How to Change DNS on Windows 10

How to Change DNS on Windows 10

hello guys welcome back to another tutorial this time we'll be doing on how to change your DNS settings in Windows 10 so that you can have to be redirected to Google's DNS and/or Open DNS or the two that I'll have examples for in the description both the IP will be listed there to start off you're going to go down here and you're going to hit open network and sharing center then go to change adapter settings on the Left if you're using Ethernet you'll have this set up and I'll need to go to properties but since I'm using Wi-Fi I'm going to go here and use the properties then you're going to look for Internet Protocol version 4 TCP / IP v4 select properties go to use of following DNS server addresses now for google it'd be 8 8 8 8 and then the alternate one was 8 8 4 4 really easy to memorize and I just make sure that you check validate settings upon exit so make sure that it changes your dns to google's but before you close it so there that would be changed google's sometimes will be a little problem let's check an act it won't do anything see there wasn't a problem with a good identify lease it pops up for me and if you want to open DNS I'll be in the description as well you can choose whichever one you want or if you have your own DNS I prefer to connect to that's just how you do it in Windows 10 and thanks for watching guys if you have any suggestions on tutorials or anything else please make sure to comment them below and I will see what I can do for you thanks

40 thoughts on “How to Change DNS on Windows 10

  1. Worked perfectly, new ISP had my torrent site blocked and this fixed it immediately. It literally took seconds.

  2. Can it make something wrong with my computer? – Can make something when I will put google dns or when I put

  3. Very nice, easy to follow tutorial. No bullshit and you show exactly what needs to be done quickly, cleanly, and concisely. Very helpful, thank you!

  4. If I change a dns for one computer will it automatically change for another device using the same WiFi?

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