Google Pixel 4 – A User Review After 60 Days!

Google Pixel 4 – A User Review After 60 Days!

the Google Pixel 4 his the most hated
smartphone of 2019 why it lacks one of the most important
features that we were all looking forward to this year which was an ultra
wide-angle camera it’s got a smaller battery and supposedly battery life
according to many reviewers we’re pretty terrible starting price at $800 for 64
gigabytes of storage felt like a complete ripoff though Google did drop
the price of this phone by a couple hundred dollars so that really pissed a
lot of people who bought the phone in the first place and it really goes to
show that he should never never pre-order for get the pixel for the date
launches because the price is eventually gonna get dropped and on top of that
there been multiple issues with the variable refresh rate face unlock motion
sense and I’m pretty sure something’s gonna pop up as I’m talking to you guys
right now so I guess I could conclude this review right now by telling you to
stay away from the pixel 4 or maybe not maybe my experience after using it for
more than eight weeks may change your mind or again maybe not
but let’s get started right after this your eyes haven’t seen anything like it
yet the new razor blade pro 17 packs a beautiful and fast 4k 120 Hertz panel
with gorgeous vibrancy and color accuracy with incredible clarity awesome
for creative work that will never disappoint with a fantastic future-proof
IO as well it’s also a touchscreen so your fingertips gets impaction the
bezels are tiny the chassis is sleek the fiery keyboard is perfect that tracked
by this massive the hardware is epic with RDX man the blade pro 17 is a
complete package experience a smooth 4k gaming link below alright so I’m gonna
start with the display because to me it’s an important factor of a smart
phone and boy it’s a welcoming upgrade for my pixel 3 quick disclaimer I’ve
been using the pixel 4 xl as my daily driver instead of these smaller
pixel 4 because it has a bigger battery and the size is just perfect for
my hands the screen spends across 6.3 inches and it’s really sure
and color accurate seriously this is one of the best displays I have seen on a
smartphone I really enjoyed watching videos and editing photos for the gram
however I did wish if it was brighter compared to the competition especially
from Apple and Samsung I’m also not a huge fan of the rounded corners around
the display since the status bar up top doesn’t really line up with the corners
and it just looks odd maybe it’s my OCD but yeah also I’m glad
that this has a flat display versus curved like some other Android flash
chips out there it certainly complements one-hand usage and you don’t get that
distortion when you’re watching something in landscape mode now let’s
talk about that variable refresh rate and the huge Fiasco behind that you see
by default the phone dynamically switches between 60 Hertz and 90 Hertz
depending on the type of content being displayed in order to extend battery
life but early adopters started reporting then as soon as you lower the
brightness below 75% the screen caps at 60 Hertz regardless of what you do now
Google did roll out a patch later addressing this issue but I just ended
up forcing 90 Hertz on the display through the developer options and it’s
been a flawless experience so far but has that affected battery life yeah by a
lot actually you see before I have forced 90 Hertz I was actually getting
over 6 hours of screen on time on a heavy day browsing through mail Twitter
Instagram playing music over Bluetooth using GPS just a typical stuff but as
soon as enabled that forced 90 Hertz option my screen on time just dropped by
an hour which was actually a lot now that’s my heavy use case scenario but on
a regular workday I spend the majority of my time editing a video or filming
here in the studio so not constantly string to my smartphone so by the end of
the day I’m left with over 50% of battery left on the pixel 4 xl
which I can’t really complain about unless if you’re like David Emmel who
constantly depends on a smart phone because he travels a lot
then the pixel 4 might not be for the ultimate power user of course you get
support for wireless charging and Google’s three-year-old fast charge
seriously the engineers at Google slacked off in the department since the
competition has advanced to higher levels because if you look at what
oneplus and Oppo does with warp charge and super long charge
this is it’s kind of unacceptable to have a free oral technology on a 2019
flagship smartphone by Google I think there really need to step it up moving
on to the nitty-gritty stuff starting with the design and I love the matte
black frame with the white power button on the side there are other color
options as well like white and orange and if you recall watching my first
