Google calendar app: organise life: How to add birthdays to google calendar android app

Google calendar app: organise life: How to add birthdays to google calendar android app

If you wanna know more about interesting apps and their new features that can help you in your day to day life.
Then click the red color subscribe button below. Google calenar can be used to share important exam time table, college festival dates with their detail description etc. You can also use Google calendar to remember
the dates for recharging your internet data plan. So that you can browse the internet without any
interruption As you already know that google calendar automatically
shows your flight details in google calendar so that you do not have to check the ticket
again and again. this feature saves a lot of time. If you book a reservation online then Google
calendar will automatically show details like restaurant name, date, time, Gps location,
phone number, number of people attending etc. using details from gmail. So you find all your important reservation
details in calendar itself. It saves a lot of time. Goals have “flag” icon. Here you can choose different goals for example
running, yoga, badminton etc. You can set, how many times you want to do
that exercise in one week and also for how long. You can color-code each event and every calendar
to make it easy for you to pick out important task each day. You can choose variety of colors. Color coding is an amazing feature of Google
calendar through which you can differentiate between different calendar, events, tasks
or reminders. For example you can choose Blue color for
office related task and you can choose red color for personal tasks. Google Calendar helps you to remember birthdays
of family members, wedding anniversaries etc. Just click on “Plus Icon” and then click on
“Event”. Now enter the title. select the date and click on “Does not repeat”
Now you have the option to repeat it “every year”
Now hit save. Now Google calendar will remind you about
important dates every year. Similarly, you can add Life insurance dates,
fixed deposit maturity date in google calendar. This way google calendar will remind you about
fd or lic dates at the right time. It will remind you about important dates right
towards your homescreen. So share this video with a friends or family
members so that this video can help them remember birthdays, important wedding anniversaries
etc. Once you are in the event edit screen, click
on ‘add attachment’ icon below the description section. A large window will appear which consist of
files from google drive. You can also upload different files to your
Google Drive. You can add specific locations with google
calendar app, so that it will be very easy to find “meeting places” with just one tap. You can also add an event or reminder using
Google Assistant. Google calendar helps to set goals so that
you can track your success. You can choose the time of the event, add
location and color to the event. For example blue for professional event. Google calendar lets you add detailed description
of the event in “Add note” option Which Google Calendar feature you like is
it simple user interface to view important dates, or because it helps you to remember
birthdays and wedding anniversaries of family members, or because it is a calendar in digital
form put your answer in the comment below we would
love that and others will too. Hey if you enjoyed this video that’s cool. We got more stuff on our youtube channel. So click the subscribe button below. Thank you so much guys for watching the video
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