Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

I absolutely attended my high school
prom and I also had to go to my prom with my stepsister’s half sister I went to my formal with four girl friends because I only had girl friends I always joked
my friends that I wanted to relive my prom as an openly gay and proud adult so to be able to go to prom tonight and to kind of relive that experience it gives
me another opportunity to show myself and really to experience it as my true
self a successful prom has to have all of the
right vibes in a sense that you should be able to go with whomever you want being comfortable with the people that you’re celebrating it with I went to my senior prom with a date and she was a woman I didn’t have a boyfriend at the
time, I was freshly out I feel like in society we like to put people into certain boxes and we like to try to play certain labels and my identity has
changed vividly from the time I was 13 to now and even before then and
understanding and appreciating my experience as a queer person helps me
also guide through younger people with similar experiences being a non-binary
person in the lgbtq+ community means just being exactly who you are you can
express however you want and it’s something that took me a long time to
come to terms with yes I know that I’m a black male yes I know that I’m gay but for the first time I’m embracing that those things actually are my truth and
that is who I am but they don’t define me And I said so much time and my life
feeling so hopeless and so uncomfortable in my skin and to be someone that has
allowed more people to feel more valid and worthy of love and their skin for
who they are like really blows my hair back I think it’s important that that
youth today understands who their allies are and
find a family and a second home in that safe space It means a lot to me to get
to go to an event like the pride prom because I want to celebrate all the
different aspects of who I am And I think that so many people are coming into a space where they can say that were multifaceted beings and we don’t
have to be like one particular box This is the first time that I’ve been able to go to a dance function as the person that I’ve always wanted to see is wearing a
suit wearing a tie it’s just a dream that I didn’t get to fulfill in high
school so they get to come together and have like a gorgeous Pride celebration with like a queer prom moment get dressed up have fun and just feel free
and supportive for who I am it’s important for us to have safe spaces
especially when going to prom because prom for so many people means so much
and this moment a lot of people’s life has been very scary and it’s very
intimidating I remember growing up people were like petrified to go to prom
because there’s so many places that aren’t safe for LGBTQ people to exist My pride is like 365 days a year People should be able to live their lives as
their true authentic selves everyone has a beating heart and everyone has a mind
in her body that needs to be valued and loved The thing that we always have
to remember is that what people think of us does not determine our worth who
determines and what determines our worth is ourselves and how we treat ourselves things do improve with time you find people that understand what you’re going
through once you show people who you are they’ll love you for who you are and it
might not be the people that you expect it to be but sooner you’re happy with
who you are the sooner you can live your life the way that you want so at the end of the day we are all one and we should be treated as one as equal love is love my pronouns are he or she or them It’s he she/her They and he He and his My pronoun is he and him

7 thoughts on “Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

  1. As a gay individual who didn’t go to their own prom AT ALL, this is something that makes me happy. However, also jaded because I would’ve loved to fucking be there, and there’s no real advertisement for an event that’s going to happen, only one that did.

  2. I was lucky to go to a school that was very queer and I would’ve been welcome at prom with whomever I wanted as my date, but I wasn’t asked by anyone so I didn’t go ?

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