tutorial and stil worked. I hate WordPress 4.4 , the worst wordpress update in the world. now u downgrade to wordpress 4.3.1 and my website back !!!!!!!!

  15. legend andrew!! thanks for the help!! managed to save my site after updating and loosing all responsiveness 😀

  16. Wow, you just saved my ass, and my client's site lol! 4.5 broke it and needed to downgrade but had never had to do this before. Thanks!!

  17. Does this apply only to organic WP (without a custom theme installed on it), or it also applied to WP site with custom Themes. Basically, will this affect my custom theme in any way?

  18. You are a super hero my friend. Your "downgrade suggestion" wakes up my dead visual composer..
    Thank you..

  19. Andrew, Thanks SO much for the video! I had no trouble with being helped by your very clear and concise video on how to downgrade WP. Some of these "help" videos are way too long or I can't understand the very poor English. Thanks for the video! I needed help with this badly!

  20. WordPress 4.5 broke my site too. Have to downgrade until my theme has an update. All the threads I've read skip a ton of simple points. This is very concise and helpful. Thanks!

  21. OK, it worked. Thanks. I blindly updated everywhere and now I am paying for it. But hey plugin developers should test with new versions while they are still in beta…

  22. Howly bejeeses. Thanks! This saved me a lot of problems. WP4.5 has been a pain in my ass, happy to be able to get the site back on 4.4.2. This vid worked perfectly!

  23. Your are the best , you helped me solve the worst problem i have ever had, i which for you all the good and property in life , from Amman Jordan ,

  24. Thanks, Andrew… I'd read this on the documentation but this takes all the doubt and uncertainty out of the process. Thanks for the HD format, too — very helpful.

  25. I'm just going to reiterate what has been said here – but you are an angel. You just saved a website and my arse. Thanks mate

  26. Holy shit. Updated wordpress to 4.5 last night and found out this morning my website format was jacked up because my theme is no longer supported. Used your tutorial and fixed it and I know nothing about computers. Used Transmit and followed your directions and my website is fixed. You are the man. Thanks a lot for making this video Andrew.

  27. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I just downgraded from 4.5 back to 4.4.2 because my Visual Composer didn't work with 4.5. Great video.

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