Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Phone Unboxing & First Impressions | T-Mobile

Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Phone Unboxing & First Impressions | T-Mobile

Hey guys, Des and Susanna
with T-Mobile Today we’re unboxing the brand
new Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL They’re ready to rock T-Mobile’s
600MHz signal and we’re here to show
them off to you. Ah, that looks great. We’re excited to test out
Motion Sense, the new fast and helpful
Google Assistant, and we’re going to take
some amazing photos. Come along with us guys! Hey Google, what time
is the sunset tonight? What’s the weather in
The Gorge, Washington? Get us directions there. Alright, lets go. The feature that I’m really
excited about is called Motion Sense. You don’t have to touch your
phone to make things happen. You can skip songs;
just a nice easy swipe. You don’t like a song?
Just swipe on by. So check out this camera
You now have two lenses. A new telephoto lens and
a wide lens. Alright guys so we’re making a
quick stop at Franklin Falls. This is a beautiful location
to test out the camera and the super res zoom. I think it’s right up ahead. Ah wow, look at this.
Can you see this? This is amazing. HDR+ that let’s you capture incredible color and detail in
your photos. The second lens and the
super res zoom make it easy to take
high quality photos and videos, even when
you’re not so close. And with all these shots we
capture on the Pixel 4 we get free, unlimited storage
with Google Photos. Mission accomplished. Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Hey Google, show me my
photos from today. The ones with the rainbow. Ah this one where I zoomed
in just on the waterfall looks really good. The Pixel 4 shoots great video. It can be stabilized, it shoots
in up to 4K resolution, and you can get
great time-lapses. So this is the road.
We’re going to go a little bit further down. And then from there you’ll see
the vantage point and ah, it’s amazing! Alright you guys, we’re here.
Google Assistant did not let us down. They brought
us right to The Gorge. Beautiful location. Susanna are
we ready to unbox the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL? I’m ready! Alright guys, in the box we have
the all new Pixel 4 XL So nice. Love this frosted finish
on the back. It’s got this cool, almost like
bumper around the edge of the device with the matte finish,
good for grip. We have the quick start guide. The USB Type-C cable. We have our quick switch adapter. Nice. And our fast charger. It’s time to capture the sunset
and the stars, some great video and show
what this phone can do. Let’s go. Wow! So the camera features
are incredible. It’s got dual exposure controls. So you can adjust the
exposure balance of your photos before you take your shot. Des: Look at that shot!
Susanna: That’s so good! And we’ve got great 600Mhz
signal out here. Hey Google, show me
T-Mobile videos on YouTube. Hey guys Des with T-Mobile today we’re talking…. In low-light, you’ve got
Night Sight. We took this photo AFTER
the sun went down. Ah! It’s absolutely amazing! Night Sight mode is so good
you can even capture the stars! Set you’re phone really still. Tap the button. Watch for the magic. New Google Assistant. Portrait Mode. Night Sight. Motion Sense. Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL
unboxed and now available. Go to your favorite
T-Mobile store or and be sure to click
Subscribe below. Thanks you guys!
See you in the next one!

100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Phone Unboxing & First Impressions | T-Mobile

  1. Free unlimited Google Photos storage**

    **High resolution and 1080p only.

    what a joke and insult to past Pixel devices.

  2. Can you brighten up the photo all these photos still looked dark why would you want your photos darker I thought the point of night shot was to bring out more details in the night not make them worse

  3. I'm stuck. I have the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro and I am in love. But seeing this new Pixel 4 makes me wanna jump. But the 90Hz display ? I'm in love love with it. 90Hz is so good I'll cry if I have to give it up ?. Im staying with the 7 Pro.

  4. Will stick with my P30 Pro with 8gb/128 and wide/normal/zoom, silky water, star trails, 4000 battery and guaranteed android updates for 2 years. Plus I paid $700 for it…. Had every android phone since the Nexus 6P to Pixel 3 but will skip this one

  5. Great video! I love how is Raw not everything is post process. Also new night sight should be called Star light!! Lol. ??⭐?

  6. You guys know you can get great night photos with Pro mode on older android phones… right?? Note 8 here and I got photos of the stars out west but setting my exposure to max and letting the phone sit still for 10 seconds.

  7. No thanks the phones cost $800 and more. Why not just release the google pixel 4a alongside the google pixel 4 and 4xl does google really think people are going to spend $800 and more on these phones I don't…..

  8. No Finger Print Reader?….NO BUY
    I would NOT like my phone unlocking by accident in front of anyone near me just when I want to check the time.

  9. Those pics are literally one of the bestest a phone camera could click? that bokeh seems so natural?
    But it's not coming to my country?

  10. Finally my dream phone are made now cause im dreaming that i will wait the voice phone controller

  11. Mobile will be obsolete in few years. Horizon: Not more than 5 years max. 2-3 years after 5G rollout Down death cycle of handheld devices would start. Predictions will be true iff unknown epoch company is shaping into form right now which unfortunately MMAiaD is not part of yet.

  12. Epoch Co when removes battery from design while planning problem-solve equation cycle, Handheld Comm Industry stalwarts will start filling obit forms. This one straight from ethereal

  13. I've watched through probably a dozen Google pixel 4 event tech reviewers today And almost every single one of them were disappointed and they had really valid reasons.

    But holy moly, I was left disappointed as well until I watched your unboxing video. And I saw your video but decided not to watch it because I thought to myself what does a carrier know about phones anyways? Lol

    You guys really portrayed a lot of key advantages of the Google pixel 4. Bravo.

    I'm going to get this phone

  14. I saw videos of this phone and I think for me Google cut back on some stuff then priced it to high you'll understand that gimmicky things on this phone and the price they are too high idea say it's a step down ??

  15. All iPhone has to do is increase the exposure time to achieve this. It's software based, so it can be done. We can do up to 30s – 1 minute I believe, so give it time 🙂 Still – a great feature that iPhone owners are secretly hoping they'll get but won't till next year I'm sure.

  16. No unlimited cloud storage, no headphone jack, no fingerprint sensor, no front facing speakers, no ultra wide lens, no headphones in the box, no second selfie camera like last year, no Pixel stand, no 4K video, not available in India.

    Same price.
    That’s not cool Google.

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