How To Create a WordPress Website From Scratch 2020 (Simple & Easy!)

How To Create a WordPress Website From Scratch 2020  (Simple & Easy!)

How to create a website 2020, create
your own website 2020, creating a website 2020, and most importantly how
to create a website in 2020, and create your website 2020. So you guys I’m so
excited that you’re here today so we can actually create your very own website
together and I’m really excited because you’re gonna be able to create your very
own website from scratch today which is absolutely insane and before we actually
begin I want to go over some fundamentals so you can actually make
sure your website actually works properly and you know how it all this
works because if you don’t go for these fundamentals your website’s gonna pretty
much look like this so give me a second it’s only websites going to look like if
you don’t go for these fundamentals which only be going for in this
introduction it’s gonna be blank it’s not even gonna be working properly
it’s gonna be terrible so let’s get start off the video and let me talk
about how this all works when it comes to building websites so let’s put my
face over here and forget to my powerpoint let’s go over the
fundamentals together of crazy very own website because there’s three key things
we need to keep in mind all right when creating a website the first step is to
get your own domain name so this is gonna be the domain name of your
official website so this for example like right here you know YouTube’s
domain name is and Google’s domain name is Google comm and obviously
Amazon’s domain name is so you get the big picture you know your
domain name is gonna be the official name of your website so you’ll need to
come up with your very own domain name for your website arm so if we go to the
next step right here here’s some basic little tips to choose a domain name try
to choose that domain name with a dot-com extension right here as we see
in bold um as it looks more professional and builds trust for your audience
because entomb a core break website again and got and then and Doctore and
quite frankly any you know dot extension is gonna be sufficient but you know if
you can try to use like domain or dotnet or dojo extension if possible
right and with that being said try to choose a brandable domain as well this
isn’t gonna be the end of the world if you don’t have the perfect home hain
trust me it’s all gonna be all that your website anyway which I’m going to be
showing you right now but I’m yeah try to use a decently brandable domain and
most importantly make sure your domain isn’t trademark registered by anyone
else now the second thing we need to do is actually have some sort of website
builder because if you don’t I’m gonna be happy to basically do the HTML
and CSS and all this coding stuff which is really hard really you need to be
like really tech savvy you have to learn like HTML and all this type of
complicated stuff which is really hard and they’ll turn eternity for that is to
spend like thousands of dollars even tens of thousands of dollars to hire a
website developer to code your website and obviously that’s not really the wise
decision you can make nowadays especially when you can build your own
website very quickly in a matter of like 10 to 20 minutes and spend like less
than hundred dollars at most like a hundred dollars to build your own
website today Hey so what we’re going to be using as an attorney so when you
actually have to touch a line of code is a content management system and
WordPress is the Continental System they’re pretty much we’re gonna be used
in in this tutorial which gives you access to limited themes and plugins
which you can apply to your website and this makes you know the process of
building a website super easy without even having to touch a wire on carriers
in fact it’s gonna be the exact opposite of actually doing HTML because we’re
gonna be using each rack and draw page editor as you can see on the screen
which makes building websites beyond the easy alright so here’s just some quick
facts about WordPress if you’re wondering what WordPress is all about so
again it’s a confirmation system we’ve kind of established that and as you can
see right here WordPress is how is 33% all of the Internet as you can see right
here all of the big users can clean you know CNN for Sony Katy Perry use
WordPress through their websites as well because again WordPress is a free
content management system so that’s pretty much what WordPress is all about
and as you see right here the market share is really in favor of WordPress
because they pretty much earn fifty nine point eight percent of the our market
share compared to all the other content management systems out there at the time
making this video so let’s go over to my powerpoint again now that we understand
what content management systems are all about and what WordPress is all about
let’s go over the third and most important fundamental when it comes to
creating your very own website today so the third and most important step is web
hosting and web person is pretty much the place in which all of your website
and files are stored so that your website can be broadcast live on the
Internet because without web hosting your website is just gonna appear blank
and have nothing on it similar to this piece of paper right
here web sites just gonna be blank I’m just gonna be nothing on it so some key
things that I actually look for when it comes to finding like good web hosting
for myself personally is the website load time the uptime customer support
and ease of use so those are the four you know things that I keep in mind when
choosing my personal posting which I’ll car by Elena front
the video so in summary here the things are gonna be needing a domain URL which
