Heart Touching Love Story | Fight For Love | | Web Series EP 05 | Super Machi

Heart Touching Love Story | Fight For Love | | Web Series EP 05 | Super Machi

Press the bell icon on youtube app… …and never miss another uppdate RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP RECAP Dude This is totally unfair You are making me a scapegoat for the sake of your love Subbu How can you say that? You are the one who gives your CRAPPY ideas to your callers with your CREATIVE ideas you are hesitating to do that for us Just because I flirted on phone with a guy, he has been torturing me like a sadist, calling daily in my prime time As if it is not enough, now you are making me meet another one Come on Subbu, you can do this.. If at all it goes out of control, call us we will Escape? We will come as fast as we can OK? you are SUBBU, right? Finally we are meeting I never went on a blind date this is unexpected Sorry, sorry, I cant do this Cant what? I didnt want to date you why not? CHANDU, UDAY That is our story we didnt know how would you react so we did this prank with her SUBBU- Sorry.. Dont think otherwise How can you make jokes on such a serious situation Sorry sorry, please sir So, what now? I have to convince my Uncle Thats it? Yes.. Simple So, What is your profession? I am a Photographer Is it so? You? Standup Comedian sir Oh is it so? This is going to be difficult Ok, I will convince him What’s it for me? What do you mean? Now My uncle thought of marrying one of his daughters to me But you guys want them to marry you If at all that is going to happen What do I get? What do you want sir? I want a date with Subbalakshmi Subbu subbu please; SUBBU-No way Subbu subbu please; SUBBU-No Choice is yours Sir, you convince our uncle, we will convince Subbalakshmi Just wait I need Subbalakshmi’s help even for that Why? Come closer So you know it already You tell them, not to cross their limits If at all they want to cross their limits, they would have eloped They didnt do that, right? You want to support them in this? Try to think properly What mistake did Amita do? She fell in love. That’s it? Did she ever ask you anything in her entire life? No She was always a calm girl She was always studying Now that she is asking He might be a good guy What good? He is a Photographer who shoots photos, videos for weddings This fellow is a JOKER Damn Dude control yourself Whats so wrong in it? Would you do a marriage without even hiring a Photographer or what? Not that, I always wanted them to marry either a Software Engineer or an MBA or a Government Job holder. Is that wrong thing to wish like that? What do my dad do? He works in Municipality Didnt you marry your sister to her? Aren’t they happy? Those were different days It’s not the days that changed, Its your mindset Photographer, Kirana guys, Teachers We need every hardworker for us But they don’t get qualified for marrying girls Only Software, NRI, Doctors are the only people who are qualified right? They should always be in Suits, and roam in AC cars Not like that Ok, Lets do it as you say Take a Software Person. He is always busy Take Government Job person, He might get addicted to bribes With potbellies, they would get diseases With increase in the salaries, addictions will add up Can you give a guarantee in any job? What would you do then? Answer him now Listen to me Is he a good person? Does she loves him? These are the only relevant things Not that I wanted one of them to marry you Did I say that I would marry them? I am already in love with another girl Girl? Who? Subbalaksshmi Dont lie to me Its true. Ask her if you want Its true sir We have been in love for 6 months will kill you Even then, I cannot accept this Ok, Give them a six months or an year If at all, they get settled in this time, Is that OK for you? What would do this Idiots achieve? He is a photographer, and he is a Joker Dude control Whats so insulting in being a Joker Did I steal anything or did fake promises like politicians Making people laugh is my profession and I am proud of it Why he is getting excited? So, As you say if at all we wont achieve anything in this six months, I would change my name to Chintalapalli Chandu to something else Dude Ok then It takes six months for them to finish their exams We will see what these guys can achieve in this time If at all you didnt achieve anything I would marry them to my like Is that Ok? Ok for me Ok OK We will show him You are dead Damn Damn you Lets escape now. Or else they would kill me Where are you running away? You idiot Was that challenge necessary? Leave me Him, and his Challenges Dude. Why did you even got up early in the morning After that Why Anita messaged you? After that Why did you go? After that How did you get caught by her dad After that Whats bygones is bygones I and Subbalakshmi gone there to settle the issue Why didnt you keep your mouth shut? If everything falls in place, he would become our MAMA How can he insult you and me? How can I control I too have a conscience and it has feelings He is calling me a Joker. How can I bear it? Thats why I revolted Damn your revolt Now tell me how you are going to be famous in six months I am Photographer It takes years to build my Brand name You are a Comedian Dont you know how long you have to wait to get a right chance in movies? How can we do all that in 6 months? I have an idea What is that? We will