Home Server Rack and Network Tour 2018

Home Server Rack and Network Tour 2018

Hello guys, welcome to my server rack setup tour, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now but I’ve kept putting it off because I’ve always been waiting for something to arrive, well here I am many somethings later and no video so I thought it’s a good time to do it now. I’ll start by going over everything first then I’ll go into details of each section. From the top of the rack you have my networking equipment, below that is my Cisco lab, then my servers, and finally at the bottom you have the power systems. It’s all housed in an APC NetShelter SX rack. My main router is an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro, I have Bell Fibe Gigabit internet with the fiber line going directly into the router, it was quite difficult to figure out how to get 3rd party routers working on Bell Fibe, but once I found that they simply run internet on VLAN 35 I was able to get it working fine without their terrible hardware in between. I do plan on upgrading my router to the UniFi Security Gateway XG once it is released Below that you have a neat-patch cable organizer, I don’t have a patch panel in the rack because a majority of the connections are internal and with this being my home setup it is more flexible without one. Finally on to the switch, it’s a UniFi Switch 48 port 500w I used to be running the EdgeSwitch of the same model but it met an untimely death a few months ago but that’s fine because I much prefer the analytics of the UniFi system anyways. I am also planning on getting an Unifi Switch XG to play around with 10 gigabit networking in the future. Right below my main network is my Cisco Lab I work in a enterprise IT and as much as I don’t like Cisco I’m forced to use them so it’s important for me to know how to. My lab consists of a 2851 router that I use as my backhaul and access server to access all the other routers and switches, then two 2811s and an 1841 router, I then have two 3560 switches and an old 2950 that I’ve had kicking around for years. On to my servers, Starting from the top I have a Dell KMM that unfortunately rarely gets used, my main server is a Dell PowerEdge R410, this is running VMWare ESXi and runs pretty much everything in my house. My main NAS is a PowerEdge R510, it’s loaded up with 8 4TB drives in RAID 6 configuration giving me about 22 TB of usable space, I do plan on upgrading this to run ESXi in the future as well but unfortunately I have nowhere to put all my data temporarily while I perform the upgrade. The next device right below it should help with that though, it is a Dell PowerVault TL2000 tape library. I picked it up for cheap a while ago sold for parts only, but I was able to fix everything that was broken and it works great now, unfortunately it only came with an LTO3 drive and it was not working, but with LTO8 drives starting to be released the price of LTO7 is starting to come down and I was able to pickup an LTO7 drive recently, with that I’ll finally be able to have multiple backups of my data. Below that you have my only sorta custom built server in my rack, it’s an ASUS server board with dual Xeons in a SuperMicro case, but I don’t actually use if for anything at the moment, I do have ESXi loaded on it so it’s good to go whenever I need it. Finally you have my very first server I ever bought, it’s an HP Proliant DL380, I really only have it in my rack for sentimental reasons and it’s not even connected at all. Moving down to the bottom you have my power setup, I have a couple of StarTech PDUs around the rack and an APC 1500VA UPS, on the back all of my cables are colour coded, the red cables are on the UPS, the blue cables are on the PDUs with no backup, the yellow cables are for my lab, also with no backup. In the servers I have one power supply on the UPS and one on the PDUs, and the main network equipment is on the UPS as well. The Lab equipment is running on an APC switchable PDU so I can turn on and off each device remotely. The UPS and PDUs are also on their own separate breaker here in my Condo so one can trip while the other still provides power. In total when everything is running it uses about 660 watts of power, with my peak electric rate I’ll pay about $14 per month which isn’t too bad at all. The last thing I want to cover is the cabling going out from the server to the rest of my condo, one of the first things I alway do when I move into a new place is run cables, my current condo when I moved in had 5 lines of CAT5 already run but it was terminated as RJ11 for phone, I ran an additional 6 lines of CAT6 plus the fiber to get it to my rack location, and I terminated everything with RJ45 and a small patch panel. I will leave all these lines in place as well as the patch panel when I leave, it’s a nice touch for anyone moving into a condo as they never have anything like this in place, usually either unterminated cables or just a bix block. Well that was a basic overview of my server rack, I hope you enjoyed, I know I’ve spent a lot of time watching similar videos on youtube over the years, I will try to do update videos when I get new things but I’ve never been good at that, let me know if you have any questions or comments down below.
Have a good one.

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  1. Well done video! I'm in awe of your home lab equipment! Please post more when you have time, I look forward to them. Love to know what services you're running.

  2. How do you pay $14 a month for 600watts, where do you live you must have math error??

    Including all the other fees on electric bill? Delivery fee is also kwh dependent so I might only pay .06 per kwh but I also pay another .05 per kwh in other fees, and then taxes on top of that. i end up with something like $0.12+ per kwh. Which would mean $17 a month for 200watts, more then 3 times what your claiming. I dont live in super expensive electricity state.

