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  1. When I listen to this, I can still remember dancing around the ship-stones in Uppsala, a millennia gone, the Völva and her maiden priestesses chanting……….

  2. The swords beat upon the shields of men standing, clad in armor and nothing else.
    The Völva and her procession approaches, a wagon carved with cunning designs
    Gripping beasts and heroes, and legends of Folk 1000 years gone to their howes
    We Remember…………..

  3. I think it's not exactly herself being metal, but that she reminds everyone of the folk metal bands that are metal. She represents the genre that they incorporate into their genre.

  4. I don't care if the viewers are pagan, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, Muslim, agnostic, Odinist…..I think everyone can agree that this song is powerful and that there are those who cherish such songs as their heritage.

    I certainly do! 😀

  5. Fitting to see this on a Friday – why – becuase it is her day after all…

    Sunday — Sun's day
    Monday — Moon's day
    Tuesday — Tiu's day
    Wednesday — Woden's day
    Thursday — Thor's day
    Friday — Freya's day (Frigga)
    Saturday — Saturn's day

  6. At one point the singer, Andrea Haugen, was married to Samoth (I think that is the one) from the black metal band Emperor. That association probably aided her rise in popularity, but the themes of her music and her involvement in the pagan community certainly hold appeal as well.

  7. I enjoyed reading your answers,
    You seem to know allot about it and try to live your life with the gods at your side or always try to involve them in your life
    I try to live my life the same way so its nice to "see" some people with the same point of view

    Take care man

  8. Freya is not the same goddes as Frigga, Frigga is an Asir, the wife of Odin. Freya is a Vanir, the brother of Freyr.

  9. My mistake. Thank you for the correction. But the days still stand. I must admit that my knowledge of this subject, is not where I would like for it to be.

  10. This song is truly amazing…I am always in a trance of focus and strength, when I listen to this. <3

    I am an Eclectic, and my boyfriend is Heathen. Proud to be Pagan, and to be in love with a Pagan. Light and love, to all! )O(

  11. my beutifull Scandinavian culture is being defiled by wannabe vikings and "Neo-Pagans" who worship odin and belive in Multi-culturalism wich is an insult to odin it self.

  12. Loveing Frigg ( Frigga ), Wife of Odin and loving All-Mother of Asgard. I give thanks to your blessings and gifts in the name of Odin. May you bless those who look to your guidence. Hail Frigg!

  13. да класс песня я два раза послушал это русская руна ХАГАЛАЗ из ФУТАРКА

  14. "русская руна ХАГАЛАЗ"

    Пиздец, рукалицо. Откуда только берутся такие идиоты.
    А песня прекрасна.

  15. Do You hear the Call from Frigg ? We have to awake the Gods, it´s Time ! Let the Goddes Speak in You !
     By the Lightning !
     By the Light from the Gods !

  16. Не е зле, присъждам точка за Hagalaz' Runedance – Frigga's Web и втора за Нона Йотова

  17. Wonderful and stirring: May the Nordic people overcome the present grotesque "challenges" visited upon them by "you know who" …

  18. да, эта песенка победила мой разум и сознание. уж раз 100 прослушал и не могу насытиться. респект!!!

  19. Great music. I really like the group and have great respect for their works.

    However, musical scales developed at folk lore is based on the language. So I believe ethnic music is more harmonious with it's native language.

  20. Frigg knows the fates of all Gods and men.The foremost of the Asynuir and Odin's wife.The Goddess of marriage,childbirth and so much more.

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