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  1. Add your subjects of internet folklore and let's see just how many there are… (Even though by now the number may not be quantifiable!)
    Jeff the Killer

  2. I've never watched a slenderman video in my life (prob bc just watching this scared me haha) but it/he sounds a lot like Cthulhu, in the sense of being indomitable fear.

  3. I'd have to say Slenderman is the most curious as for folklore, there is actually this event that happens out in Kent, Ohio. People like to drive down abandoned roads because there is a rumor that this car is always on the side of the road with it's lights off, but as you approach it turns on it's lights and speeds towards you in a game of chicken. THOUGH I'd LOVE to go to Rouges Hollow.

  4. Whether you like it or not Slender man wasn't an invention of the "Internet." It was a single man who came up with and owns the rights to Slenderman. People just sorta picked up on it.

  5. Just to clear something up. Nazi space aliens aren't folk lore. They are really and in charge of every evil capitalist country on the planet. The only country that is truely safe from Nazi space aliens is China, as it is under the protection of the good, and great Communist party.

  6. The thing I hate about creepypasta is that people make it not scary, no matter how many times you read the story at night or whatever just talk about it to some creepypasta fan then you will never think it's scary ever again

  7. To be honest, I don't give a fuck about who is Slender Man on the internet, I know he is merely some bump up creation by some people to promote the game.

    Ironically is, the game is actually very very good. cause you actually feel scare of his presence.

  8. slenderman seems closer to the Lovecraft mythology than folklore public domain creations that numerous authors have added to with a deliberate effort to create verisimulatude which pulls in the gullble take as real

  9. Well, I think it is an oversimplification that takes folklore as a medium spread through a bias of unchanging patterns. It's most likely that according to some people who are antropologists that floklore is not as folklore as it may seem, but bias something related to rituals and changing patterns and intentions not regarding them as mere storytelling. So Folklore is an actualization of customs and knowledge that had effects  on it. treting floklore so ligthly is actually trivialiing their role role as lore. So I think some bibliographical research on Vladimir Propp on the historical roots of folklore would prevailv a more of a quality episode. Folklore is not by any means an fictional story of gruesome events on a fancy way told by many people. Those are the external categories within it and not it's essence. Sorry, but from all of the videos this one was one of the most uninformed, elusive and misleading to common sense episode.

  10. The problem with Slenderman, we know for a fact he is fake, we know the creator, we know where the first image, the one everyone after was based on, came from, and since we know for 100% that he is fake, he is just….boring
    i mean it's fun to watch stuff about him as a sort of horror movie thing, but as far as folklore? Nah
    The thing about loch ness monster, big foot, crop circles, vampires etc. is there are "recordings" of those supposedly happened. So even if our common sense can say "there are only badly recorded images that could easily be faked, and never once any actual proof, thus it isn't real or at least no reason to believe so" in the end there is still that 0,1% "but maybe it is?" lingering in our subconsciousness. This is why aliens creep me out and yet i am fascinated by them. Because with them it is a whole 0,2%!

  11. From what I know he is based of a german myth and a sort of "evolved " version of the myth meant to be a creature that punishes children for doing the wrong.

  12. Killers only kill for revenge and Jane only is hunting down Jeff
    there are many creepy pastas I know they are: (there are even more I just don't know the name of them)
    Jeff the killer
    Jane the killer
    smile.jpg / smile dog
    laughing jack 
    Eyeless jack
    Ticci Toby
    Glitchy Red
    Strangled red
    Lost Silver
    Lavender town syndrome
    Seed eater
    Russian sleep subject

  13. As far as Marble Hornets goes, it's acting is good at best, moderate at worst and its plot is confusing.

    They talk a bunch about the something that's going on but never show that something actually happening. For instance (SPOILER ALERT) they talk about finding Amy but it never actually shows them doing anything in the direction of looking for her. Another example is (EVEN MORE SPOILERS) it talks about Alex "tying up loose ends" but never shows or explains what loose ends those would be in the first place such as that somebody was in the way of Slender's goals and had to be taken care of or that they were impeding his progress towards making more proxies.

