Google Home: Supports multiple users

Google Home: Supports multiple users

Woman: This is Google Home. It now supports multiple users, which is really
just a fancy way of saying this thing
knows the difference between your voice
and other people’s voices. So if you say, “Hey, Google,
call Mom”… Google Assistant:
Okay, calling Mom. Woman: It’ll call your mom,
not just anyone’s mom. Because that would be weird. I mean, imagine if this thing was just calling
random people’s moms. I don’t–I don’t think people
would really like that feature. [upbeat music]

100 thoughts on “Google Home: Supports multiple users

  1. i love google நான் உங்கள் officeல் வேலை செய்ய விரும்புகிறேன்

  2. Most people have phones anyways though. Even if they don't have cell-phones they still have old phones.
    I don't really see why the average person would use this over a phone or computer. If someone was both at home and physically impaired I could see this being useful, but if they're mentally impaired this could just be confusing or even scary.

  3. If you say ok during a conversation it could activate and record up to 10-20 seconds of audio than uploaded in to the cloud accessible to anyone. Coincidence Nope

  4. Me : OK google call god
    Google home : calling ….calling …can't connect at the moment try later 😂😂😂😂

  5. I now use Bing and vivaldi. I will never own an android product. your crackdown on free speech is unacceptable. you're not too big to fail, you know…

  6. Am I'm the only one getting annoyed with all these ads for a product that monitors me 24/7 (is no one really creeped out by the fact it can tell the difference of people's voices?!) added with the most annoying woman voice in the world?

    "iT cAn aCt liKe A pHonE!1!!!1"

  7. i am pretty sure it does not only know who your mom is because of your voice. I think it is because when we get the google home app we have to enter our phone number. than it looks through your contacts. it knows that the google home i have connects with the same number i entered. SO if my friend came over who also has a google home, than says call mom, it will not call his mom but will call my mom, because it is connected to my cellphone number and my contact list.

  8. I don't know what specifically it was, but the little tune at the end of the video was so happy and care free it made me feel like home. Good job.

  9. ராமச்சந்திரன் ராமச்சந்திரன்.கலியன் says:


  10. Product specs or ideas by which he built is very impressible because it’s a very popular brand “google “

  11. is it possible to use google home mini using multiple person's phone with different profile created on each phone?


    My brother have setup google home in his phone and using google home mini.

    now i also want to use it. so can i download google home app and create new profile and connect with google home mini?

    can we use google home mini using mobile data network?

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