  3. Jeff, What is the adapter you used to plug in your internet Fibre to the Edge Router? It looks like the same cable my ISP gives me. xxx to SFP+?

  4. wow, this must be the best home server rack I have seen so far, you thought of everything. I like that you use color coded power cords and run one from USP and one from an other poser source that is also not on the same fuse. wow. I usually not subscribe to videos like this but I made an exception 🙂

  5. Is this a rented property? Did you install the breakers after moving in? Do you lose your deposit when you run your own cables and power? Love your setup 🙂

  6. Very nice setup. I also have a fiber entering into my house, but is plugged into a cheap router given by the ISP and this is linked with my router through an ethernet cable. I wanted to buy the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, but I had 2 reasons not to do it: 1: I don't know how to make it work with ISP fiber directly (bypassing the ISP cheap router) and 2: I understood that is not recommended to use all its ports as a switch (because is doing something in software that is slow) and I still needed a switch. So, since my home rack is not that big (as yours) I chose to have an 1u switch linked to a cheap router that is linked to ISP router. The drawback to my implementation is that the 1u switch has to many ports then I need and the other 2 routers also take an 1u slot. So only if I could find a router that takes internet from a fiber and give me 8-10 GBe ports and all takes 1u rack space, I would like to fill the remaining 1u space with something else (like a ESXi server). Do you have any tips, or recommendations for me? I could use your help.

  7. Internet on VLAN35.. that's an interesting piece of information! Do you have information on how you did make it work on the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro? I'm also in Canada and have Bell Fibe

  8. What do you do with all that storage?
    I've been thinking of getting a NAS and a tape drive, but I don't actually have any need for either.

    I know, I'm weird.

  9. That is mind blowing. Nice! I want to get a start with my first build. I would like to use it for multiple virtual machines to build Proof of Concept environments. Any recommendations on what to start with?

  10. Hey thanks for the tour 🙂 why are you using a APC(green) patch cable in your router? Couldn't it be a UPC(blue) patch cable in the SFP module?

  11. Damn! working my way up to your level.. all i have right now is a Dell R710 running ESXI and a CISCO switch. still ordering stuff. I don't even have a rack yet.. Great video, you motivated the hell outa me right now…

  12. Hey man, Really great idea of color coding power cables. I usually do it with network cables, but to be honest I never thought about it for power cables. I'm gonna use that. awesome video!

  13. I feel your pain on being forced to use Cisco! I can’t stand using Cisco in class and then switching back to HP when at work.

  14. How much did this cost in all?
    As in, how much money have you spent on everything in this video?
    The first server I ever bought, (THEY were free) was 20 servers from a company in Boston who didn’t need them anymore.

  15. I'm a newcommer and this is the first of your videos I've seen. What all do you use your servers for?

  16. Hey, really sweet setup! I'm currently studying networking so I'm new to the industry. Why do a lot of people hate cisco? And why do so many companies use cisco equiptment?

  17. Holy shit lol. I would love to get a rack like that. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to get the money as a twelve year old especially when the ubiquiti switch costs more than my whole network combined. Nice video.

  18. Silly question but where did you find different colored power cables? I like your idea and I want to do the same to my rack

  19. Finally someone on youtube who knows what they are talking about. please make more videos on your server rack and environment. I am mostly curious about how you are running fiber strait from your ISP. would like a video on how you have the set up in the edge router.

  20. Cool build out. You only showed 1 esxi server so I'm assuming you don't have a cluster or vmotion? I use esxi at work and actually prefer hyperv in my lab. While I feel the vcenter/vsphere/srm is a superior product, hyperv has much, much better licensing Imo.

  21. I have a question about the router. I also have Bell Fibe, and wish to use my own router (yet to be purchased). My service claims I get 1.5 Gbit speed. Given that most of these routers only allow for 1Gbit SFP+ how would you achieve the full 1.5 Gbit service? I see the new Unify Security Gateway XG yes 10Gbit SFP+ ports, but thats way overkill and expensive for my home… any thoughts?

  22. Was wondering what os you run on the nas with all those hard drives. Ik you said eventually esxi, but was wondering if you were using freenas or unraid etc. Id like to hear about the software side of things for the whole rack really. What VM's even. Was also wondering some other details like what hard drives you have. I have 6 Western Digital RE (raid enterprise) 3tb SAS drives that are getting on the old side (about 8 years). No issues yet but i know its coming. Luckily have a raid 6 going. Unfortunately they dont make those drives anymore, and 6 cost $1,800. Ouch. And i dont have that cash to spare now. But i was wondering which you chose and why etc.

  23. THank you for the introductions to the mothers and mother thank you for the help or question mark with my needs

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