impressions video on the pixel 4 I ranted a little bit about the glass back
on the black model whereas the other color options came with a matte finish
so in order to get over my frustration I ended up getting this cheap Amazon matte
black slim case which surprisingly matches the frame of the phone and it
prevents the back from grease and fingerprints the speakers on the pixel
4 sound really good and call quality was excellent throughout my
testing period I didn’t hear anyone complain about the microphone quality so
I guess that’s a pass and now let’s talk about the gimmicks things like motion
sense and face unlock let’s actually start with motion sense
you see I extensively used this feature when I got my hands on the pixel 4
xl especially when I was in the kitchen cutting vegetables
it was super convenient when I just wanted to skip music tracks but it
started eventually giving up on me and that was super frustrating I was at the
gym one day had my phone on the bench and I wanted to skip a track because I
wanted to listen to something different and the thing just refused to do so even
after waving it multiple times and it almost got to a point where it started
randomly skipping songs without my knowledge and I was super frustrated I
ended up tweeting about it and some of my friends in the tech community ended
up experiencing the same issue which was definitely odd so I just ended up
disabling it because I didn’t want to deal with it he was super annoying it
was a complete flop if you recall watching project soli and their
promotional video they made it so convincing to the user where they could
just use their hands to adjust the volume precisely and a lot more other
things and I really wanted those to come into the pixel 4 but that isn’t the case
in fact a few things that motion sense offers is when your alarm goes off and
when you’re trying to reach for the phone it’ll automatically lower the
volume you can also silence a phone call by waving your hand provided that it
works but realistically do you see ourselves taking advantage of this
feature I’m really
because if you deeply think about it motion sense is more of a negative thing
because if you’re skipping a music track you certainly don’t like what you’re
listening to so that’s a negative thing and if you’re trying to silence someone
when someone’s trying to reach you over the phone
that’s also a negative thing because you’re ignoring that person so
ultimately that is a negative thing then there’s face unlock which utilizes the
two infrared sensors at the front along with the titanum security chip built
into the phone google opted for this type of authentication instead of your
traditional in display fingerprint scanners that competitors fly on and
I’ve kind of saying I love it it’s super fast like really fast and it never
misses a beat when I pull out my phone from my pocket and log in it works at
night in pitch black thanks to the IR tracking it also works with my
sunglasses with hats on I also really appreciate this wheat shirt during the
winter when I’m wearing gloves outdoors because I don’t have to worry about
using my finger print on the other hand they’re having concerns over how it
unlocks with your eyes closed and that’s freaking out a lot of people plus there
are some apps that require sign-in not supporting facial recognition but let’s
just get real for a sec you either have to be living around people whom you
don’t trust at all and if your girlfriend’s on that list stop watching
this video get that sorted and come back or the other case could be you’re doing
something completely illegal that would get you in trouble but to me these are
it’s really not a deal-breaker a supposedly Google is working on rolling
on an update to address this issue so we’ll wait and see how that goes out the
software experience is one of the best on pixel devices it’s pretty
straightforward and easy to use they’ve added a few gimmicks like live Pokemon
wallpapers that use the motion sensor which will significantly drain your
battery side note if you enable developer options the build number shows
up on the quick settings tray which is ridiculous and if you need to get rid of
it you’ll have to disable developer options which means you lose the
adjustments that you made there every time when I switch smartphones I end up
throwing a third-party launcher to make my home screen clutter free and easy use
Samsung is certainly on top of my list for that but with pixel and oneplus
devices I’m actually comfortable with the stockily out because it’s polished
what we’re free and I like that the other benefits include receiving
software updates regularly cuz you’ll be the first in line to
receive them if you own a pixel device plus you also get some Google AI
enhancements like live transcribing that transcribed your audio into real text
