Gif Vs. Jif | Settling The Internet’s Biggest Debates

Gif Vs. Jif | Settling The Internet’s Biggest Debates

– What do you call Cheetos? – (both) Cheetos! – I’m gonna need a really good
rebuttal from you guys, ’cause I’m a little like
“hmm” on this one. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) You’re on Declickbate,
the internet show about the most pointless questions
on the internet. – Love it!
– Just wow. – Love it, love it. – So I did speech and debate
for a week in high school, and then I quit,
’cause I got too nervous. But I’m really subborn,
so I feel like I can make some really great sound arguments. – (FBE) As you can see, you are split
into two teams. Team Freakin’ Bet,
why are you gonna win? – ‘Cause we’re right.
(team laughs) – (FBE) Done, great.
Team Fan Favorites, why are you gonna win? – Because I think that we’ve
done our research and we know the subject well, and we already know
that you know, they’re not playing with
a full deck over there, so… (team laughs) – (FBE) Alright guys, it’s time to meet
our incredible judges. Judges, come on out. We’ve got my Mikaela and Labib! – Hello, the most judgemental
people you know. – Yeah. – (FBE) We are gonna have you two
deciding our champions today. They’ll be determining who wins. If they don’t agree with each other,
our FBE SuperFam will get the deciding vote.
– Nice. – But we’re fan favorites! – (FBE) Judges, as in any debate,
your decision should not be based on personal opinions, but rather
who best proved their point. – Of course.
– Okay, cool, logic, I like it. – (FBE) You guys ready
to get into it? – I’m ready!
– Most ready! – (FBE) Our very first question. Do you pronounce
those moving video files spelled GIF as gif or jif? Ethan, you said gif.
Ary, you said jif. Ethan, you will begin
and your time starts now. – Okay, so it’s pronounced gif
because for one, it’s abbreviated
Graphics Interchanged Format, graphics is spelled with a g, not a j,
so graphics, not jraphics. That’s just logic! – I like the logic behind it
and how you broke it down and explained every one,
rather than just saying “this is what I believe in.” – (FBE) Alright Ary, are you ready? – Yeah, even the creator said
that it’s jif. So if he said it, it’s jif. The Oxford Dictionary accepts
both pronunciations, and they are wrong,
it’s a soft g, pronounced jif. End of story.
– The creator said it! – (Mikaela) She brought us a quote. – She brought out
the Oxford Dictionary. – Cited her sources.
– Grabbed the Oxford Dictionary. – Cited her sources, that’s right. – (FBE) Alright guys,
so in front of you, you have a sequence of these
portable moving graphic image files. Go ahead and hit play and see
if that helps change your mind. – Soft G, hard G, ugh.
Jif verus Gif, the peanut butter. – Jif, Gif, Jif, Gif. – Am I swayed
towards the peanut butter? I don’t know. – I feel, I’m getting
swayed away more, because Jif is
obviously the peanut butter, not the file. – If anything it confused me more,
because each gif, I was like ugh, I kinda believe this way,
oh wait no, now I kinda think this way. – It kinda pushed me towards
a certain point which was like I’ma go with gif versus jif, because Jif is the peanut butter. – (FBE) So debaters you’re each
gonna get 15 seconds to try and change
the judges’ mind again. Why did that sequence of gifs
actually prove your point and not the other person’s point. – I’m gonna stick to
my first argument that the creator said it’s jif. Also, I have words that start
with G that sound like J, ‘kay? Gem.
(everyone laughs) – (FBE) Alright, your time is up.
– Oh, no! – (FBE) Alright Ethan, 15 seconds for
your final argument, are you ready? – Yep. Even though you watched a video
that may or may not have confused you further,
or elaborated further, both of you both generally lean
towards saying “gif”. It’s Graphics Interchange Format. Yes, the creator may have
made the statement of “it’s pronounced this way,”
but everything changes all the time based on how people feel
and what they think sounds right. – (FBE) Judges, are you ready
to make your final decisions on the first round of Declickbate? – I am.
– I am. – (FBE) I’m gonna have you guys point
to who you think the winner is in three, two, one. – (group) Oh! – (FBE) We have a split decision! This means the swing vote
will be our FBE SuperFam. Are you guys ready to find out
what the FBE SuperFam said? – Yes!
– Yes! – I know they’re gonna
disagree with me. (laughs) – No, no no no, hold strong,
hold strong! – C’mon SuperFam! – (FBE) The FBE SuperFam says
it’s prounced gif! – Aw!
– Oh! (reactors clapping) – My logical people,
thank you very much. ♪ (intense debate music) ♪ – (FBE) Okay Sharon and Tori,
don’t rain it in on the next question, is water wet? (Mikaela gasps)
(Ethan laughs) Here we go, your time starts now. – A lot of people have the conception
or the impression that water in fact is wet,
but it isn’t. Water is a substance,
and what is wet is the ability of water
to adhere to a substance. So water itself cannot
adhere to itself. – Wow. – So let me give you an example. I can put this shirt in water,
and it’s wet. I then put it in the dryer,
it comes out dry. So if something is wet,
then you can dry it. Can you dry water? – Yo.
