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– Hey! Maybe you don’t have time to keep up with your site’s SEO or don’t want to. Crazy thing is, you can hire somebody to take care of it for you. And we have services here at Go Daddy, we’re gonna talk about them today. I’m Darlene. – And I’m Joplin. Let’s get after it. – First, give us a call so we
can get to know you better. Let’s talk about you business
and your website goals. – And once you know you
want to work with us we’ll help you determine the
best SEO plan for your budget. – And then our SEO
team’s gonna get to work. They’re gonna thoroughly view your site, go over your current SEO and performance. And then see where you
need some extra help. And then a member of the team’s gonna give you a call, go over what they find, and help you deicide on what
your best next steps are. – One of the most valuable
aspects of our SEO services is expert keyword research. Our experts are gonna help
you find the best keywords for your site and strategically place them for the best results. – Once your SEO strategy’s in place, our team’s gonna go ahead
and review your rankings and make SEO updates to boost your website on search results. And then even give you a
call monthly or quarterly to update you on the progress. – And if you don’t wanna
wait for that call, just go to your SEO dashboard
and see the results instantly. – Look, the hardest part is
that you have to be patient. SEO takes time, a lot of time, and it’s never an overnight success story. – But the good news is
that most of our customers that choose the recommended plan for them and allow for onsite optimization
get the best results. They’ll be on the first page
within the first six months. – Look, we know you’re super, crazy busy with your side hustle
or promoting your cause, but you need people to find your site. So SEO is necessary and
if you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire
someone to do it for you. I’m Darlene. – And I’m Joplin. Calls us.

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