and it’s really fast as I’m going to show you a demo right here I’m just
talking to you guys in front of the camera I actually really like this
feature because say for instance you want to have a communication if you want
to have a conversation with someone who’s having trouble hearing then this
is a great way to communicate plus it picks up literally everything that I say
so that’s awesome I also speak more than two languages so I’ve tested on both of
them and understands which is great it also goes to show how Google’s actually
worked really hard on the software side to bring all these tools and I think
that’s really it’s really nice I should mention that live transcribing is
available on the pixel 3 as well now how has performance held up so far it’s been
good guys but it still feels a tad slower compared to my oneplus 70 I think
that has to do would be slightly lower resolution display and a faster
processor and of course more RAM plus one plus does a fantastic job optimizing
their software for their devices plus you get more customization options and
that’s something that I truly miss on the pixel 4 google has completely let
me down on the specs Department for the pixel 4 because it’s using an outdated
SOC the storage is a complete joke I mean starts at 64 gigabytes which is
ridiculous compared to what the competition offers so for the spec
enthusiasts people who need blazing fast performance that you know they just need
apps to load up the instant they you know tap on it should probably look into
one plus having said that the one factor that makes me come back to the pixel 4
is the camera performance yes it doesn’t come with an ultra wide-angle camera but
if you’re willing to surpass that you’ll be very impressed with the outcome the
pictures look really sharp with a good balance of contrast and saturation and
the dynamic range is just amazing compared to pixel 3 the pixel 4 should
slightly brighter photos and I love the fact that you can simply open the camera
app pointed a subject hit the shutter button and be completely satisfied with
the image I mean this shot right here was taken inside an uber ride I didn’t
even think twice I just took it and I loved the result this camera also shines
in low-light well there’s less noise the colors turn
out just as you expected to and it’s sharp portrait mode works really well
regardless of subject I decided a tested on however I’m not a fan of that crop
factor because it still uses the main sensor instead of utilizing the
telephoto lens as well speaking of the telephoto lens the results continued to
surprise me and according to Google people love zooming into things so if
you fall into that category you won’t be disappointed but still they they really
should have included an ultra wide-angle camera then there’s astrophotography
mode which just blew my mind on the pixel 4 it’s just amazing to see how
computational photography has come so far now I still can’t get around the
fact that there’s a weird halo or on the center of the image when it’s finally
processed but if you shoot wrong you can actually do a little bit of
post-processing to get rid of that and this is what the end result would look
like now if you switch from photo mode to video mode you will be disappointed
with what the pixel 4 has to offer because the rear camera can only shoot
up to 4k at 30 frames per second it doesn’t even shoot 4k 24p and the
front-facing camera is limited to 1080p so that is very frustrating in fact if
you look at the competition they offer a variety of shooting options especially
if you look at what Apple does with the iPhone 11 that costs less than the pixel
4 it’s just crazy to see the quality coming out of a phone like that and this
is Apple that we’re talking about the phone that used to be super expensive
but there’s actually something that competes with this right now so if you
shoot a lot of video on your smartphone the pixel 4 is certainly not for you so
to wrap things up I really enjoyed my experience with the pixel 4 specifically
the 4 xl it’s not a perfect phone and by no means does it deserve to be priced
at $6.99 in fact if I were you I would skip the pixel 4 the smaller version
completely because it comes with a smaller battery and the fact that when
you have variable refresh rate enabled that things just not gonna last for a
day but if you’re someone who’s looking for an Android smartphone with the
latest at Google has to offer in terms of software and the best camera for
photos and I repeat for photos maybe you should consider the pixel 4 xl
because the camera is what gets me back I think that’s why I keep going back to
the pixel 4 because it’s what I take with me when I’m
traveling and when I’m doing anything else just cuz I know for a fact that I’m
gonna be happy with the end result and that’s what it is and if you’ve stayed
