Hestia Vs Oceanwp Vs Astra: Most Popular WordPress Themes [2019]

Hestia Vs Oceanwp Vs Astra: Most Popular WordPress Themes [2019]

Choosing a theme for a new project might be
confusing, and I truly understand your hassle. I was in the same situation many years ago,
but now I know exactly what I need. So, I decided to share with you everything
I know about three of the most popular themes in the WordPress directory: Hestia, OceanWP
and Astra. Curious to see how they stack up against each
other? Well, we will start by looking at the demo
of each theme, then we will check how easy it is to work with them like setting them
up, design options and so on. Finally, we will see what are the key features
to compare. Ready? Let’s get started! OceanWP places a strong emphasis on style. This theme offers lots of demos you can use
to customize the look and feel of your site. It’s applicable for a wide range of uses
but is particularly well-suited to e-commerce sites. Using OceanWP as your theme your website will
look great, even on mobile and tablet screens. Hestia is a modern WordPress theme with a
multipurpose one-page design. It comes with pre-built homepage sections
that fit nicely one after another, but if you want more, you can choose any of these
pre-built site demos in the site library. This means the theme is perfect for any type
of website you can imagine. More of that, the boxed layout make the website
stand out. Mobile responsive? Sure thing! Although its primary concern is performance,
Astra will help you create a stylish website. This is an extremely lightweight theme that
keeps your site running fast on the front and back ends. It’s highly customizable even for non-coders,
and Astra offers you mobile responsive pre-built demos too. More about the features of each theme coming
up so keep watching. Now, it’s time to see what Hestia vs OceanWP
vs Astra looks like in action. We’re going to talk briefly about what’s
involved in installing each free theme. Then, we’ll take a look at the process of
setting them up through the customizer so you can see which theme comes with the best
options. Adding a new theme in WordPress it’s easy. Search for ASTRA in the Appearance section
of your dashboard and then click on the install button. Getting the demo content set up for Astra
is a bit convoluted. You’ll need to install a free plugin called
Astra Starter Sites from the WordPress Plugin Directory, first. After installing the plugin, you’ll find
the demo sites under Appearance → Astra Sites. You’ll need to select whether you’re using
Elementor or Beaver Builder since this affects the selection. The demos themselves are well put-together
and professional, if not quite as stylish as OceanWP’s options. There are some nice starting designs, however,
such as the Product Landing Page demo. Under the Appearance tab, you’ll also see
a section called Astra Options. This gives you a snapshot of your design options. The links here lead to the Customizer, however,
so you’re better off going straight there instead. The organization here is more streamlined
than with OceanWP, giving you some basic choices to start with and then slowly expanding to
show the wide range of options on offer. Overall, it’s easy to get a quick grasp
of what you can do with this theme and start working right away. Once you installed the Hestia WordPress theme
you see the “Get Started With Hestia” button which will tell you exactly what you need
to do next. Pretty straightforward, right? First off, this theme comes as a pre-built
one-page website which you can easily edit through the WordPress Customizer. Ok? Better of, you can import other full websites
as well, and you can find those demos in the Site Library without having to install any
other extensions or tools. How cool is that? And that’s not all! Hestia comes with two plugins that will give
you free access to useful functionalities like Social Sharing, Menu Icons, Analytics,
Website Monitoring, Forms and much more. I think we can agree that Hestia is the best
“out of the box” choice in this video, which you can use for free. OceanWP will look like this once you activate
it. Boring, right? “What should I do next?” is the question I
think all of you may have. Well, the downside is that there is no info
about how to get one of the demos you see on their website. To do that, you need to install the Ocean
Demo Import plugin. After that, you can get one of the free demos you see by accessing the theme panel/install demos. These demos are quite professional on the
whole. Here’s the Travel demo – a good example of what you’ll get as a starting point. Next, you’ll probably want to head over
to the Customizer to start making changes. There are a lot of options, so many in fact,
that it can be a little overwhelming to new users. It’s all organized reasonably well, but
