Google Easter Eggs | Versteckte Spiele 🎮

Google Easter Eggs | Versteckte Spiele 🎮

Hello and welcome to “This is how Katz does it”. Today I introduce you to four games that
you find on Google, called Easter Eggs. The first game is already running in the background. That’s not so new. Most probably already know that. I took it in anyway,
because I think it’s great that you can play it without internet. For example, if you’re on the move – on the phone it is possible to play the game – and you do not have a reception or you want to consciously have your peace, then enter the flight mode and call
any page in the browser. Then this cute, little dinosaur appears. And if you tap him, he’ll run
go ahead. You can let him jump over obstacles. Now it is night. The game works the same way on the computer
good as on the phone. If you for example times the DSL offerer
have changed and it takes days until the Internet works again, then you know now what you can deal with. Whether that will calm your nerves, I don’t know. But it’s worth a try. The next game that I want to show you
is still very new. It’s only been a few weeks since
March 2019. For that we go to Google Earth. At the moment you can look for the notorious Carmen Sandiego. For me the computer did not want to work … That’s why I show you the game on the phone. All the games I show you today can
you play great on the phone and on the computer. I am now on the mobile on Google Earth. There you can see this little red male
tap. That’s Carmen Sandiego. She stole the crown jewels. And you have to try to find her. If you type down on the loupe, then you can
to ask different witnesses. They give a few pointers to the place where
Carmen Sandiego may be staying. The hints are pretty clear. So the game is not that difficult
but a very nice pastime. And once you’re sure where Carmen
Sandiego could stay Then you click on the plane and you can fly to this place. Most of the time Carmen Sandiego is straight
flown away … Then you have to interview witnesses again to get out
to find where she is now. It’s a nice pastime. You get to know a few places in the world. I can recommend the game. The next game either is not like that
old. We are looking for garden gnome throwing game. Celebrating garden gnomes. This game is, I think, especially beautiful,
to play on the phone. Because it automatically changes to full screen mode. But the Pc is just as good. Here you just have to garden gnomes like that
fling as far as possible. That’s pretty cute. On the side there is such an arrow, with the
you can turn on the turbo, so that the dwarf flies even further. The nice thing is that you do not have to download a game, you can play it directly on Google. For me is unfortunately still no master of the sky
like. I have not played it often. I want to finish my video with a
Classic, namely Snake. If you type that into Google Search,
the game appears right at the top. And if you click on the picture, you can
also meander off. The special thing about the game is that you can do it
can also play offline. You do not have to download anything, you need
no internet, just “snake” in the search
enter and you can play. Of course there are many more hidden ones
Games on Google that you can find out if you use the search engine. I say goodbye now. If you liked the video, write it in the comments. Even if you did not like it, you can
leave a comment. I appreciate any feedback. And maybe we’ll see each other next
Again. Bye.

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  1. Daumen hoch fürs Video. 😊👍💜
    Und ich hab mal 'ne Frage:
    Wie hast Du das gemacht, dass mir der Untertitel sofort angezeigt wird, ohne dass ich auf das Symbol klicken muss?

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