97 thoughts on “Google Chrome Artist Themes

  1. What, just because google hasnt stuck to the age old "a browser must be boring and un-inspiring" model. Get with the program!

  2. Hey, I love Opera too. The only reason I moved to chrome is because of the sleekness and it handles all my Flash and other plugins perfectly.

    props to Opera and Chrome :3

  3. The music playing is from "The Glory at Sea" soundtrack. As for the song, I believe it's either called "The Ark" or "Throw Your Arms Around Me"

  4. The music in this commercial was so beautiful. (I already use Chrome, I really like my background.) I wound up watching Glory at Sea. Awesome. Thank you, Google.

  5. i wonder how to add my own themes, not by their selection. i wanna truly custom it to what i want, and make it truly me.

  6. thank you to the people that KNOW youtube is owned by google 😀 and if you haven't already click the screen to watch the "surprise" ending. it's really amazing

  7. that ending was AWESOME. Besides, i use Google Chrome for my internet and its really cool! I think you should make more themes. Do you advertise this on TV? I do not have it so i am wondering.

  8. @SilentWalker28
    Yo IDIOT must you be so rude to others?Just because you have knowledge of a specific subject that others don't doesn't make them idiots.I bet I have knowledge on things you don't & vise versa.BTW I only said IDIOT to let you taste your own medicine a little.

  9. I have the developer version and guess what? They change the color to gray :/

    I hope the stable release nor beta won't be gray :/

    "And it's definitely not gray"?


  10. the only thing IE and Fire fox are good for is downloading Chrome.
    IE usage .1 times a month. Chrome usage at least twice a day

  11. @darkdoom645 youtube is owned by google so google can use however it wants. Notice that this kind of special effects are not seen very often on youtube because youtube dows not allow ordinary youtubers to ad these special effects on their videos.In this case i think google has used some kind of adobe's flash multimedia to make it more visual.

  12. are there going to be any anthropomorphic artistic themes for Google chrome coming out???? because i'm a big anthropomorphic fan and i always loved anthropomorphic furry drawings.

  13. Google Chrome: the only web browser that can be customized.

    Eventually Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will try to be customizable ;like Chrome. THEY WILL NEVAH MEET CHROMES EPIC STANDARDS!

  14. Ironically this video is talking about Google Chrome's themes not being "gray" so to speak. I just downloaded a theme called "Mac OS" and it is gray and I am loving it .


  15. It is THE best browser hands down. No competition. No comparison.

    Also the one with the surprise ending vid is WAY better than this one. :3

  16. The problem with these themes is that they are never updated. If google can get more user created themes like with Personas on firefox then they will win the browser race.

  17. i have a question guys… i started to use chrome like 2moths ago

    and i dont know how to change my theme after i install it like i put this one and next i want another…but i want to see how many i have installed get it?
    i am used to firefox and they have a folder like you can see the themes that you installed and change

    with chrome you have to like install it every time you want to put an already install theme? :S sorry if i was to confuse and sorry about my English

  18. @1chasegamer Yeah, but still. Mozilla had their chance. Almost all add-ons of FFX lagged your PC. Chrome extensions and themes don't lag you.

  19. @Wildtigaah I'm not positive, but it sounds to me like this is the music of Andrew Bird. If you like the music in this video, then you'll love Andrew. Search this in YouTube: andrew bird anonanimal Guthrie Theater

    Hope you love as much as I do!

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