How to Allow Users to Upload Images in WordPress Comments

How to Allow Users to Upload Images in WordPress Comments

Do you want to allow users to upload
images with their comments in WordPress? Well keep watching, in this video I’ll
walk you through how you can allow users to upload images when they comment on
your WordPress website. To get this going let’s head over to our WordPress
dashboard, from here we need to install a plugin so let’s head over to Plugins, Add
New. The plugin we’re looking for is called comment attachment so we’ll
search for that in the search area. This is the one we’re looking for so let’s
click Install Now and once it’s installed you need to go ahead and click
activate. Once it’s activated let’s head over to Settings, Discussion area so we
can set it up. This whole page is what you can do for allowing discussions and
we want to go all the way down to the comment attachment area. This is the area
that the plugin just added. From here you can just decide where to allow the
displayed item to go either before or after the comment, the name of the attachment
area, if it’s required or not, and then scrolling down you want to decide the
allowed file types. You probably want jpg, gif, PNG those are the main ones that are
usually associated with images and then you can decide if you want to allow
things like PDF, a document, or say a PowerPoint presentation. Once you’ve
decided what all to allow you want to scroll all the way down and make sure
you click Save Changes and now if a visitor goes to your website and wants
to add a comment they also have the ability to upload a file as well. Now
when someone uploads an image just note that it’ll be in your media library area
so if you need to delete that image you can delete it but it won’t affect the
comment. You also want to decide on some comment posting guidelines on your site
to let users know what kind of attachments are allowed and that’s a
quick and easy way to allow images to be uploaded with user comments. Did you
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for watching

12 thoughts on “How to Allow Users to Upload Images in WordPress Comments

  1. Really like this . Just wondered what extra security settings we need in order to stop spammers and the link using this to upload malicious attachments?

  2. How do I put this so my customers upload images for personalize products? I have on my website products, I want that my users upload image file so I can personalize

  3. After successful upload 1 image into a comment, I got pop up notice “the image could not be loaded.” whenever I rate star for new comment. How can I fix it!? This plugin is very cool.

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