costs about ten dollars a year you’re gonna be needing web hosting as well
which is five to eight dollars a month depend on the web hosting you decide to
choose with web hosting you typically pay annually upfront or you can pay like
two years in advance as well three years in advance so you’ll be paying like you
know upfront for the annual price but you know ends up being like five to
eight dollars a mom sometimes chief out the pain in the web hosting provider you
choose and the third thing we’re gonna be needing is a complimentary system
which is gonna be WordPress and is completely free it’s an
open-source platform and he has a lot more you know functionality and
customization when it comes to crown your websites so we’re gonna be using and is paid and it’s not as like flexible and
there’s so much features of it so I would just focus on which
is what we’re going to be using in today’s tutorial now the amazing thing
about today is that it’s even easier to create a website today because we won’t
even have to focus on to your the steps so if we go over to the next slide we
need to really get a website up and running today is just web hosting so as
you can see we just pay for web hosting and we get a free domain and we get
WordPress included so pretty much all we need to do the a website up and running
they used to get into web hosting and I want to be showing you how to set this
up right now and guiding you step-by-step so you can get this working
and get this all set up right now all right so this is gonna be the pilot
video where we walk you step-by-step and go through a walkthrough / tutorial of
building your website over my shoulder so you’ll be getting over shoulder look
how I create a website completely from scratch right now so again if you need
any help with any of the steps along the way please feel free to comment down
below any questions you may have in the comment section down below and I’ll do
my best to help you out as much as I can so the first step to begin today’s
tutorial is to click the website link in the video description down below to open
up the resource page that we will be using within this tutorial together now
once you’re on the resource page simply just typing your desired website name in
the domain name check out to see if it’s available if it’s not available then you
can just change the extension to net or to dot code to see if that’s available
but try going for home extension if possible as that tends to be the most
professional extension once you choose you there main this will take you to a
signup page for Bluehost which is gonna be the web hosting provider we will be
using in this tutorial there’s plenty of reasons why I personally use Plumas as
my own hosting provider and I create my own
personal websites but the two main reasons why aren’t the share view is
mainly because number one Bluehost is WordPress is number one recommended web
hosting services you can see right here on screen WordPress recommends Bluehost
out of all the other location services in the world as the one that they
recommend for WordPress right here and the second reason why is simply because
of just POF convenience and what’s this convenience you may ask well one-click
installation alright so all you have to do is just click one button to install
WordPress with Bluehost and that’s it you’re all ready to go to host your
website you can start using WordPress immediately and it’s just all done for
you there’s no hard work it’s just one click installation and there you go we
have a lot of our web hosting providers I mean they have to do it manually but
you need to know like a lot of technical know-how
um if you want to do this manually and it can be very tricky and time-consuming
and just a real pain uh-hum I can tell you from experience it can be really
confusing so the fact that you know Bluehost is one-click installation
feature with WordPress will save you a lot of time and a lot of headache and
most importantly apart from those nice features that come with Bluehost
blue house is just genuinely an amazing web hosting solution that’s not only
affordable for beginners who wanted to create a new website for themselves but
it’s also ideal for beginners and quite frankly anyone who wants to create a
high quality website that’s gonna perform at its best so I honestly think
employers is a win-win situation for anyone so as you can see right here once
you choose your domain just click on next and you’ll be taken to the signup
page right here so what all you to do is just filling your account information
right here choose your package information right here and just decide
which one of these package extras you want to get now personally I don’t think
you really need any of these package extras except with their main privacy
one this just hides you here with personal information if someone were to
look up your domain unless you can see right here at the top on this basically
the account plans so basically the more you pay upfront annually on the cheaper
you know the monthly plan is gonna be for you so um this is up to you you can
get the cheaper ones that you know three-year plan if you wanna get the
free year plan you could definitely do that when that to be like a commitment
for yourself so that you can save more in the long term as well but if you
don’t need you can always just go with Holdeman plan and doesn’t really matter
just a quick note the pricing is seen right now is in Australian dollars so if
you’re in the United States probably going to look a little bit more
different for you so I just want quickly point that out for you so this
is where you’ll be putting your payment information so you can think of more
payment options if you don’t want to pay for your credit card and you can