with me until this part of the video I have a surprise for you guys
in fact I have a second opinion from someone who is very popular in the tech
industry let’s jump right into it Marquez thank you so much for taking the
time to chime in on your thoughts about the pixel 4 truly appreciate it but
first off huge congrats on the streamys thank and congrats on the 10 million
subscribers it’s it’s really a huge milestone I don’t know yeah yeah it’s
it’s really awesome but let’s just kick things off with with like what
smartphone you’re rocking right now your daily driver
yeah so I have a 1 plus 70 Pro the McLaren edition so it’s not 5g or
anything but my daily phone is the the oneplus 70 Pro Android 1090 Hertz like
the only thing I really don’t like about it is the curved screen I really wish it
was a flat screen because that’s the one thing I get bothered by but everything
else about that phone has been pretty solid ok
so we’re aware of how many issues the pixel or how the pixel 4 was received by
the tech community I mean its launch price was pretty high and a lot of
people were not happy about that and Google did drop that later actually
right now it’s it starts at $6.99 so it’s $100 less and it’s official launch
price and we had a lot of user support issues in terms of the variable refresh
rate motion sense you know the list just goes on I mean I was just reading an
article like yesterday that some USBC cables don’t work with the pixel 4
which I mean how does that how does that make you feel about about the pixel 4
and I have you actually experienced any of these issues yeah yeah so I remember
I was one of the first to like talked about that variable refresh rate problem
where you know the first wave of reviews came out everyone seems fine with it but
I felt like that was the only one who was like I can’t get this phone to stay
at 90 Hertz like it keeps going back to 60 and I don’t know why it eventually
comes out that you know that the brightness is tied to it and all these
other weird things that I didn’t like that’s why I
looked for forcing 90 Hertz and that’s why I accepted the trash battery life I
think you know what pixel has been for the past couple years notoriously not
the best hardware the pixel is a software experience wrapped in whatever
they can make you know and that’s typically been the best part about it is
what I buy it for is you get the the latest version of Android you get all
these crazy things like screen calling and the assistant that has the voice
transcription model all on the phone locally like all this stuff love that
about it and I guess because I’ve seen that for a while it doesn’t really
change my perspective of the pixel but for someone who might have thought of
pixel as like a flagship on par with the Samsung’s and apples of the world this
should probably be a wake-up call so I guess last question kind of ties in
to do you think Google actually did a better job with the pixel 4 this year
or do you think they could have done better I’m gonna go the the may be
pessimistic sounding route that this is probably something we’re gonna keep
seeing for a bit just because Google Google is not a hardware company right
yeah and it’s not like we don’t see other issues with other phones but when
you look at you know the iPhone they have their gates once in a while and the
Samsung phones exploded one time right but pixel is always gonna be strong in a
software department and whatever they can sort of build around it using pieces
that work well enough they’ll do that and it kind of reminds me of Tesla where
Tesla as a car manufacturer they’re it they’re more of a tech and software
company they’re always gonna have the best tech and software in their cars
they might not have this sweet leather trim or all the the pristine interior
finishings and if you like that stuff get you know a Samsung or an iPhone
right so yeah it’s just kind of where pixels at for me and maybe they will
change but I feel like for the foreseeable future they’re a great
software choice and the rest comes after that’s it that’s basically the story
with the pixel 4 I mean it’s a tough call but I just keep coming back to it
because if it’s camera performance and that’s that’s why I’m sticking to it
and I like the software experience but it still had some issues and I don’t
think given its current price it’s it’s a valuable choice but let me know what
you guys think about the pixel 4 or the 4 xl in the comments down below i’m
eber with hardware canucks thank you so much for watching make sure to check out
some relevant content over here subscribe hit that notification button
also huge shout out to marques Brownlee for chiming in on his thoughts about the
pixel 4 in the comments I’ll you guys should definitely know him but I’ll talk
to you guys in the next video