start a youtube channel Then? I have been wanting to do Comedy videos for a while We three will write proper content You are a Photographer, so you handle the Camera Subbu will take care of Promotions I will deal with Editing If we upload videos regularly If any one of the videos became Viral, We will become famous Does this idea actually work? Definitely, Winning People never fails What your say, Subbu? Ok, Let’s start Yes Ok. Rolling Action OK Super Dude, upload it now Views would be rolling After sunrise, channel will be ringing We will see It is uploaded Is it done? Yes Dude check out the views I am on that. Wait a bit No dude. Views are very less Not even 1000 Are you sure? Leave that dude. We will start our second video What do you say? Ok. We will try again Its hard to find you alone Oy ! I have come only because I promised I would Dont overact Oh! One min Didn’t you recognize me What recognizing you? How can you forget me Have you thought about my proposal About me? Have you thought about me? My proposal? Is this guy the caller? Hello Hyderabad! This is RJ Subbu How are you people? We have started a new comedy Channel Channel name is Chintalapalli Chandu Watch the video you will laugh a lot If you like the video, Like it If you like it more, Share it, till then, listen to this song FM means radio city Damn What happened dude? They are hitting report abuses for our channel Why so? Somebody is doing this wantedly Because of this, our channel might get Blocked What should we do? Even I dont know what to do Will all our videos go wasted Even I dont know what to do [Phone ringing] Hello [caller]- Chintapalli Chandu? Who is it? [caller]- How dare you to comment our Hero Me? When did I do that? [caller]-Didnt you upload the videos Hello! Sir Who are you? [caller]-Whoever I am, how dare you comment our Hero When did I do that? [caller]-We will see you outside, will break your bones What now? [caller]-If you upload any of such videos, we will kill you. Understood? Who is this? [caller]- Who are you dude? How dare you to post anything about our Hero [caller]- **** [caller]-Where do you live? Who are you sir? You got the wrong guy. You may have misunderstood [caller]- We know whom we are talking to [caller]-We will massacre you if we catch you [caller]- *** Who was that? Why these guys are pestering me? Was that about our videos? Yes the same videos Why are you tensed? All these fights, Chandu’s getting threatening calls I dont understand where our lives might end up When are your exams? Are you preparing for them? Yes I am Prepare well. You have to feed me with your salary in future Ya I will My damn life Anita What if we don’t become famous? Don’t you have shame to say that? What about your challenge? It’s a Prestige issue? Not that baby, Would your dad accept us if we failed? An Idea? If at all this is not going to workout, shall we ELOPE? Shall we ELOPE? No way No way What now? What we have feared has happened. Channel is blocked Blocked? Why it is blocked? Everything is gone How hard we worked for this All these days without sleep, food we became zero now If it is blocked, we will lose our challenge How would our uncle agree to marriage Cant we do anything about this? Gone. Everything is lost Nothing is working out What is going to happen? I don’t understand Dude. What should we do? Even I don’t understand what to do How much time should I wait? Why is she cutting the call Lets call Uday Why is he cutting the call? will call Chandu [phone]- Subscriber is currently switched off What happened to these guys? Something about their channel? Why is their channel not opening? OK It seems blocked That’s the reason will see Hi aunty Ramu ! Come in They are sad from last week, not even getting out of their rooms please do something about this Come, sit Two min, I will bring some snacks to eat Chandu, Subbu, Uday Come out once What has stuck you? You haven’t been answering calls, messages What happened to you all? Our channel is blocked So? What about our challenge? Marriage? We don’t know what to do now So, If you dont do anything and stay in home does your problem gets solved? Not that Ramu, there is little time left for us Come on guys, Consistency is the main factor when you are on social platforms You seem dead only after 3 months Does Chiranjeevi became a Hero for his first film? Does Rajinikanth became Superstar for his first film? Did Sachin hit century in his first match? Its common to lose Hits and flops are part of the job highs and lows have to struggle and ultimately Stand and win Not that Ramu, Our channel is blocked Haven’t you seen the comments we faced As if they are not enough, we are getting threatening calls How can we continue in this situation Try something new Start another channel Try with another idea The more enemies we are getting Doesnt that mean we are growing? If not comedy try some other kind of videos What kind of videos? You wanted to make your mom a Master Chef. Right? I have tried a new dish. If you taste it….

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  2. First of all congratulations for d best movie…really really it's awesome??I hve seen many short films but dis is d first tym am commenting …… Nly ur response fr each nd evry comment made me to comment …..all d vry best guys keep rocking❤️❤️….. will definitely share dis video?

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