actually pay for PayPal if you want you can let’s click on paper PayPal or you
can pay with credit card and that’s pretty much how you
ya pay for Bluehost pretty much after you finish that all you gotta do is just
pretty much click on this button right here to agree to the Terms of Service
just click on submit and you’re all ready to go once you’ve created your
Bluehost account then congratulations you officially have your Bluehost
account and you are literally on the verge of creating your very own
beautiful custom website so all you’re gonna do right now is just click on the
create a password for your new account button by clicking a set password button
and you’ll be taken to this page right here and we want to do first is just
check your email and just verify your Bluehost account through your email and
once you complete that you could just set a new password for yourself and then
after that you could just simply log into your Bluehost account as you can
see right here on the screen now when you log into your Bluehost account for
the first time as you can see in a screen right here you’ll be greeted with
this menu where you can name your website so for example let’s just name
our website internet website tutorials and you can put in that site tagline see
welcome be like for example web sites cool and what I really like right here
is the feature right here that previous implements where you can choose whether
you want to make a blog or a online store for your website because I’m
obviously like you wanna create a website is probably gonna be either haul
your own personal blog or your own online store or in commerce store right
so as you can see right here you can click right here if you want to blog and
you can choose you know the page we want to have in page or a different page for
an example to display your blog post on so you can do that or if you want to
build your own e-commerce online store using Bluehost you can go over here and
click on you know do you want to add your online store and what they can
basically do is you know install what activate where commerce and that’s
pretty much an e-commerce platform for WordPress so you can build your very own
custom online store as well and what we’re gonna be doing in today’s video is
covering how you can create your very own blog and your very own online store
as well so gonna be creating a blog in our online store and give showing you
examples and how you can set this up so if you want to put your own blog or
e-commerce store we’re going to be covering that in today’s video as well
so this is gonna be an only one video for creating your website regardless of
what type of website do you want to create so if we now let’s just click on
do you want to create a blog then we’ll click on my home page and we’ll click on
continue okay then this is the step two so that you can just put in anything
around here doesn’t really matter you can
putting other asked me how come to we are printing websites doesn’t really
matter as well he just put in anything because just for like data just put in
here share my ideas photos and stories live videos for now and we just say very
and you will be very comfortable with creating websites yourself by the end of
this video it’s very simple and easy so let’s click on continue and as you can
see right here we have a bunch of different theme templates we can choose
for our websites so we can either you know skip this and do this step later or
we can do is choose a theme right off the bat so as you can see these are the
recommended themes right here there’s a lots of different things we can choose
from so I mean look at all the themes right here there’s just so many of them
there’s a lot of e-commerce themes as well so as you can see there’s a lot of
like different you know ecommerce templates we can use for want to create
our new online store right here so you can choose any of these and again
there’s like a lot of themes we can choose from so if we go over here we can
do the same for blogs so you know there’s a lot of like blog themes we can
choose from I just want to go through some of the templates you can quick view
obviously when you cut your own Bluehost account and you know you go for these
steps yourself you can really have like a deep look at all the themes so we
probably want to want to watch me going through all four into so many pages of
all this fee so each of one of these you know you know theme templates for
e-commerce and blogs seemly portfolio detainment food and drink you want to
create a new user site you can do that as well you get the big picture alright
so let’s just say there was no themes he actually you like that all these themes
you could always choose a theme later and you can do an in-depth search later
so for now let’s just click on skip this step and there you guys literally your
website is like all ready to start and you know beam launched like you didn’t
even have to do any video if they actually click a button through or you
know set up WordPress is just all set up for you so as you can see we are in our
domain right here our website is actually all set up and all we have to
do is just choose the theme and you know get our website all set up so again we
can actually choose a theme in the last step because I want to actually go
through some of the themes and show you how you can do a custom search for some
other themes you want to choose a different theme and obviously I’m gonna
be showing you how you can get premium themes that he can actually buy so you
can get the best famous for your own custom website if that’s what you like
yeah we’re pretty much already set up our website like let’s be honest right
here has this not been an easy process so far like even right here we have like