100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 – A User Review After 60 Days!

  1. Sorry guys, didn't catch that part of the old title made it into the final output. Our fault, its been corrected. 🙂 🙂

  2. Battery life is fine and ive been using it for about 2 weeks now. Also i've only seen negative from the bigger reviewers but the less known show the phone in its true glory. Not sure if ill ever use big reviewers on phones, only PC parts.

  3. Maybe the software updates fixed the battery life and face unlock issues.. although I do have the xl which has more battery. I think people jumped the gun and jumped on the bandwagon with the bad first round of reviews..because my experience is not what's going on with what so called reviewers are saying. The motion sense is complete shit though I'll give them that but this phone is fucking smart and user experience that's plenty for about 95% of smartphone users out there

  4. I ordered the orange Pixel 4 XL day one. With that, I received a $100 promo, that I got a week before black friday. I used it black friday, and bought the Google Nest Hub Max. It was on sale with $30 off, + my $100 promo, and got it for $99 before tax. Buying the Pixel 4 XL day one, I probably lost $100 in total. It sucks losing money at all, but I ain't mad.

    The Pixel line has been a solid phone for my needs. I've owned every model so far. I'm probably going to hold off for the Pixel 6 XL. Because I'm pretty happy with the 4 XL.

    I get, that its not for everyone. Some people want that wide angle camera, bigger battery, brighter screen. None of those have been a bummer for me, since I bought it..

  5. What I love Motion Sense for is detecting whether or not I'm close-by. Having it light up when I get near the phone makes it the one feature that actually works flawlessly.

  6. The majority of the tech Youtubers have become tech snobs, obsessed with specs. Although overpriced the Pixel 4 XL is a phone for ordinary users. Ordinary users couldn’t care less about:
    The latest and greatest specs
    Screen-to-body ratio
    4K video
    Selfie video
    Reverse wireless charging
    Refresh rate
    Ultra wide angle lens
    I just bought a Pixel 4 XL to see whether all the slagging off was justified. To my surprise I love using it so much that it has replaced my iPhone 11 Pro Max. For an ordinary user the battery life is fine – I’ve never ended a day with less than 60%. My advice to non tech-heads for any phone is take note of reviews but try it for yourself before making any judgement.

  7. I will share my opinion on the specs for this phone right now. Sure, it's not top of the line in that regard, sure, it lacks a wide angle lens on the camera, but you know what?

    I make the argument that it doesn't NEED them. The software experience makes my Pixel 4 XL feel like it actually is a proper flagship phone WITH the latest hardware. And I upgraded from an LG G7 ThinQ to this phone. Specswise…that was a sidegrade. But in terms of the user experience? I went from having the worst phone I've ever had (including my iPhone 6s I had) to the best phone that I've ever purchased, and one that I won't be upgrading from unless the next Pixel is worth an upgrade to. The camera? The G7 had a wide angle camera. I never found myself in a position where I felt that I had to use it that couldn't be done by the regular camera, so I'm personally fine with it. All in all, I think Google did a fantasic job with this phone. They found a way to bring the flagship performance that one demands from a phone without the flagship price. In my opinion, it competes and excels past (in terms of the user experience) ANYTHING offered by Samsung and any other company, with perhaps the only exception being OnePlus, whom I can't speak on as I have Sprint, and they didn't have that phone at the time when I was ready to upgrade, and I wasn't about to spend over $1000 overall for a 5G phone when I wasn't going to be using the 5G that was why the phone was priced so high.

    I love my Pixel, and will be remaining with a Pixel for the forseeable future. One I can't see changing.

  8. Its ok about Google Pixel 4/4 XL. Even though the price is legit, no ultra view camera, motion sense or others, the company always keep up, never give up, keep moving forward.

  9. When you say quality of the video camera…is that because lack of options?… with what it does have tho is the quality good in general?

  10. The Google Pixel 4 battery life is absolutely absurd. I returned this phone happily a month ago. I heard the Pixel 4 XL was at least average at best.

  11. Not everyone care about the wide camera I do not know why people mad at google for have a 64 gb base model when Apple does it to but it’s way more expensive

  12. Just got my pixel 4xl and love this phone long time Samsung user. Camera is really great. Videos are just fine. Knowing the fact it's supported 3 years major software update 4 years security update it's great. Gonna keep this phone for as long as it gets security update.

