100 thoughts on “How to Create A Free Minecraft Server | Minehut 101

  1. How do you delete a server that you don't want? I wanna make a new server but it says I already have max servers (only 2). I need halp!

  2. So when i join it takes me to the lobby when my server is online and i cant go to my private world. please help

  3. It also says " could not connect to target server, you have been moved to a fallback server." PLEASE help

  4. I cant log in on my account so i can activate the server and it keeps saying that the email or password are invalid and when i tried reset the password it says invalid email wtf

  5. can you please make it also for ckracked minecraft, my friend and i are trying to play, but she has cracked minecraft and also doesn't have the oppertunity to buy the game.

  6. That could less than 30 seconds or 2 minutes!
    Mine takes 45 minutes
    this isnt a joke btw my server brayland actually takes 45 minutes

  7. I might start a mine hut server as my friend suggested it to me but I want to make a skyblock server.

    Is there a way to make it so everyone gets there own island and fancy commands???

  8. whenever im on my server after like 10 mins it takes me out and says i got tooken out because it was a fallback server 🙁 i need help

  9. Please, can someone tell me how to keep the server running? I mean whenever I log off, if I am offline for a while and a friend wants to join later, he can't join because the server goes into hibernation. I don't want to keep logging on to activate it over and over for my friends to play without me. Please help…

  10. minehut is fuckin trash. the servers doesn't work properly and the maintenancing of the server is hard asf because the server goes offline…. but, what you could expect from a free host.. "high performance servers" bullshit

  11. the servers are 24/7 full. This way on getting a server is useless

    Edit: It works and its amazing. I hope this stays free forever. I now finnaly can play with friends in a private server!

  12. Minehut is terrible.

    1. EssentialsSpawn problems
    "Error: null" You still haven't fixed this?

    2. HolographicDisplays problems
    "6 Holograms not loaded" Why?

    3. Skriot problems
    "3 variables not loaded" Minehut sucks.

  13. Server keeps on going to hibernation mode. I made it unlisted and added a few friends, but i have to check in multiple times each day to reaactivate. Is there a way to stop this?

  14. hai help me pls when i join my server it says (Failed to log in:Invalid session(Try restarting your game and launcher) but i did but it did not work pls help me

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