a launch checklist for like how we can actually set up our blog it’s gonna be a
similar layout structure as well your online e-commerce store as well if
you want to be an online store since when I start this tutorial building a
blog you know you have like a step-by-step guide and we can see the
full guide right here to you know launch your own website completely like it’s so
easy nowadays it’s just insane how you know updated everything has been as a
recent because I know for a fact it never used to be this easy so as you can
see right here if we click on WordPress we’ll be going to the WordPress admin
page right here where we can actually add everything and at our website so as
you can see this is gonna be your WordPress menu right here and if we
click on launch my site and this is where you gonna be able to watch your
slides so as you can see right here is saying are you sure so we suggest you
complete a few of the recommended tasks in your homepage so it’s telling us to
you know throughout your first blog to add an about me page you set up
categories to import your images and logos and stuff so pretty much there’s
telling us to complete this guide for us before we actually launch our website
live to the internet right but in the meantime can get the WordPress like I
just did before and we can add all this and if we want to actually for example
write your first blog post but just click on let’s go it’s actually going to
take us to you know the WordPress admin page to this section where we’ve
actually add our first blog post as you see right here we can add a blog post
and we have the title so for example um the title could be like my first
tutorial right alright so that’s all title right here so now what you want to
do is start writing in content and add your article to your post right here so
what you want to do is you can either start writing or right after that or if
we just get rid of that we can actually go ahead and add a block to our article
into our blog post so paragraphs images gallery a head up a list so free column
locks you can see all the comment box right here on the screen you can add
formatting blocks you can add layer elements widgets
embeds you get the big idea and obviously if you’re adding text you can
you know go ahead and you know add some bold to it you can add some italics some
links all that type of stuff right here and if we go over here you can adjust
the font size you can adjust the color settings then you can mess with that
advanced settings right here as well so if we click on preview right here you
can see the preview of your current blog so this is what your blog looks like in
real time so exit out of that so now what we want to do is just click on
publish and we go we can just click on publish no
but what we want to do now is of course I didn’t actually choose a theme in the
first step before we actually access WordPress um if I want to change your
themes or if you don’t like any of the themes I’m in the price steps as you can
see on the screen right now and you want to choose the theme like you know right
now when you’re inside of WordPress and when you can actually do is go to
appearance right here and go to themes you can click on add a new theme alright
so as you can see we can add a bunch of new themes right here and you can choose
you know your themes right here instead of in the price steps inside a blue host
so if we you know if for example when I look at a popular themes right here we
can choose the popular ones so as you can see there’s a lot of different
themes right here that we can choose from or perhaps you really have a theme
that you wanted before you know entering this video then you can just go ahead
and search that theme off right here or if you want to buy a premium theme you
can buy that theme and then you can just follow the instructions from then on so
let’s go ahead and choose the Astro female like a theme a lot so let’s click
on this one right here also if you want to go ahead and look at the preview you
can see what the website looks like and you can go ahead and look at the preview
before any of the themes so let’s just click on install for this WordPress
theme right here alright so it’s installed so let’s click on activate and
that will be our current theme for our website for right now in this tutorial
and if you like any of the premium themes because basically you can give
themes that are free you can get freemium fries which you know are free
there’s obviously upgrades to you know the freemium themes that you can get
then there’s premium themes which you can pay for it’s tend to be the best
ones because you’re paying from them and the people that develop those themes
tend to update in the mood so that’s how it works in regards to themes I’ll also
have some themed links down below to some premium ones on my website as well
if you’d like to learn more about that but anyway Astra will be more than
perfect right now if you ever want to actually change your website title name
or your tagline like we did during the start of the video then what we can
actually do just go to settings right here and click on general and as you can
see right here as you can see we can change the site name at any time and the
tagline and you up information in the general tab so it’s quickly want to
share that with you if you ever wanted to like you know change your site title
name well let’s go back to the themes so for the Astra theme right here we
actually have to install a plug-in so let’s go to plugins ready and add new
and we’ll be taken to this page for right here what we want to do is a
search of Astra start off what you want to do is install
the Astra starter sights all right so I’ll click on install now and they just
