How the ITU could put the internet behind closed doors.

How the ITU could put the internet behind closed doors.

The Internet gives us the freedom, to talk with friends, make art, start a business or speak out against our governments, all on an unprecedented scale. This isn’t a coincidence. The Internet’s design came out of open inclusive discussions by a global community of scientists and engineers, so there was no pressure from above to lock it down. But now a government controlled international body is making a play to become the new place where the Internet’s future gets decided. It’s called the International Telecommunication Union (or ITU). And in December the worlds governments will meet, to decide whether to expand its mandate to making important decisions about the net. The ITU could pose a risk to freedom of expression on-line everywhere. Here’s why. First the basics. Nobody owns the Internet. It’s a collection of independent networks around the world. Anybody can build one. The common standards on which the Internet was build grew out of open on-line discussions, not on the priorities of a particular government or company. But now let’s meet the ITU! First the ITU is old. Really old. Not CDs old, not rotary phone old, telegraph old, as in Morse code. When founded in 1865 it was called the International Telegraph Union. Unlike the Internet the ITU was not build on open discussion among scientists and engineers. Instead only governments have a vote at the ITU. And these votes take place behind closed doors. If governments succeed in giving the ITU more power to make decisions about the Internet, we get an old-school, top-down, government centric organisation replacing the open bottom-up governance that made the Internet so world-changing. And that’s just the beginning of our problems. The ITU is not transparent. The ITU’s draft proposals aren’t public, and its “one country – one vote” model gives governments all the power. They get to make decisions about our Internet, without us even knowing what they’re discussing, and then tell us, once the decision is made. What kinds of decisions will be considered at the ITU meeting this December? Well, here’s some actual proposals that have leaked: cutting of Internet access for a number of broadly defined reasons; violating international human rights norms; giving governments more power to monitor Internet traffic and impose regulations on how traffic is sent; defining Spam so broadly that they could justify blocking anything from photos of cute cats to human rights campaigns. And new rules to charge online content providers to reach users, which could mean less content going to the developing world, and blocking sites that don’t pay up. But the really scary part: the countries pushing hardest for ITU control are the same countries that aggressively censor the Internet. In Russia, making a YouTube video against the government can get you two years in jail. In China you can’t even get to most social media websites. And Iran is trying to build its own national Internet and email network, to keep the entire population under its control. Now the ITU also does good work: They help the developing world establish telecommunication networks and expand high speed broadband connections. And existing Internet governance isn’t perfect. The US has out-sized influence and authority when it comes to this. But we need to fix these problems in a way that preserves the openness, pragmatism and bottom-up governance, that made the Internet so great. This December our governments meet to make their final decisions about the Internet’s future. It’s up to us Internet users, in every country of the world, to tell them: to stand for the open Internet. If everyone who sees this video speaks out and contacts their government, we’ve got a chance of winning. Help us share this video and visit this site to speak out and contact your government right now! Let’s use the Internet’s global reach to save it! Tell your leaders to oppose handing over key decisions about the Internet to the ITU.

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  1. this is retorted…. like………. government cant and will not control everything. SPEAK. out people!!! Open your eyes.

  2. i watch Peruvian news casts and other countries news and you would be so surprised how much they know and openly share compared to us and our controlled media. thats why the internet is becoming more popular than tv. if we dont do something we could be stripped of this knowledge. even our libraries control what books we can read, schools have only certain things we can teach. fight for your human right to learn and grow! i wont be a robot i hope some of my friends will form a group with me

  3. videos like this should have million views but kids this days prefer watching justin bieber that is why the internet is going to be destroyed over the years

  4. Most people said this would never happen….. 1984 wasn't supposed to be an users manual. But our government sure is using it like a bible.

  5. We people in the world is the boss not the government. People in the world creates the government for a long time and we are the one who elect government officials. We need to fight to protect our freedom and openness of the internet.

  6. thats what you think.. freedom is just a word, an illusion.. a leash on our necks.. do you really think we the people of the world call the shots? open your eyes..we the people of the world ,we the slaves of elites…

  7. It won't matter what we say, they don't listen. Always make their own decisions by their damn selves. We can bitch piss and moan, they're already censoring a lot of websites now. So before we know it, the internet will be completely watched and our privacy invaded. If this gets any worse I'm gonna just quit using the internet.

  8. People need the internet. People will continue to need the internet. No matter how things change in terms of decisions, we as a people have become entirely dependent on it. This is why nothing will change. Because people will actually care enough this time to do something about it. I wouldn't worry about it… yet

  9. i want to see govs rule net he he … no way .. even i can take down fuckign dns server and im jsut normal webh admin.. let them try xD

  10. I hope it pass. Seriously.

    The world need the internet to be censored.

    why, you ask?

    Because when that happen, our goverment will fear they people. Rage will be everywhere.

    So we need some disgrace to awake the sleeping giant that is the people of this world.


  12. 1 Government takes control
    2 People are angered and revolt
    3 People destroy government
    4 People set up new leaders to lead them
    5 New leaders set up a government system to lead the people
    6 New government takes control
    7 People are angered and revolt
    8 People destroy new government
    9 People set up leaders to lead them
    10 New leaders set up a government system to lead the people

    The Human Race -_-

  13. EVERYONE! The BEST thing you can do is SPREAD THE WORD. We need MORE support, MORE people to be AWARE of the issue, otherwise THEY WILL DESTROY THE INTERNET.

  14. I like how this video actually mentions the good things that the ITU does. Most videos like this are just "__________ IS THE DEVIL".

