Gifting Body Parts For Sex: How Nursery Web Spiders Seduce a Mate

Gifting Body Parts For Sex: How Nursery Web Spiders Seduce a Mate

The differences in reproductive values of
sperm vs eggs, and the resulting conflicts of interest between males who want more sex,
and females who have had enough, have resulted in the evolution of some pretty extravagant
strategies for males to be reproductively successful. After all, if a female has enough sperm in
her storage organ she is probably not interested in receiving any more. And this is bad news for any guy who has yet
to make his own sperm deposit. So, what can he do to convince a lady that
his sperm might be worth an extra roll in the hay? Presents! Male nursery web spiders bring gifts to females,
the bigger and heavier, the better. These gifts can take diverse forms, from prey
items, to glandular secretions, water, specialized meals – or even parts of his own body! And these aren’t any cheap gifts. They are giving a female an expensive present
in exchange for sex. Well, most of the males. About 30% of the time, male nursery web spiders
provide females with dummy gifts – pieces of garbage, arthropod exoskeletons, or plants. These are made to look like the high-quality
gifts of their rivals. Basically, designer knockoffs. In addition to appearing authentic, they come
in several layers of wrapping. Females must take the time to unwrap them
before discovering their true quality, time in which the male might already have gotten
started. Since the cheating spiders are not spending
any time or energy in actually hunting and killing a ‘nice’ gift they have more time
for a higher number of copulation attempts, but with a lower level of sperm transfer. The good news is that since the cheating males
realize a lower level of sexual success, fewer of their cheating genes will be sustained
in future generations. The males giving legitimate gifts will always
be more reproductively successful, meaning that the balance of power stays with them. This is great news for jilted ladies. Hold out for the high-quality goods – bugs,
secretions, eight-legged back rubs. they will come your way eventually. Want to see more animal videos? Then check out this playlist from our friends
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87 thoughts on “Gifting Body Parts For Sex: How Nursery Web Spiders Seduce a Mate

  1. "That's why women are so miserable when they get their period. They know they just lost six grand. When a guy ejaculates he's only out about seventy five bucks…and it was worth it!"

    – Owen Benjamin

  2. I'm embarrassed to say this but……. I can feel my bump in between my legs bursting! And no, is not my penis, is my spider eggs!

  3. Just like human beings, except the female spiders aren't forcing the successful males to give half their gifts to the cheaters

  4. If a spider does it, it's cool and fascinating, but if I do it, I'm a monster, I was born in the wrong body, I'm transpider and I want my rights to be respected.

  5. All the jilted lady’s, all the jilted lady’s, all the jilted lady’s, all the jilted lady’s, 🎵 if you like it you should have put a gift 🎁 in it.

  6. Why this animation tho? I hate to see fucking spiders, but i hate children more and this reminds me of fucking children so i fucking hate it.

  7. I used to like this channel, but their arrogance is just so apart of scientific norm it's annoying.

  8. we, humans. Are the only species on the world who claims to have more than 2 genders but have only 2 sex instrument. Well done retards!

  9. I'm expecting more MGTOW comments like "proof that females are naturally gold-diggers" .

    If I'm a female though, I'd probably act the same. Gonna get them high-quality males that can actually provide for the offsprings. Not those phony cheaters like the male spiders in this vid.

  10. Hey lets do a science video filled with social justice trip trash filled with childish innuendos to put men down. Real retarded seeker, really retarded of you.

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