let that install okay perfect then we just want to click on activate right
here all right perfect so now that Astra
armed status sauce is installed you can either go over here to the plugins and
you can hover over it or you can just go over here inside of plugins and click on
see library or Astra slaughter sites right here so click on see library and
then you’ll be given the option where you can actually select their page
builder now I’ll recommend you go with elementary I click on the next option
there you go as you can see we have a bunch of templates we can choose from
right off the bat so little different templates there’s a lot of like local
business templates so if you own that you don’t know GM you want fitness
center you can you know use this template a life coach one custom
printing fitness an accountant so I mean there’s plenty of templates right here
and if you’re into ecommerce so you can obviously go over here and you could
choose a bunch of e-commerce templates as well for your stores so you know
there’s a lot of clean templates that you can choose from so let’s go ahead
and choose this accountant on right here and we can click on preview to see what
it looks like and we can go ahead and you know import the site every once so
this is what the website looks like so let’s go over here and import the site
right now all right so here we go it’s all finished so you can go ahead and
customize everything right now by clicking on the bull your reviews site
button right here so let’s click on that right here so as you can see this is our
live web site and it looks really professional so what you want to do is
obviously customize this to making a very own website and again this bunch of
templates you can choose from this is just one of them but as you can see we
did this live like this is our live web site right now which is absolutely
insane so if you’re an accountant like imagine having like a website like this
that you could actually show you people as an accountant now if we click on add
with elemento right here we can actually add elements of the page to make this
our own and customize our website so obviously right now it’s loading so I’m
just going to let that load and like look for example let’s just there your
name is Anna Smith there you go you can put in your name right here you can
change this to our lawyer services if you’re a lawyer because it has that you
know that lawyer professional look to it so you can be like lawyer services
alright and this you can see right here on screen we can pretty much hover over
and even an end like any aspects of the page so obviously like this is gonna be
you know our panel right here on the left hand side where we can like you
know this we don’t want to actually manually
do order out here so we can obviously change the positioning right here again
this is gonna be our panel um you can add all of this we could change you know
the headers the size get a link to it if we want and we can go over here the
style and we can change the color so we can make this like red or pink or
anything like that I can get to advance that we can you know misread of all that
we can mess around with the motion effects the background the border
customization in responsive and all that type of good stuff we can go over here
and we can you know delete this image if we don’t like it and we can always add a
new image by going over here we can just you know either upload our own images
right here or we could go to media library and just try something else so
for example we can just choose let’s just say if we I just have this one back
again right sort of thick on the cert media and it’s back again what we can
also do if we quickly spotted right here is actually see you know all the
elephants so we can drag and drop you know heading text text edit our videos
and icon this um kind of this right here if we want we can add a previous bar so
we can add this like right here so as you can see this like a progress bar we
can have the settings before the progress bar right here as well and I
mean there’s a lots of different like elements we can add to our pages to like
you know customize it so again it’s like drag and drop we can customize and add
different elements and drag and drop them to our liking so you see this
little different like elements right here so even has some social icons so we
can add that like right here so again simple drag-and-drop you can just add
this right here and this right here or we can just do this similar text boom
top over here we can move this like the right here every one so it’s on top of
her head doesn’t look too good but you get the idea so we can always move this
back right here if you then like in the elements you just add it to your pages
simply right click on the arm chosen elements and we just click on delete
right here so the same move this right here we can also duplicate this for more
more so let’s just go ahead and delete that by clicking on the delete button
right here and the same thing goes with this one
right here so let’s click on delete okay perfect then let’s just move this
up here a little bit well what we can do is actually delete this and we’ll move
the text back all right here click on update now if we go over here and just
go to your email well-being net site right here if we click on customize at
the top right here we can actually add the logo in the top part right here of
our website so notice how it has like these little head icons right here you
know next to the logo next to the contact page next to the call to action
button where it says get a quote so if we click on those on buttons right here
we can actually change the logo so for example if we click over here we can
change the logo and we can upload our logo obviously for our own business or a
