Google PixelBook Go Review

Google PixelBook Go Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the pixel book go I’ve been using it for the past week and a half or
so and I really enjoy the experience you’ll see it just unlocked it by me
looking at the pixel and then it unlocked it on the display here now I
have had some issues with the device itself and as you can see it’s in this
weird state right now so the bar is down at the bottom and that’s fine but
there’s just nothing on the display for some reason so I have had a couple of
these issues while using it for the most part though it’s been a good experience
so let me go ahead and restart this and get this to where it’s working properly
but I wanted to show you that because it’s not behaving properly right now so
let me go ahead and turn it back on now I’m at the home screen and I wanted to
show you that it locked up on me before and kind of did some weird things and
this is about the third time that’s happened in the period of a couple weeks
so it’s not a common occurrence but it does happen from time to time and so I
wanted to show you that the good thing is that Google is quick to fix these
sort of things with updates that are pretty seamless and occasionally you’ll
have to reboot it’s not a big deal but the first thing I want to talk about is
what’s great about the pixel book go and then we’ll talk about what’s bad about
the pixel book go so the first thing is the design and it looks pretty simple
it’s a straightforward laptop here it’s magnesium it has a nice cold touch
to it and it’s a simple black color you also can get it in not pink but it’s
just a simple design overall but what they’ve done is make it a little bit
more fun because the bottom has this ripple effect on the bottom and this
helps it stick to your lap you’ve got rubber bumpers both back and front and
then this ripple part here just helps it stick a little bit better and then on
the side you have your USB for charging or drives and things like that you’ve
got a status indicator and then also a headphone jack on the other side or the
right side you just have another charger with a
little status indicator so you can charge it on either side which is really
nice so overall the design is simple but it’s what you want for a Chromebook or
any laptop really and it’s super thin and portable so I really like the design
of it overall as simple as it is it’s
very functional and that leads me on to the inside design which is great it’s
very much like you would expect a great trackpad that’s glass has a nice clicky
feel to it we’ll come back to this in a moment and then you have probably the
best keyboard on any pixel book I’ve used or any pixel I’ve used this reminds
me very much of maybe a surface book or surface laptop or the new MacBook Pro so
you have about the same key throw it’s got a very tactile feel and it works
really well let me go ahead and unlock it and I love that you can use your
phone to unlock it so it’s unlocked already and I’m good to go and the only
time you have to put in your password is usually when you reboot it then you left
up putting your password by typing now you have some keys at the top you have
your volume controls and screen brightness which they all work like
you’d expect you’ve got a way to switch between different apps and just a couple
other keys back and then a Google assistant key now this display is is ok
it’s a 1080p display there is an option for a 4k display but the display looks
really good in general for a 1080p display it looks
great you can also play 4k YouTube videos on it so if I go to one of my
videos here maybe the unboxing of this you’ll see here’s the unboxing and then
as far as the options go we have 4k so we can switch to that and it’s a touch
screen so the display overall will display 4k although you won’t be able to
see it so it’s kind of a waste of bandwidth 1080p is the max that you
could see so you can stick to that and save some bandwidth if you have limits
and things like that now as far as the speakers are concerned if I go back to
this they do go nice and loud they don’t sound amazing but let me have you hear
them as best you can through my microphone so those aside we’ve got a
USB C 2 USB C plug and then we’ve got a pixel book charging block let me open
this up here now high volumes it’s not incredible but
it does the job pretty well I would say it’s as good as a surface laptop or some
of the older generation Mac books but it really doesn’t compare to the new
MacBooks or the brand new surface laptops and things like that it’s a
little bit tinny on the high end it’s maybe a generation behind as far as the
speakers go but they’re fine for most things and then of course you’ve got
that headphone adapter or you could use Bluetooth headsets or or pixel buds or
whatever you’d like with it now specs wise the pixel book go is great there’s
some really high-end specs that just don’t make sense to me
core i7s with 16 gigs of RAM I can’t imagine anyone’s getting this to do
serious video editing or anything like that and this is the core i5 model and
this is probably the one I’d recommend but it runs plenty fast if I open a
Chrome open YouTube open the Play Store we can open a document whatever you want
to do it’s pretty quick at doing that and you’ll see we have those tabs open
here and there’s not really any slowdowns I’ve seen I like that we can
just scroll through using our finger from time to time we’ve got that nice
touch screen and it keeps up well when you’re doing whatever you’re doing you
want to use pocket casts you can do it and I have that installed but if you
want to listen to podcasts on here it’s the full Android experience but also
you’ve got a full desktop browser along with it so that’s something I really
like with this device and I I think if that’s all you want to do with it that’s
fine and then when it comes to battery life I can get through pretty much a
workday on this I’ve charged it a few different times over the past couple of
weeks and it seems to get ok battery life so let’s see if we can go into this
here now in the battery you’ll see we’re at 66% battery with 2 hours and 44
minutes left now some people are saying 12 to 13 hours of battery life I would
say 10 is normal if you’re doing average tasks watching YouTube or things like
that maybe a little bit less I honestly have had good enough battery where I
haven’t paid too much attention to it because it just seems to work and get
out of the way and then when I’m done using it I plug it in and I don’t think
about it so it works really well that way and it’s great to use for managing
your email or managing a YouTube account or
writing documents on if you’re a a chrome heavy workplace this is great for
you if you’re very heavy into Microsoft Word and things those are options but I
don’t know that you’d really want to use this for that there are other options
from Microsoft for that so word for example is on here and you’ll see how
fast this is it’s very fast and fluid we can open Word but it’s the smaller
version of words so it’s not really a tablet version it’d be better to use it
through a browser and that’s some of the compromises you have with a pixel book
or a Chromebook because this is basically an Android phone on a larger
scale so you’ve got a bigger display with all the Android features you want
with a much more powerful processor desktop processor so you’ve got that
core i5 in here eight gigs of ram and a bigger battery so it’s a great
experience as far as Android is concerned and super portable in light
but anything else beside that if you want to do serious work with it other
than documents which that is serious work if you’re writing documents but
video editing photo editing you can do the light version of that that you get
on the Android phone experience so you can do that on your pixel transfer it
over to your pixel book go then come back to your phone and that’s what it’s
really meant for it’s a companion to that and I think it works well for all
of those things the only negative I really have about
this device is maybe the price for what you’re getting it’s actually not
unreasonable around six to seven hundred dollars depending on when you buy it
with this particular configuration that’s a very fair price I think for the
capability of it but some people may find it on the high side when it comes
to laptops or pixel books so this is more of a premium pixel book but not
quite as premium as the previous pixel book with the different the different
material colors and things like that but this is just as capable as those so you
just don’t have some of the features where it flips around the whole screen
180 degrees this one is a little bit different so I really like this device
I’ll continue to use it to manage things like my YouTube account and you’ll see
how seamless the locking or the unlock process is pick up your phone it scans
your face unlocks your laptop and you’re ready to just use it and
that’s probably my favorite thing about it so let me know your thoughts about it
in the comments below and I’ll link this wallpaper in the description as I always
do and if you have any other questions or comments or things you want to know
about it I’d love to answer those as well if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always
thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

