How to Create a Menu in WordPress

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

Hi guys, I’m Subhang from And, in this video I’ll be
showing you how you can add a Menu
in your wordpress site So, In our previous video,
I showed you how you can make this
website, in 10 mins In this video, I’ll showing you
how you can change this menu Okay So also, if you don’t have
a menu in your site, we’ll see how you can
add a new menu like this Okay This is going
to be very simple guys So, let’s get started Now to change the menu First let’s go to ‘customize’ So, I’m going to click here And then we’re going
to go into ‘menus’ and you can see that right
now there is a menu called ‘top navigation’ So, if we go into this you can see that the items that are here matches with the menu
that we have here So, This is the menu
which we have here Okay So, First we’re going to
delete, this menu So, let’s click ‘delete’ And it’ll be removed Now let’s see How to
Create a new menu to create a new menu, let’s click ‘create new menu’ Now, first we need to
give a name for this menu So, I’ll call this menu
as top menu So, After we enter a
name for our menu, We need to choose ‘where’
this menu needs to appear So, the theme that
I’m using now, shows ‘these two’ locations Which is the Primary menu
& the footer menu Now I’m going to choose
primary menu which will put the
menu, in ‘this area’ So, I’ll select that and then click ‘next’ Okay so, once you have
created the menu We can now ‘add’
items to the menu So, let’s click ‘add items’ And ‘these’ are the items
which you can add to your menu Here under the
pages section it shows all the pages
we have on our site So, If you want to
see these pages Just go to your dashboard And then go into ‘pages’ And you can see the pages that you have on your site So the same pages will be shown ‘here’ Now if you want to add
the ‘existing pages’ to your menu You just click that page, And it will be added So, the same way, we’ll add
all the other pages And ‘here’, you
can see that, our menu has been created with the pages that we selected So, now if you want to rearrange
the pages that you have added Just drag &
drop like this and change the order So Next, let’s see how
you can add a page which is not on
your site yet So if you want to
add a brand new page, to your menu Just type the ‘name’, of page,
that you want to create, So, for example, I’m going to create a
page called ‘gallery’ And then click add And It’ll be added here Now if we click ‘publish’ You can see that, gallery
appears in our menu So, Now if we go to pages And click refresh You can see that a ‘new’
Gallery page has been added Now since this
is a new page it’ll will be blank
by default So, You can add content
to this page anytime, by clicking ‘edit’ Okay, so now you know, how
you can add new pages to your menu Next, let’s see how you can
create, a drop-down menu, like this Okay So, To create this
drop down menu Let’s go back to this tab And, now if you want to create
a drop down menu just drag an item, and put it below another item And you can see that we
now have a drop-down menu The same way you can add
any number of items you want And you’ll get it in
the dropdown menu Okay! So this is how you can
create a dropdown menu in wordpress So, Now you know how you can
add the pages you’ve created to your menu So that’s it guys Now, If you want to see how to build
a website like this in 10 mins, you can watch this
video here Okay So now, if you want to learn
How to add a contact form to your site You can watch this video So, Thanks Guys I’ll see you in
the next video Take Care Babye 🙂

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  1. Excellent. Some videos are so fast I cannot follow them! Elementors are dreadful! Keep up the good work. Could you do a family tree of the links? Printed out it would make a good map to have beside me while working. David.

  2. The dropdown menu isn't working well on mobiles since theres is no "mouse over" action. I need to click to open the submenu, than click again on my choice. Is there a way to have the dropdown menu display right away when it's in mobile format? Thanks


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    I have one question make video on it. I am getting update failed when i try to install any plugin in Word press website and its hosted on ifinity free. What to do?
    Kindly note that my hosting is free one so is that has to do with it or something else

  9. Clear step by step instruction on menu's and drop down menus in WordPress. Couldn't ask for more in a tutorial video. Time saver. Well Done!

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  21. hello brother very nice video
    I am impressed by your presentation which is very clear and nicely done.

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  22. Thank you for a really quick and easy to follow tutorial! Watched by a new mum at 5am on silent because I didn't want to wake the baby!!

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