  13. I use motion sense all the time in the car when I can't grab the phone and want to skip songs but that's about it. Excited about future possibilities of the technology though

  14. I agree with everything you said about the Pixel 4 XL. My friend has the Pixel 4 and he hates it (especially after Google dropped the price so quickly. Don't preorder Pixels), but his biggest issue is battery life which is sort of rectified with a Pixel 4 XL. It's not a perfect phone and it's super expensive for what you get, but it's a solid smart phone if you can find a great deal for it. I'd rather get a OnePlus 7T because it's an overall better phone (aside from the camera, wireless charging, and software updates) and it's cheaper. You get a better processor, better storage (and quicker read/write speeds with UFS 3.0), faster charging, a better display, and so more compared to a Pixel 4. Android software updates are probably the quickest after the Pixel line. Google did drop the ball with the Pixel 4 line, but hopefully they improve from these mistakes with newer iterations. You buy a Pixel for the superior software, but the hardware issues have really been a let down for this generation.

    I also used to install a 3rd party launcher on my Samsung flagships, but One UI 2.0 with Android 10 has changed my mind. Samsung's UI has come a long way since TouchWiz.

  15. Pixels are cool and all, but can Android fix their garbage apps?

    I continually buy a Pixel each year, only to return it and get back on something with iOS.

    And before anyone thinks I am just too used to iOS, I grew up on Nokia phones and a Windows 98 desktop. I had a Palm Pilot. I messed with Blackberries. I got a Nook and ran Android on it. Then got a hand me down iPod and grew to love iOS. Just saying, I didn’t start out with Apple yet am always drawn back to it.

  16. For a student who spends a LOT of time at a desk whilst listening to music I LOVE motion sense.

    It's so easy to accidentally get distracted by my phone when I pick it up, unlock it and skip a song but with motion sense all I have to do is wave at it.

    I also find the alarm silencing super convenient and it decreases time that my alarm is ringing and potentially waking other people in my house.

    Don't get me wrong, more motion sense features need to be rolled out asap but at the same time we need to remember that this is first Gen tech. And in the sense (excuse the pun) of tech companies bringing out new features and having the guts to try something new can only be a good thing in the long run.

  17. Facial recognition unlocks the pixel 4 with my identical twin. (tested it this weekend) So make sure you're the evil twin.. and you are good to go.

  18. I have the Pixel 4, bought it for 700€ and no, I'm not a huge fanboy but seriously, the battery is NO problem, I get 5-6 hours of screen on time, I just use it so much on the weekend.

  19. My S10+ facial recognition work as fast and more secure since it won’t unlock with eyes closed. So this pixel face scanner hype is just overrated shit. Facial recognition is nothing new.

  20. I bought this phone at launch despite all the hate, skepticism and controversy. It does suck that the price dropped so quickly, but that's the way it is.

    It's actually a really good phone, I wouldn't have known that by looking at the spec sheet or holding it in my hand for a few days. It became apparent after a couple of weeks of using it as a daily driver. I recently took it to a mountain summit in Spain where it surprised me with resilient battery life, despite using it to take a lot of photos and videos. When I put the phone on a wireless car mount the aggressive and reliable face unlock with the motion sense become very valuable. I don't need to touch the phone just look at it quick to unlock it, and I don't have a car with phone integration so when I want to change a song I just swipe my hand quick without feeling distracted.

    IMO solid phone that maybe should have just been sold cheaper.

  21. Nice job 👍… Pixel 4 XL looks like a decent phone with deficits compared to other flagships… storage, battery life, charging tech, Ram , video quality, missing wide angle lens, built quality after watching jerry-rig everything. As a Pixel 3 a user I wanted to upgrade but just not there. Of course if you own a Pixel 4 xl you're going to love after spending all that money but objectively there's better phones.

  22. MotionSense is still young. Google said they want people to get the basics first that's why it doesn't do much yet. It will mature as time goes by and we might even see it on other Google products soon.

  23. Great phone let down by a really bad battery life , seriously it wasn’t a phone you could trust to last the day I have moved on to iPhone 11 Pro which is night and day difference lol it isn’t even a battle .