photo and personal website if you want to choose an icon here you can say for
an example we can just choose this so let’s just choose you know Auto motifs
come right here for an example we can crop it so let’s just do this so it
doesn’t share your that white background and that will be sufficient for now and
we can just click on crop image and that will be our new logo and we can always
remove that like we just did before yet the contact right here you know this
button right here we could pretty much add the favicon and all this type of
stuff right here in the you know customization menu right here so this is
where you can add all of that and that’s pretty much it when it comes to the
editing aspect of our website so now if you’re wondering how you can add a new
page to your website simply just click on add new and click on page right here
and you’ll be able to add a page to your website right here so let’s just let
this load and you’ll be taken back to the wordpress dashboard we can obviously
modify all this so it’s might Internet’s a bit slow there we go and like we said
before we can normally just either add our title you know use that box right
here and we can create an article doing that now with this tool right here we
can actually drag and drop and use a bunch of custom page templates right off
the bat switch makes life a lot more easier when creating your very own
website right so let’s click on this button right here alright it’s currently
loading so let’s just let that load and we should be redirected to this
drag-and-drop editor page where we can create our page so again we can just do
it the old-fashioned way we can just like drag and drop elements right here
and create our page based off that or we can just simply import a template by
clicking this button around here and we can choose from over ru different
templates right off the bat so you can see it’s a
bunch of high-quality templates let’s choose this one right here so let’s
click on insert’ and there you go we instantly just you know inserted a page
right off the bat and of course we can adjust this so for example we can just
type in whatever we want here obviously we can change this we can you know it
delete these clear whatever we want of this and we can just go ahead and
publish and there you go we just published our first page and our first
you know website right now so now you have all the skills and all the
knowledge to create your very own beautiful custom website all right so we
are back in our dashboard inside of WordPress now if we go back to all pages
right here you’ll notice that we have a bunch of different pages from the
template we actually chose right here so we have the Belle page right here that
we can see we have the contact page we have the custom page example that we
created in today’s video just before so we can click on View and I’ll show you
again we have the home page obviously services testimonials you know there’s a
lot of different pages that can’t actually come the template we just chose
so as you can see that bout me page the contact page the custom page that we
just created before and I’ll main how in page right so basically I wanted to show
you where you can actually view all of your different pages right here and of
course you can end all these pages to make them your own and if you want a
particular page being a home page we can go down to settings right here and click
on reading and you can actually choose a particular page to be a home page so for
example the home page is obviously going to be the home page for the template
that we just chose but you could always go down here and choose a different page
to be a home page if that’s what you want right so that’s how you do that and
as you can see on screen right now just quickly created a basic page and I’ll do
this so I could show you what the navigation menu is all about so if we go
over here to appearance again if we click on menus right here we will
actually be taken to the page where we actually can modify you know the menu
right here at the top of your website right so normally you have to do this
manually but because we chose a template all this is done for you so let’s just
say you want to build your own pages and create your own custom menu so what you
can do is for an example let’s just choose the test page I just created as
an example we can go ahead and click that and we can add that to menu and
that will add the Edit of the menu and we can make this at the very top so if
we click it go ahead and click on save menu and if we go back to our website
right here and we refresh this that test is gonna come up right here on
the menu so as you can see if test is right here and that’s just a custom page
we just created right now and then obviously that’s just a blank page so
you know there’s nothing on it but you know that’s how you pretty much you know
change and manipulate the navigation menu at the very top of your website if
you’re starting off blank where you had no pages or custom templates so what
you’ll do was just you know go back to pages and create a new page and you can
create like an about me page a contact me page you know a Contact Us page
obviously then once you obviously create these pages they’ll be right here like I
did for the test and then you can just click on them then you can you know add
that about me page or you know the contact me page a lot type of stuff
right here to you menu but obviously you don’t have to worry about that because
we already you know use the template there are all those pages to our
navigation bar so we’ve covered a lot in today’s health and make a website
tutorial video so I hope you went through every single step and follow
along with me in this tutorial because if you have you’ve literally mastered
