100 thoughts on “How to Design & Customize Blog Posts in WordPress Using Elementor

  1. Can I change the style of date format? Also, I couldn't change the position of the meta data, it's always under the title, could you add the styling for future updates?

  2. I did the following, made the blog page static, applied the Widget into the Blog page,Made it the Post page again in (Settings/reading/Post Page): and when you create a post article it does not appear in the Widget . What is going on or what am i doing wrong. Elementor will not let me edit the Main Blog Page as long as it appears under (Settings/reading/Posts Page:) How can i make it work.

  3. How can I design the blog posts pages (the page that displays when you click to "Read more")? Do I have to do each one individually?

  4. Thank you again. I found it a little fast for taking notes but managed with pausing, making a note and then returning. Otherwise, I found the video tutorial very helpful.

  5. Is there a way to order the posts on the FRONT END i.e. a person viewing the website can choose to order the posts alphabetically, date, etc.

  6. Amazing. Nothing short of amazing. So much better than some of the so-called "top of the line" junk I've bought in the past. Elementor rules.

  7. Customization features are worth looking at. But is there any pagination feature for this widget? I think it will be necessary feature!

  8. Hi, understand this is for Pro but can it create a summary post for blog roll instead of the whole post showing in the blog roll, Hope you understand my question

  9. Hi, thanks for your video, I have just a question. When I set the image on the left, and text on the right, I get issues with the responsive sides! Here some images as example:


    Is there the chance to fix it? I would like to have the image above the text in the mobile version!

  10. So … is this widget only available for Elementor Pro? I just started learning WordPress, still unfamilar with it. Do you provide trial version?

  11. Can you add a look up function where it searches for item after typing a few letters? Remembering the exact post title or category takes time.

  12. Hello Elementor, I have tried editing my current blog post (created previously without Elementor). Now that I've added some design, the content doubled as I scrolled down. How do I fix this? Really need help

  13. Hi Elementor. Thanks for such a good product. Is it possible to remove the post link of the image? I just want to show my last post at home but I do not want to be clicked. Thanks in advanced.

  14. Noah, make a tutorial of this blog page please…http://www.mojomarketplace.com/item/daisy-simple-amp-minimal-wordpress-blog

  15. hey plz help me someone………………..after set up everything its does not showing imgs plz help………..here it is my website plz help http://indicoder.com/tipstricks/

  16. Will there be an option to add borders and box shadows to each blog post? Right now we have that option for the whole widget, but only blank space between posts.

  17. Paid for Pro just for this widget but when I drag it to my page, I only get the text HELLO WORLD. No images, widget not there.

  18. The idea and everyhing is good except that it isnt responsive on a mobile device. The cards-based content completely disappears on a mobile device. Elementor, cn you do something about that?

  19. I have posts fully designed and having featured image. When I drug the Posts widget to the page it doesn't look anything like what you are showing on the video. It only shows titles of those posts and nothing else. No text (partial), no images…. Could you help?

  20. Oh my Lord this is wonderful also love her enthusiasm! Just what I needed and was looking for!!! Thank you Elementor

  21. Thanks very much for the tutorial. I have a current issue where my post excerpts are displaying social "Share This" icons that I'm trying to get rid of but can not for the life of me find where to turn it off. Any ideas?

  22. Hi,
    Thanks for this tutorial very slow and easy to understand for non english speakers.
    Can you help to solve my problem ?
    Is there any possibility to display more than one category badge per posts if they contains more. I can't find how to fix this !
    Also, that's a pity that we can't display category and tags on the metas area… Do you have any solution ?

  23. Thanks for all of your great video tutorials! I really like the flexibility of the Posts widget. Unfortunately, there is no ellipsis (…) after the excerpt. Without the ellipsis, the text looks like it was chopped off by accident. Am I overlooking a setting? If not, I hope that is corrected via a revision soon!

  24. Hey nice video but how can I make sure the text stays in the same way it is in the blog post itself? For example I want to make a number/bullet list 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 all under the other. Inside the post itself it is properly aligned, but on the post grid it's continuous instead of one under the other.

  25. This tutorial is so clear and informative thank you! Also, I LOVE Elementor! I have had my WordPress website set up and ready to go for so long but I just couldn't bring myself to attempt it because I am terrible with technology! But then I found Tyler Moore's youtube video on how to use Elementor with WP and it changed everything! I am now hooked on building my website! I am a designer, not a technical one, and Elementor has made it possible for me to build a beautiful website, whereas the WP one made me want to cry!! THANK YOU!

  26. where should the read more button take you to? Mine takes me to a page that shows the same post, not the rest of the text. Suggestions?

  27. Such poor teaching. You did not show us where you got your picture and text. Where were they stored? How were they put together? So many questions after purchasing Elementor Pro but no place to find answers

  28. Hi … How to show the category name in every post i have made ini Blog Posts widget? The category name only appear when use image feature in Post Widget > Badge > Badge Taxonomy > Category. But i cannot show category name when i choose no image displayed. Thankyou.