  24. It was a $800+ phone with 64gb storage, no special original quality photo storage. Face unlock that wasnt secure. Variable refresh that didnt work unless at high brightness. Motion sensors that are useless. No ultrawide on the back. Bad battery and ugly design. The pixel 3 is a better phone bc it has the storage, and a secure quick fingerprint sensor. Even with the reduced price, just get the pixel 3, or an s10, which is $650 right now

  25. Basically the best thing about pixel is it doesn't slow down like other Android phones. I bought my wife the note ten and itks already slowed down significantly compared to where it was brand new. Pixel 4 offers the best Android experience hands down

  26. The pixel 4 XL has been great on Google Fi for me. Also, enable battery saver on your long days. I get a day and 15 hours (15% remaining) on a single charge. Also, the camera is just ridiculous

  27. I came from a 7pro, I get 6hrs of sot on my p4xl and force 90hz and dark theme, this phone is awesome, this is coming from a true user that I use everyday

  28. I've been using the pixel xl4 for 3 weeks now and I love it.
    For the motion sense I didn't really have any issues for now it's working pretty well … For now

  29. Was just talking about this phone in WhatsApp and now I'm seeing it in my recommended feed. Google and Facebook definitely sharing data.

  30. I have the iPhone 11 max and have to admit I rarely ever use the ultra wide camera lens, mainly because there are few occasions I need it and the fact the photos look terrible. What I like about the pixel 4 is the option to decide when and where to use the night photo mode. In comparison it annoys me how the iPhone controls when you can use night vision, and always switches it off when you zoom to x2 and beyond.

  31. Didn't like the phone but loved the review. This is how a review should be. I think you should try other brands and review them too.

  32. According to the MKBHD’s statement his current smartphone is OnePlus 7T but he is wearing an Apple Watch which is functioning only paired with an iPhone. I’m puzzled frankly speaking….

  33. Any Pixel 4 user that might be skeptical about using face unlock due to cops being able to hold your phone up to your face and get in, use Lockdown. You can enable it by searching for it in settings. Then in a split second you can hold down the power button, bring up the options prompt. Once you click Lockdown your phone can't be opened until you enter your pin code.

  34. No, you can trust someone and they can still do something untrustworthy. People just don't want security. I want security too so I'm switching back to iPhone as soon as possible.

  35. Disappointed that yours and many other reviews haven't mentioned the myriad of problems with the camera. It's good in some situations and total garbage in others.

  36. I have the 4XL and a Note 10 plus. I use the 4XL more and everytime I use the Note 10 plus and have to take photo I end up wishing I had taken it with the pixel. Like you said the software and cameras keep me holding onto it.

  37. Great vid. Still digging my Pixel 4 (non xl).. battery life is fine.. lasts me the day barely with regular use and 90hz set to always on. It sits on my desk most of the day so being away from a charger isn't typical. If I was going to a park or somewhere I wouldn't be around a charger for more than 8 hours I'd definitely bring my 5000mah battery bank which is smaller than the phone. What sold me was form factor and the 90hz screen.. absolutely no other options at this time with that combo. I had a 6t before this and it feels like a beast now when I pick it up, pixel4 is much more comfortable carrying/pocketing day to day IMO.

  38. This phone isn't for the average consumer. Anyone who has kids, a partner, coworkers or works with the public doesn't need a phone that unlocks no matter if your eyes are open or if your sleeping. This would suck at the firehouse.

    Also the batter life should be a premium coming from Google. I'm not even sure this beats my Oneplus 7 Pro….

    Google just doesn't know how to make a premium device. They clearly need to bring someone over, John Ives, from Apple & learn that ppl will pay premium prices for a handset that is truly worth the price.

  39. I'm thinking about getting this phone in a few weeks. Also, never buy a new phone on launch day. Always wait a few months or more.

  40. Halfway through his explanations why some of the devices problems don't matter, it made me realize it's really unlikely this reviewer has children.

  41. Duh because no one was buying this phone save for the poor bastards that bought this phone just wait Google will soon enough learn their lesson. YOU'RE NOT APPLE

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