    I would be posting this comment over on Marble Hornets, but the videos don't allow for comments to be made on them.

  14. The image at 2:29 is on a wooden bridge in the Swiss german part of Switzerland. At the time when I was traveling I knee nothing of Slenderman but had herd plenty of weird European folklore. Walking acroos the bridge and looking up at the murals, I saw Der Ritter.

    I stopped my mate to show him this crazy shit, anyway they also have a mountainous area call devils peak or something. My wife (who is Swiss) took me skiing there, now I don't know how many people read Goosebumps as a kid but the place gave me that feeling like the world had almost moved on the paranormal shit but the feeling remained.

    I'm an Atheist, so I understand it's a combination of adrenaline and the fear of the unknown but it gave me the creeps for a bit. Of and an old church there is called the Cult(church) of devils peak something.

  15. I brought raisins to share with everyone in 3rd grade and no one wanted any. Raisins are my favorite broke my heart tbh

  16. Slenderman backstory and game cleverly tap into something that's been in our childhood nightmares forever: that "unseen thing chasing you"… you know the dream- where you try to run, but are stuck in sand… you are terrified of what IT is that you simply KNOW is chasing you- yet you never SEE it. You just try to run. and run. and know- forever- that its just "any second now".   While it may not be folklore, its definitely ART (per other video)- as it invokes the makers original experience, and translates it into a media form so that other people that view it gets those same feelings invoked in them. == ART.

  17. Why do I keep on getting these censored sword of chaos advertisements on every youtube video I view? Under the pixelation, its very clear there is nothing explicit. Boobs jiggle in real life, get over it.

  18. As a Witch who has been required by her personal experience to build her own mythos, I feel that the idea of whether or not Slender is "Real" Or "Imaginary" is moot. Because all things that occur in the "world" are actually simply happening in the mind, not in the sense that there is not a existant world, but rather in that the important and necessary portion of it is the experience. and thereby all things that are experienced, "real" or "imaginary", are in fact real, simply by virtue of experience. However that experience need not be universal, thereby the "Real" Slenderman is many things. For example, in my mind, Slender is ridiculous, interesting, but not compelling, and thereby weak. Whoever, throughout the internet, Slender has a strong presence as a source of fear, a depiction of loss, and the void of not knowing. In this way, Slender becomes a spirit, which may be invoked for various reasons, all related to it's perceived nature. However that invocation will only work for those who hold that same spirit within their mind. In the video, a person in costume as Slender attempted to use the myhtos to scare people, or invoke the idea/spirit of Slender. And it worked to varying degrees, based on conditions and prior knowledge. As a note I specifically bring up this point because of the statement of "imagined presence of spirits and faeries". And to sum it up, I feel that a things do not exist based on their measurable existant world presence, but rather their capacity to affect.

    Also, no, I did not misspell existant, I define that existant separate from existent in that existence is something we prove to ourselves, and existance is present without necessity of presence or proof. Ex: Slenderman may or may not be existant, but does have an existence. It makes more sense if you say it out loud.

  19. Didn't Ben (Yahtzee) Croshaw kind of invent Slenderman with his Tall Man character in Trilbys notes?
    Or the phrase it differently, isn't Slenderman kind of a cheap copy of Yahtzees Tall Man?

  20. Femurs don't deserve being shaked at creepy nail art on Instagram.

    Also, I don't think creepypastas make most people more mature. Quite the opposite is sometimes true (Jeff, I'm looking at you).

  21. for me the scariest folktale or creppypasta is jeff the killer is a sad and creppy storie and the character is interesting and really scary.

  22. EMERGENCY: why allways scary things real..????? and it has a gam???? how can it write letters??????? how he created?????? what is he created by is it god or something else?????? is it created by computer <3 bear?

  23. Everyone keeps saying Slendy inspired The Silence, but I think both were in some way inspired by The Gentlemen from Buffy.

  24. I'm firmly convinced that Slenderman is The Tall Man from the Chzo Mythos games by Ben Krenshaw. His games were made starting in 2003, and the first Slender reference was 2009.

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