Guy banned from Kill Jester CS:S Server asks Limmy on TV to get unbanned

Guy banned from Kill Jester CS:S Server asks Limmy on TV to get unbanned

Hello Limmy Alright Um
We were playing Counter-Strike a few months ago Yep And uh, right at the end, I shot you by accident
and you banned me so can you unban me (both laugh) Sorry, sorry, right. Aye right. Yeah can you get that sorted out? You want my answer for that? Yeah that would be great Well I play this game called Counter-Strike, it’s like Call-of-Duty-kind-of, running about
shooting folk, world of people online, and we’re all chatting and all that. And we’ve got these strict rules see, they
end up–we started playing it just playing it you don’t really have an ending, there’s no ending so we came up with this ending right see the first team to get to 10, we
do an execution. And that team–there’s no execution in the
game but we’re just making it up as we go along. And I says “We’ll do an execution” and what
happens is See, the losing team, I’ll set you on fire,
you run through that door and then we chase you and stab fuck at you. We’re coming up with all these execution ideas. But the thing is to do the execution nobody’s
got it (who) played a normal game Will start shooting each other, but wait! To see somebody who, maybe like yourself,
and when it gets to 10– Oh! (makes noises shooting at everyone) Then, oh! Fucking ban! Is that maybe what happened? So you admit, you admit, that I’m not a bastard! You’ll admit in front of these people it’s
your own fault! So he’s admitted it! But listen, if you come back on I’ll unban
you, ‘right? I won’t, but…uh
No I will unban you, I’m not the admin of the server but I will unban you
Don’t worry about it.

100 thoughts on “Guy banned from Kill Jester CS:S Server asks Limmy on TV to get unbanned

  1. Mental illness.. you old gamers are paedophiles you love children’s games so much you decided to ruin them with the age increasing every year for single people to purchase an Xbox instead of a outfit for a date

  2. Don't know the guy on stage but popularity seems to have made him a jerk. The guy asks you nicely during a live event and you mock him. What a crap stain of a person

  3. Limmy has caused the slow down in his own popularity, he bans his most loyal subscribers, this has been common knowledge for years, this is also why his channel is stuck at just over 100k… His original fans have lost interest because of his attitude… sorry if you read this lim but its true…

  4. Limmy and his pathetic mods are some of the most faggoty white knight losers the internet has ever witnessed. His Twitch chat is utter cancer because of it.

  5. Huh. I guess sitting with my mom while she watched coronation street every day finally paid off.

  6. "we're coming up with all these execution ideas"
    please no limmy this is exactly what people think video games are like lmao

  7. I bet he won't unban, because people like this guy love to throw their power and for what, he killed you by mistake, yeah nice thinking their what a excellent way to alienate your community. I would find it funny if you got banned for the same reason. Doesn't ask why he killed him , just bans without question.

  8. I have no idea what he was saying but the general tone was entertaining and the audience was laughing so it must have been good

  9. "LOL i didnt understand shit" "What is this language??" Ah, Americans. The only people who can be proud of not understanding different dialects of the only language they can speak.

  10. What's heavier? A kilogram of steel, or a kilogram of feathers?

    That's right, the kilogram of steel, because steel is heavier than feathers

  11. CS GO issues a warning that if you go the wrong preset location with the car sounds you will get zapped by the evil alien worms in your heads.

  12. I've never heard of limmy but I don't take kindly to Arabic speaking hijabs pretending to shoot and stab people

  13. I think it was this guy Limmy spoke about, but apparently he learned afterwards that he was banned for saying antisemitic stuff, I could be wrong though.

  14. Cs games end when you get to 16…. It was probably just a miscommunication about how they are going to do the execution and then they banned this guy bez all cs players have salt mine located in their chest. Hopefully he got unbanned

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