How I Learned to Code – and Got a Job at Google!

How I Learned to Code – and Got a Job at Google!

Hey YouTube so as I mentioned in a previous video I didn’t study computer science or Computer Engineering as my major at my university Instead I was studying statistics but on the side I learned to code mostly on my own and eventually I became good enough to get a job at Google as a full-time software engineer So I briefly talked about how I learned to code in the same video, but in this video I wanted to go into more detail, so I’m gonna talk about my personal Experience first about how I learned to code But if you just want to find my recommendation about what you should do, you should just skip over to this time in this video So here are the 4 steps I personally used to learn to code. First of all I took a few summer courses during my summer break So the first course I took was an introductory programming course it covered topics like loops, variables, if statements, and functions, and then the second course I took was on data structures and algorithms. It covered topics like trees, graphs, hash tables, Searching, and sorting these two courses were both taught using Java After I took those courses I decided to learn more on my own I heard that you can use something called “Ruby on Rails” to build websites And I wanted to build a website So I decided to learn Ruby on Rails and “Ruby” which Ruby on Rails is based on. And to learn Ruby, I use the website called The Pragmatic Programmer, and to practice using it I use this other website called Project Euler which gives you a ton of simple programming problems to solve. To learn Ruby on Rails I used Rails for Zombies, which is an interactive website for learning how to use Ruby on Rails. And step 3 I started working on a bunch of personal projects. My first real personal project was going to be like the reddit of Japan Partly because I’m originally from Japan and I was living in Japan at the time Working on this project was really helpful for understanding how Ruby on Rails works How Ruby works and also how web technologies in general work. Through this project, I also learned the importance of asking for help. You know, when you’re new to programming It’s so easy for you to get stuck, and I think it’s really important for you to just ask for help You can do this virtually through websites like Stack Overflow, Facebook groups, or reddit, or in person if you know someone who knows how to code in person. And then, using the skills and connections I developed, partly through my projects. I got a few technical internships. These technical internships were really helpful for developing my skills further. because I started getting feedback on my code from my colleagues, and I started learning a lot more a lot faster than on my own. In between those internships, and even when I had one of those internships. I kept working on more personal projects. That was partly because it was just fun, and partly because I wanted to build more skills. And after all that I started working on my technical interview skills, And eventually I got a job at Google as a full-time software engineer. So if you’re just getting started with programming or if you’re a complete beginner What should you do exactly? I’d recommend the following four steps first of all, you should learn the basics of programming through one of those interactive websites. I personally recommend Codeacademy, but I also heard that freeCodeCamp is also pretty good If you’re not sure which language to get started with, I do recommend either Python or JavaScript after that, start working on a personal project It could be a website, an app, or automating a simple task. As you work on your project, keep learning more through those Interactive websites. And for more advanced topics that those websites don’t cover, I’d recommend And Udemy. Step number 3! As you work on your personal project I think one important aspect here is the community aspect. If programming is something that’s totally new for you, it’s probably gonna be really hard. And so, it’s really important for you to be able to get help from others through online or offline communities. So try using websites like Stack Overflow,, and Facebook groups and events to find relevant communities. Step number 4! Try getting an internship Or a job, ideally a paid one Once you do, you should be able to learn even more quickly, because You’ll be able to get some feedback from your colleagues on your code. And those are the four steps I would personally use to learn to code today. If you have extra time and money to spare, going through a coding bootcamp, or Even getting a degree from a university might also be a good option Okay, if you’re curious about a more general strategy I used for getting a job at Google there’s a video about that, and if you’re wondering which programming languages you should learn, I have a video about that too And let me know in the comment section below about what kind of videos I should make in the future. I’m YK from CS Dojo, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. FYI, go to 3:09 if you just want to see what I would recommend for you to do for learning to code.

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  2. Thank u so so much for showing us. I'm also eger to work in Google. As soon as possible I'll reach. Firstly what ur telling us to do ill will definitely do and study harder for such great deal. I'm the IT student. I'm proud of this I'll study now harder and I love to do this. Lots of love and support

  3. So you telling me that if i start my life again from 0 and when i enter high school i learn how to program like a pro and i finish high school i want to work for google. They going to hire me just like that.

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  5. In next 10 years I will get a job at Google and by next 20 years I will become the CEO of Google and I'll turn Google into the best company ever

  6. Learnt How to code,but didn't forgot to use Comic Sans. Moral of the story: Learn Graphic Design side by side with your coding haha

  7. Omg! I love you! ❀ You explained everything so well in less than 5 minutes. I saw others people videos and they talk too much and they ended up saying nothing. πŸ˜‚ Thanks so much for your guidance. New sub here! πŸ˜‹

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  15. Learning advanced C language then will start python! If possible will learn other languages and then start building softwares…. wish me luck!

  16. HiπŸ™, I'm Iranian and I like to hire in Google, I'm Programmer and I'm improving Myself for sending resume soon, but I scare they don't accept me because of my nationality, I want to plan for the future,if I send my resume, will they accept to do an interview with me? I'm so grateful if you guide me because I'm anxious about it. Thank you.

  17. Hi senpai. I want to learn more on programming. I know the basics of html, css? Javascript, php, visual basic, c# and c+.what should I do to have a job like you

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