  15. I assume you're talking about ARPANET, which was initially funded by ARPA. But nothing about the history of the Internet is contrary to the opening statements. Spend some time on the wiki pages for "History of the Internet" and "ARPANET".

  16. FINALLY!! everyone knows the truth now. and.. NOTHING HAPPENS because the only solution given is to SPREAD?. great cause we have here. Why not include a pdf on how to create an enclosed network of servers? or how you can get your college or university to ignore whatever regulations or infringement of rights that the itu may decide? the internets backbone is educational institutions. there lies the people with the ammunition to actually do something in this fight. (not posting reddit fb)

  17. People will always innovate. They will always find things around this. A new thing will be created… We have the technology too, and we have the smarts too. It will start off small, then explode into the public.. and this will repeat. Of course, this will only happen if countries are able to censor the internet.

    Another thing. This will also cut off our way of becoming a Tier 1 Civilization. We NEED a way to talk to another country. It is the only way of understanding eachother..

  18. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA…All this shit is making me lose hope. One day the internet as we know it will devolve into a government controlled entity withe freedom of speech and information being greatly reduced.
    People are going to be very pissed off. Hopefully enough to incite a change.

  19. Come, let us reason together so I can kill you if you disagree with me. Mao anyone? Stalin anyone? I want a government that can have you jailed if you say something that hurts my feelings.

  20. What if the internet & technology was truly made this way from the beginning, as massive amount of society would become a big part of this lifestyle? I wonder this…
    Remember, ancient history has it that none of these things were needed, but only today we do as it's part of the Matrix we live in.

  21. I believe that's what they DO want- is for us to speak up, so we can become more devided, rather than accepting this change, but not accepting what they tell us to do- they want war, so why give them what they want?
    To speak against it is one thing, but if it turns to a riot, that's the issue I'm getting at. 😐


  23. hate how he starts to tone down when talking the good sides of the ITU, it may be bad, but doing that won't help convince anyone…

  24. its crazy how our american government is trying to censor the internet but at the same time they our violating our first amandment.

  25. Amerika bestemmer ikke over internettet så stop med at tro i ejer det og tro i kan anholde hvem som helst i (regeringen) har lyst til som f ek.s kim dotcom. nettet er åbent for alle og wikileaks

  26. Screw ITU. Screw internet censorship. Screw anybody who wants to mess with the internet. We need more security and more educated people who know how to protect the internet and keep it going. Not companies or corporations deciding our voice, our freedom. THE INTERNET IS FREE. It needs to stay that way.

  27. that was a joke? are you kidding me, what are you five? losing more and more faith in humanity everyday. you should most likely ask your doctor how to go about treating your condition of trisomy 21

  28. Okay for those who are like "ERR MEH GERD MEH INTERNETS!!!" they met on the 4th of December (The day I am posting this is the 6th of December) and they didn't do much apparently.

  29. Cant they focus on better things? World hunger? Education? Those poor kids around the world? Help Schools? Is it really necessary they have to do that when we have allot of other problems in the world?

  30. Great, another ignorant person who thinks there isn't a world outside America. Also, get a fucking clue. Your governments unanimous stance is AGAINST regulation of the internet. It's one of the few things the US government has done recently that I support 100%.

  31. He's probably doing that because with past events (SOPA, Kony 2012) loads of people just took it to the extreme, acting like the "thing" is pure evil.

  32. So, you're willing to piss people off (and possibly incur fatalities as a result of unrest) to achieve social change?
    Why not just let the internet stay the way it is, that way a few more people are alive at the end of the day?

  33. I'm disheartened to see that almost a third of the comments here are "FUCK THE GOVERNMENT" or "NEW WORLD ORDER" or "RIOT!" etc. etc.

    First off, this isn't guaranteed to go through. Secondly, even if it does, we should be civil about it. Hacking websites is only going to create fear and result in lost public sympathy. Instead, we should protest peacefully and calmly.

    I believe the ITU has good intentions. They just don't know what they're doing, that's all.

  34. these are world governments trying to censor the internet. If anything, private industry (other than the entertainment business) is all for free internet because they can do business there easier than they can in their own god damn countries.

  35. The ITU & the rest of the international government agenda do not have good intentions but I wont waste time trying to explain the last 50 years of history that you wont see on the news to you.

  36. A internet não tem dono. Ela precisa apenas de pessoas que saibam respeitar os limites entre os seus direitos e o do outro. Precisa de menos ladrões, oportunistas, criminosos. Da mesma forma que o mundo todo também precisa. A internet no Brasil precisa de mais velocidade na transmissão de dados, ser mais acessível para todos. Precisa continuar sendo um espaço de expressão e de denúncia. É preciso ficar atento para as novas investidas em 2013.

  37. Another win for Freedom and USA. Freedom will always win because it's the highest moral ground supported by 6 billion citizens.

  38. No offense, but you should never let your future rest in the hands of one man. Firstly, one man can only do so much. Secondly, it's just not wise. The best way to stop these kinds of actions is for everyone to do their part. It's what made the Stop SOPA movement so powerful. There's power in numbers.

  39. If the ITU is made from nationss governments then the problem is in undemocratic countries. Not in democratic ones. So again the problem is a lack of democratic governments. (not the ICU)
    BTW idea for promoting democratic governments: UN changes from one country=one vote to: each country has a voting power proportional to it's voter population, in free and fair elections, as it is reported by international observers.

  40. this is a reaaaally crappy argumentation, sorry…
    ICANN and the big companies from the bay are also (errr, sorry) bureaucraties.

  41. Its because of ITU you are watching tv, using cell phones and using internet moron. Kill it off ? and you will fall back to stone age communication. Good luck

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