it will take some work to discover everything this theme has to offer. More about that later so keep watching. Astra is a solid option that offers the most
in terms of page builder compatibility. Of course, this doesn’t mean OceanWP and
Hestia are poor quality options. As you can see here, you need the Elementor page builder in order to use the Italian Restaurant demo. If you’re looking for a theme that’s more
streamlined, Hestia is easy to get started with. These demos are fully editable with Elementor. OceanWP, on the other hand, should probably
be your go-to theme if you’re looking for a “do it yourself” website where some pages
need a custom design with a page builder. The Header of your website is one of the most
important element your visitors will see and use. Each theme in this video has options in the
customizer to change the look and alignment of the header area, but only Hestia comes
with the sticky header as a default option for free. What I like about the free version of Astra,
for example, is the fact that it allows you to change the width of the logo. Well done Astra! On the other hand, OceanWP comes with the
option to change the height of the header area along with many other options accessible
through the Customizer. Astra and OceanWP come with plenty of color
options you can separately set for the buttons, text, links, background etc. Hestia is pretty simple here. It allows you to change two colors: the background
color and the accent color, end of story. When it comes to writing, typography is the
feature you want to have so you can choose a personalized set of characters for your
WordPress website. Hestia, OceanWP, and Astra are all ready to
serve you very wll here. You can see that these themes come with Google
Fonts integration and you can tweak the size of the fonts as well. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do
next, or you have problems which you have no clue how to solve, you will need help. Let’s see how each theme offers support for the users. Hestia has its own consistent documentation
including a lot of custom code tweaks for a more in-depth customization. The team behind Hestia still offers support
for the free version so you can open a ticket if you have no information about your issue
in a knowledge base. OceanWP comes with a complex documentation
which you can access through their website but if you want to get help online or to open
a ticket, you need to sign-up for one of their premium plans. Astra is also giving you both, the documentation database through which you can search and the submit ticket option. Cool, right? Picking the right WordPress theme is an important
consideration and one that shouldn’t be rushed. If you put some thought into how you’ll
actually be using your theme beforehand – for example, by knowing what page builder plugin you’ll use – you’ll be setting yourself up for success. In this video, we compared three of the most
popular and feature-rich WordPress themes that are perfect for page builder enthusiasts. To recap, here are our conclusions about Hestia vs OceanWP vs Astra: Astra was the best overall theme in our review, offering lots of features, excellent performance, and compatibility with a wide selection of
popular page builders. OceanWP it’s a bit more convoluted to use. This theme offers a lot of options and places
a strong focus on helping you create beautiful designs. Hestia is the “easier-to-get-started-with”
alternative – simply giving you a theme that works and looks great out the box – while
also being compatible with the popular page builder plugins. Have you used any of these themes? If so, what did you think of them? Who’s the winner between Hestia vs OceanWP vs Astra for you? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Table of Contents:
    0:51 | Themes Demo
    2:36 | Installing and Setting up
    7:20 | Key Features for each theme

  2. Ocean WP is my fav overall mainly because of the cool custom transparent and sticky header and mobile menu style options 🙌🏻💥📱🌎✌🏻

  3. Haha, I just commented on the earlier video you made this year. The audio improved greatly!
    Thanks for making this helpful video.

  4. Thanks for the review
    It helped me a lot,
    Because of you I am able to choose Astra as I like easiness as well as customisability.

  5. Thank you for this video!
    Is it possible to add 2 separate pages in the Hestia Theme, e. g. for Website Info and Privacy Policy?

  6. I think about buying hestia pro, but need to know first, if there are more versions of the roboto-typo like roboto th, roboto bk & roboto lt? or is there a chance, to install it in the free version?

  7. My first WP site was built with Hestia (2 days ago), but I quickly found the lack of control over the offered options frustrating. I'm now thinking about switching to OceanWP

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