how reddit handles internet justice

how reddit handles internet justice

Yo, did you hear about that guy that may or may not have done something wrong? Uh yeah, I think I read about it on Reddit or something. Yo what’s up, who we fuckin’ up?
-Oh, Reddit… We takin’ someone’s career right now or what? No, no, chill out, Jesus. We just learned about this- Bro, if I am not ending a man’s career and personal life in ten minutes, I’m gonna puke! There’s no details out buddy. I don’t care, I don’t care, I hope he gets- I hope he gets raped in prison and dies Oh, come on!
Woah! Okay, let’s go over the facts. He fucked up, he’s going down- That’s not the facts yet. Nothing’s come in.
This is all speculation, dude. Alright, you wanna hear the game plan? Not really at all- Here’s the game plan. All of us go in there pretty much like this fuckin’ *mimics beating someone up with the downvote arrow*
Stop, stop! It’s been like twenty minutes I say we all just go into this guy’s house Find his address, his wife’s place of work, just fuck him up, man! Dude, it’s been like twenty minutes nobody knows! I don’t care, I don’t care, why would he be accused if he wasn’t guilty?! Let’s just take some time. UGHH! I don’t want to take any time, I wanna act NOW! Rumors spread quick on the internet
-Alright, pussy. *throws downvote arrow* Oh, Jesus. Lemme try something really quick. Let’s find his daughter at school and tell her that he died so she has to leave or something i dont know, let’s locate him. Dude, yes bro, take that! *hands him upvote arrow* This is so dangerous! The twitter account that started the accusation was like a two-follower anime profile picture account… Double digits, bro!
That’s not– We gotta jump on this, guys. I’m pissed dude I gotta end a man’s life right now seriously WOAH!
End a man’s life?! I don’t care, it’s how it gets done guys. Th- this community doesn’t stand for injustice [offscreen] Hey, Reddit, Reddit, Reddit!
What? [offscreen] Do you remember the Boston Bomber?
Do I remember what? *Through his teeth* The Boston Bomber
The Boston Bomber? Yeah, what about him? We fucked that guy up bad!
[offscreen]: NO. that wasn’t him that was wrong! NO, we got him! No, it was fucked, dude! It was like really, really fucked up. Wh- how are we supposed to know? Okay, man we’re dealing with a bombing! We got *mumbles* Don’t jump on something, that’s the problem, dude! I don’t like all this waiting, I wanna do things now! What information do I possibly need to know!?
-I just found an article right here Quote it in the comments for me!
[offscreen] Just read it, I- Gimme two sentences, just what I need to know! Well I- it would take it way out of context, you gotta read the whole thing.
-AGH, I hate context! *Reddit smashing things with the downvote arrow*
Reddit, Reddit, Reddit stop that! WHAT do you propose we do?
-The guy you’re talking about What if it’s just too early and he didn’t actually do it? *a n ge r* AGH STOP IT! Give me the downvote! NO! I’m not giving you the downvote, okay? it’s my power, I wield it! Downvote, downvote, downvote, downv- Okay, you guys are being babies! Why don’t you just tell me what the problem is?! Listen, sometimes Reddit gets a justice boner and they act way too strong and way too fast on something without all the facts being confirmed yet. So, maybe just wait next time before you hurt somebody or ruin their life! Oh, so you’re saying that Reddit is the problem! Sometimes, yeah. Bro can you hold these real quick
*hands him the arrows* Take these and put ’em on
*hand him sunglasses* Dude, Reddit, you guys went way too far on this one.
WHAT are you talking about?
Dude, you SUCK! *best song ever* soupscribe four more T R A S H (cool) C O N T E N T

100 thoughts on “how reddit handles internet justice

  1. To be fair, there are some great reads like in the science, writing, and in the art subreddits. People are pretty talented! Also, Reddit is pretty much just Twitter.

  2. I've posted this video in multiple controversial threads and gotten downvoted to oblivion every time.

    I love this video.

  3. I once got downvoted to hell because I said that I really hope that the accusation on someone wasn’t true because I like the person.

  4. This is why I use Reddit for memes and other interesting stories. Some of these subs are getting absurdly horrible with content and their mods don’t give a shit because it hits the front page.

  5. as a reddit user myself, this is like not that far off from the truth lol also for those fellow redditors using youtube I find r/unpopularopinons is a great gold mine of comedy for me personally as it is both funny and alarming that these people actually feel that way

  6. The only thing missing from this is the fact that most general lurkers even here on Youtube are Reddittors that act and promote this behavior

  7. As a Hong Konger that is how I feel about Reddit. I support the strikes and the movement but I despise reddit hailing those trashing my city on the same basket as the movement, we call them cockroach here. I hate they cannot wait for some time and verify informations sent to them before spreading it everywhere. Sry for my English.

  8. Yo did you hear about that voice actor for Broly who may or may not have done something wrong?

    It's happened twice now. HOW.

  9. I don't get why something isn't done about websites like Reddit or Twitter. The amount of sociopaths they produce should be concerning.

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