Google Neden Çöktü? Türkiye’den İlk Resmi Açıklama.

Google Neden Çöktü? Türkiye’den İlk Resmi Açıklama.

Google, Gmail, YouTube and many more service
was disabled for a while in Turkey. Once the access issues have disappeared, the
first official statement Omar came from Fatih Sayan. Sayan, third largest GSM operator in the konuştu.türkiye
for GSM operators serving in Istanbul earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred last September 26,
2019 in connection with the agenda had created problems. After the earthquake, the users of all three
operators reported access problems on December 19, 2019 for the first time. Such access problem notifications were made
via the DownDetector website, which is actively used in almost every country. Turkcell, Vodafone and Turk Telekom was reported
downdetect the access problems over the pages, was aglow in Turkey map for the three operators. Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure
Ömer Fatih Sayan “global issues in Google services (Greece, Romania, like Bulgaria)
is, in our country are also felt. Our operators are not welded to a fault in
Turkey. Our USO team is closely monitoring the process. Turkey’s data should remain in Turkey.” found in the description. Google today after their access to mental
problems lasted about 30 minutes, it came to the question of Turkey Google may be associated
with the crisis. starting point of the crisis, it was from
the Google mobile apps pre-installed on Android devices, it was the sanctions imposed after
the penalty received from Google’s own applications to disable the Competition Authority in Turkey. Google made this process available for new
Android phones, not for existing Android phones. Therefore, it can be speculated that
access problems to Google are directly linked to the crisis between the Competition Authority
and Google. You can follow the developments in detail
through our current technology channel. The main reason for the feedback made for
Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone was that users had problems accessing their mobile
browsers or mobile Google applications. Users who were unable to access Google services
thought it was a problem with operators. The most important data that leads us to this
conclusion is the lack of feedback on GSM companies on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram
and Facebook. In addition, as soon as Google services collapsed,
there was no general problem with the mobile internet, landline and GSM calls of all operators. Locally h outside almost every experienced
access problems in different corners of Turkey do not come across a statement.

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  1. Merhaba arkadaşlar Sizlere Türkiye tarafından yapılan Google erişim sorunu hakkındaki açıklaması sizlerle.Güncel teknoloji bilgilerinden anında haber almak için kanala bir şans verip abone olabilirsiniz teşekkürler.

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