all the skills to create any type of website you want and that includes an
online store or e-commerce store in fact if you would actually create an
e-commerce store an online store it’s literally the exact same process we went
for in this video and the same goes for any type of site you want to actually
build so we really have installed our custom theme so that’s the first step
again so that’s really all done for us again if you wanted to create like an
e-commerce store it’s the exact same process we just basically install a you
know a template that we can customize and we can just customize that well you
know web site inside of this drag and drop page it’s like we have in today’s
video for this website right here so again let’s go to extra starter sites
right here and we’ll go ahead and choose the e-commerce template real quick so I
can show you an example and I will make a follow-up video they’ll be going
through every little detail about you know setting up your own e-commerce site
so if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe it’s literally the exact same
process guys like literally go to e-commerce right here and you can just
set up your own WordPress website for your own e-commerce store right away so
let’s go ahead and choose this one right here and we can click on this and
literally we can just import this site into an account and this is gonna be the
preview obviously so I just wanted to show you what its gonna look like this
will install into your account and you can literally customize it like you can
for this one right here so again look at this template right here all you do is
just customizes so it’s going to be your brownness it’ll you know the template
brand and obviously you want to add your own e-commerce products right here and
change it up with your own so again look at all this you know these are all the
products you could just literally start selling
from this website right away once he customized it you can click here and
people can you know buy this product right here as an example people who go
to the store and see all of your products like look at this template it’s
all done for you literally the exact same step you just install it and put
this website into your account and customize that in all the pages and all
the hard work is done for you it’s going to simply customize for your own brand
you know look at all of this you know women clothing accessories that bow
pages done for you right here if we click here the contact us page is done
for you as well I mean it’s literally all done for you so you get the big idea
I’m probably going to stop repeating myself but I just wanted to like show
you firsthand the how easy it is to use if you actually want to start selling
products once you customize your website on your new e-commerce website simply go
to plugins right here and you can actually download an extension called
WooCommerce right here that’s going to allow you to do that for free so just
simply you know install that and you can you know customize your e-commerce
website and start something products immediately and I’ll make up a tutorial
on that as well and while in the plugins section guys I think I forgot to
actually cover this in today’s video how plugins are basically like mobile apps
on a mobile phone right so pretty much plugins make your website a lot more
better and add user functionality so for example WooCommerce right here is gonna
allow us to actually sell products on our websites right and yes SEO is
actually an SEO tool it’s gonna help us optimize our websites so we get
discovered in the search engines it’s for an example right so I’m also going
to be making another video talking about my personal favorite plugins that I use
for my websites so against the scruffy field already because when I’m making a
lot more tutorials with WordPress but yeah pretty much these are the plugins
you can see right here from a lot of these plugins are free so you can always
donate to these people for free as well because these developers do spend a lot
of time making these plugins for all of us and a lot of them are free so I mean
you know why not donate I guess but yeah I mean look what all the plugins you can
choose from right here like especially this page builder right here like they
were using right here to drag and drop and design our website this is an
amazing plugin and that’s what I mean by plugins it just makes you know your
website and building your websites so much more easier so much more fun are
just so much more convenient in general so I think you get the idea now that’s
gonna wrap it up for today’s how to make a website the toriel video I mean I hope
you gained a lot of value and learnt a lot of information and most importantly
you have all the tools now to create the website of your
so please take action there and progress and they literally up giving you all the
tools to create the website of your dreams now go out there experiment the
themes experiment with your new website and experiment with the plugins this is
just the beginning of your journey yeah again if you did find out in this video
make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more videos and nearby feature and a
lot more tutorials and if you have any questions or concerns again placer and
hesitate to comment down below and also only leaving some resources at the video
description down below just to complement this tutorial yeah again
thanks for watching today’s video genuinely hope this video was insightful
and genuinely helpful for you again I really do appreciate you taking time to
actually watch today’s video on how you can create a website 2020, create
website 2020, creating website 2020 and ultimately just helping you

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