32 thoughts on “Google PixelBook Go Review

  1. Just got the Smart Keyboard for my 2017 iPad Pro so am enjoying the extra functionality for my tablet. Also just got the kiddo a chrome book so interesting to see how this device stacks up

  2. Watching 4K videos on the Pixelbook Go actually looks better than native 1080P and is not a waste of bandwidth. It uses supersampling to make the video look sharper. Although it’s not as good as native 4K, it’s still better than just 1080p and I usually watch videos in 4K on my 1080P screen if it has the option. Cheers!

  3. Aaron I’m ditching my iPhone XR because the lack of multitasking with split screen Apple’s iOS is a way behind than Google’s Android operating system, back to Samsung Smart Phones

  4. Sad to hear that its been a little buggy, but looks nice though. From what i've heard its more of a fancy version Chromebook.

  5. love your videos! Chrome book and chrome os seem so limited, just basic tasks like browsing the web, and limited software from the google play store, I'll pass

  6. So, it’s a ‘laptop’ running a pixel flavor android operating system. How does it compare to the iPad (I have a 2017 Pro 12.9”)?

  7. Thanks for doing…my one question is I wonder if you got a bad one because every other review I watched said the speakers were great…anyway I think I might wait and see what other new Chrome book are showing up in the spring.

  8. Never had the pixelbook go but did have the slate. I really liked it but ultimately chrome os was just a bit too janky for me. I had to restore the slate twice because nothing worked, often all my apps would just close, stuff like that. But putting that aside, it was a nice device. I think the iPad Pro 2018 is a better fit for my needs, though.

  9. I don’t understand how it can be a good thing, that you unlock it with the phone.
    Looks cool in an advertisement video, but not very practical in real life

  10. If my Google Store financing doesn't get approved before the Pixel Slate discount runs out I'll definitely be looking into one of these.

  11. Thanks for bringing us a follow up on this device. I’m going to have to give it a pass @ $850+tax for the i5 version with no 2 in 1 form factor and no pen support. Not to mention no FPS.

    The more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to get a MacBook Air 💻 in 2020 when they finally do away with the accursed Butterfly 🦋 keyboard just for continuity if I’m not going to have a 2 in 1 form factor and pen 🖊 support anyway.

  12. I got a HP 15.6" touchscreen chromebook with a 8th gen intel i3 processor and 4gb ram for $300 black friday, it works nice and very fast for my needs. Might try duel booting linux on it

  13. i bought it yesterday and i'm obsessed. very stime chrome os user and love it – the keyboard is fantastic! it's super light and really love everything about it <3

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