100 thoughts on “Google Translate vs. “La Bamba”

  1. this app is fantastic!!! but I'm sorry about the translation in italian … the real translation is "Vedere il mondo nella tua lingua"

  2. Hello, Google, you give me permission to publish this video on my channel and I will make you propaganda.

  3. ພາໃຫ້ພວກເຮົາຮງນຮູ້ຄວາມລຶງຊື້ງຢູ່ກັບເນື້ອໃນມີປະໂຫຍດກງວກັບຊີວິດຂອງຄົນເຮົາຢາງແທ້ຈີງ

  4. Can anyone please answer 13 questions about this app
    its an SUS questionare … Thank You for your time

  5. italian translation is wrong 🙂

    Vedere il mondo nella tua lingua… Only with entire sentence you can get right translation.

    anyway good work Google guys!!!

  6. Amazing spot idea, I love it even more because of the way it is presented! Congratulations for the ideas (software and commercial) and all the best!!!!!!

  7. Why bother learning a foreign language ever again at all when technology can perpetuate English as the lingua franca? Why put any effort? Just tell me what it is. AI forbid I have to pick up a dictionary and be…::coughs:: curious.

  8. senior help.its my Final year project(FYP) .where we start to build this type of app .
    what leanring will be required?

  9. 3 years later: still can’t proper translate mandarin. If you know anything about languages or if your learning one, you’ll see how terrible it is. It can be really unpredictable. Sometimes it’s accurate, sometimes it’s wayyy off, and sometimes it tries way too hard to be natural to the point it omits words or phrases.

  10. I want to know how to translate a video that is on youtube. It is not my video I just want to watch it and understand. I see how it is explained to video owners to translate their own videos but how can I do this to a video that isn't mine? Do I need to download the video? If anyone can help that would be fantastic. Thanks.

  11. Tech aside (of course it's going to be amazing — its google!), this vid is great!
    But then again, anything with "La Bamba" happening has to be great 😉

  12. Can google translate listen to a video feed (audio) and provide closed caption translation via a chrome extension?

  13. can we put this in to a VR head set with a camera? maybe even with a microphone that you can use without picking up your phone? then we could go in to foreign countries and talk to people so long as the microphone is only picking up one voice. maybe even a program that uses patterns to separate voices and compute them individually in densely populated areas, then connect them to their sorces and put a bubble in your language with what they are saying? this could at least be simulated in online gaming easily with an auto translator.

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