  29. Once the widget is setup and displaying, say, 3 columns and 6 posts, how does the visitor view the next page of 6 posts? There is no "next" and "previous" page navigation?

  30. Is there a way to do this without purchasing pro? How do I get a page to show latest posts with images? Thanks!

  31. On my "posts" page there is no option to edit with elementor, but I can on any other page. I'm using genesis framework. Also, the posts page is the only page that automatically generates a header with said page's name. If I switch which page the posts are assigned to, the header goes away and appears on the new page. Additionally, I regain capability to edit with elementor on the old posts page and loose elementor editing on the new posts page. Can't figure it out

  32. In the video you dragged the post widget and images with text appear beautifully alligned looking awasome. But how did you get there? Where did you created those posts and how? You must start from the very beggining. Can you please clarify this out. I am a new elementor pro user.

  33. Great tutorial, but you just jump in there directly. On my post page, i cant find or edit on elementor because i think it wont let me. Ughhh…

  34. Thanks for a great video, it was very easy to follow along. Elementor is very easy and gives a lot of options, but in the post widget I would like to choose the position of the read more link. I like my read more on the left, but I'm not seeing any way to do that. I'd also like to be able to control the entire layout of the post itself for example I want the date separate from the meta and I'd like to see my categories.

  35. all of my post doesnt appear like this anymore.. why? I used to have control with how many rows i want to show, and how many post but this time i noticed that they are posted one row with super big photos, and the settings and style is actually the same with the default post widget 🙁 i dont know what to do now…

  36. I want to set up a blog over which I have control and then I have one contributor. It is for an educational site. So I post questions and the contributor (student) submits answers. How might I go about doing that in Elementor?

  37. Спасибо огромное! Даже без знания языка всё интуитивно понятно. Молодцы!

  38. I show post in this way but after saving this "Excerpt" shows "Want to create a site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins" then shows my other parts of my post.
    Why does it happen? (http://www.educube.com.au/all-news)

  39. The whole widget is REALLY great!
    One question though: Its cool you can align the picture left or right and if you make it like 50% width its directly next to the heading. But what about the excerpt text ALWAYS sticks under the heading? How would I achieve to align the excerpt text with 100% width under heading + picture?
    |50% heading | |50% picture|
    |100% excerpt text|

  40. Thank you. Is there any way to have the posts as a list with the image on the left and the title on the right? I can get it to look like that thanks

  41. Hello, I followed the steps and I have the same configuration as you, however it does not look good, here I leave a screenshot.


    Do you know what is due?


  42. I think a couple of things have changed since this video. I don't seem to be able to change the border radius of the image alone, only the card as a whole. I am also not able to change the Query to select desired categories.

  43. Hi I have found out that the Archive Posts widget shows only the latest 10 blog posts when I turn out Pagination and there is no way to get to the older ones. How can this be fixed? I want all the blog posts shown together on one page without any pagination. The widgets from the other plugins allow for Posts to Show but apparently the Elementor one doesn't. Is there any work around it? Thanks

  44. Thank you. I've spent god only knows how many hours trying to figure this out. I finally bumped into this video and 10 minutes later I'm done. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  45. It's so shitty that you have to pay for this function. At least have some greatly reduced prices for students!

  46. I just updated to pro and am still working on editing my whole website using oceanWP. All is going well However, I had old post content, a lot of posts. When I click on the blog in the main pages area, and view I see it in the new format form the post widget I used. However when I click on Menu at the top of the website, it takes me to the old posts that are in the old formatting and layout. I also noticed that when I click on the actually newly formatted posts that i did using the new widget, it doesnt open anything up. read more doesn't take you anywhere. I cant read the posts. Is there anyone who can direct me? I need the link on the main top menu to take my viewers to the correct blog home. Can you assist? what am I missing?

    Elementor is amazing and this is the first roadblock for me. Thank you

  47. Nice Video! Will there be a possibility in the future to filter the posts by a category? This feature is available in the portfolio function. I miss this in the Blog Post function! Thanks for your support and best regards!

  48. It's a shame that completely free plugins like Live Composer modify the common comment area, as long as Elementor Pro can't do that.

  49. Image position is no longer there. It has "Show Image: Yes/No," The image that shows is from the Featured from the blog post not any content of the post. Content of the post dies show when "Skin: Full Content" is set.
    Query no longer has categories but has "Include by: Term/Author." Using "Term," typing "Categories" lets you include the category selection.

  50. i have a blogpage… but i cant make page numbers… only many many many posts on 1 page… (free version)
    How can i get more pages?

  51. Thanks Thousands, i was becoming crazy and now i know that if you want just show posts from specific category, it is post-term-category selection. THAAAAANKS!

  52. Great instruction video it answers all my questions except one. I want to change the read more text into a button is there any way to do this. I have searched Youtube but found nothing.

  53. How do I choose what image to display?? I can see only text and "read more" but cant see how to include a picture. please help!

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