– Wow. – (FBE) Alright Sharon,
that’s your time. Alright Tori, your time starts now. – So let’s first dissect
a little bit further about what water is exactly. It’s H2O, two hydrogen bonds
and an oxygen is what water is. The state of matter is a liquid,
which, if you know your state of matters,
water can, in fact dry, because it can turn into a gas
and an evaporation. But also, the University
of Santa Barbara defines water as made of liquid
or moisture, and that would mean that
all liquids are wet, because they are all made of liquids. – Yo, that was some solid
like big words from each person. (group laughs) – I feel like I have a couple more
brain cells after that one. – (FBE) Alright guys, are you ready to
put it to a physical test? – It’s just water bottles
and a paper towel. – Well I’ma see if this water’s wet
by consuming it first. We’ll see. – (laughs) The towel is wet,
my hand is wet. – My tongue is moist. I’m gonna have to wait
’til the rebuttals to see if any of you
add on to their arguments, ’cause both were very solid.
– Yeah very. – (FBE) Tori, this time,
you’re gonna start, you’re gonna have 15 seconds. – If we’re going with
Sharon’s definition of liquid having to
adhere to something, water molecules stick to themselves,
and even though it’s a liquid sticking to liquid,
you can still make glue wet, you can make other liquids wet,
so that being said, water is wet. – (FBE) Alright Sharon, are you ready? – Yep. – (FBE) Time starts now. – Water is not wet,
and your example of the glue, then why doesn’t glue stick to itself? And water doesn’t dry,
it goes into steam, and what is steam?
It’s water, ’cause have you ever boiled a pot? The steam rises and what happens? There’s water up on top. So it doesn’t dry,
it manifests into another form. – (FBE) Alright judges,
it’s decision time. Point to the winner
in three, two, one. (bell rings) – Fools!
– This girl! This girl! – Both their debates was
super solid. – But the rebuttal was
really good. – The rebuttal where she
tried to explain how the whole steam thing
versus it becoming dry, I was like, got me there chief. ♪ (intense debate music) ♪ – (FBE) Next up, we have
a very, very important question. Brittany and Austin,
it is your turn to debate. Tell me, are Cheetos chips? (Sharon laughs) – An age old query. – (FBE) Ready?
– Ready. – (FBE) Your time starts now. – So first off, I Google searched
what Cheetos were made of. What Cheetos is, they’re blended corn
and water, and then corn chips, what it is is a snack food
made of corn chips that are thick, rigid,
and very crunchy, which if you look at a Cheeto,
they are very thick, very rigid and very crunchy, so,
Cheetos are chips. – (FBE) Austin, are you ready to rebut? – I sure am. So first off, the Oxford Dictionary
definition of a chip is a thin slice of food
made crisp by being fried, baked or dried
and eaten as a snack. Now, a Cheeto is not a thin slice,
it’s obviously cylindrical, so it’s all about the thickness. The chips are literally defined
by their thickness or thinness. – (FBE) Alright, let’s bring out
an IRL version of this. – Oh hell yeah.
– Ooh. – Oh thank God.
– Sweet momma! – (FBE) Alright judges
how do you feel about this assortment of Cheetos? – My mouth is watering,
I can tell you that much. I’m gonna need a really good
rebuttal from you guys, ’cause I’m a little like “hmm”
on this one. – (FBE) Austin, you’re gonna start
rebuttals, 15 seconds on the clock. – Three points real quick. One, when you go to the food store,
you say chips or Cheetos, if you’re thinking about it. You don’t say chips
and associate Cheetos with them. The second thing is that in 1948, the guy said that
they invented Cheetos. Sure, you guys weren’t persuaded by the originator
of the jif saying it’s jif. It’s what people say it is,
and they say Cheetos are not chips. – I’m ready!
– (FBE) You’re ready? – Yeah! – We got a rebuttal, this is done.
– (FBE) Alright, your time starts now. – So Austin brought up a point
that chips are made out of whatever, they’re thin, so Cheetos instead,
essentially are compacted chips, because they’re just like rolled up and also they’re
a different type of chip. So you have tortilla chips,
you have corn chips, and this is what Cheetos are made of. It literally says
on the [bleep] website that it’s corn chips! – (FBE) Point to who you think
won this debate in three, two, one.
(bell rings) – Bet! – That’s what I’m talking about.
– (Labib) Hell yeah. – You’re wrong, but it’s okay.
(everyone laughs) – Can I ask Austin a question?
– (FBE) Yes. – What do you call Cheetos?
– (both) Cheetos! – There’s chips,
and then there’s Cheetos. And a man of culture
knows the difference. ♪ (intense debate music) ♪ – (FBE) Our next question
is one that we really need worked out. – Oh no. – (FBE) Should power walking
be an Olympic sport? (Sharon laughs)
– Yeah! – (FBE) Ethan, are you ready to start?
– Yes. – (FBE) And your time starts now. – Power walking’s also known
as race walking, and race walking has been
in the Olympics since the 1960s at least. Race walking, it is a sport,
and it’s already in the Olympics. – (FBE) Alright Sharon,
opening statement. You’re gonna have 30 seconds
and your time starts now. – Is power walking, or race walking
already an Olympic sport, yes. But just like you in debating,
just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Because you see, power walking
is like power knitting or speed strolling,
we were built to run. That’s why we stood up. – (FBE) Alright, how do you feel about those preliminary
arguments, judges? – I feel like I got
a lot of passion from both of them, and I’m like just trying to think
who had the better argument, not who intimidates me the most.
– Yeah, yeah, same. (everyone laughs) – A power walker comes in here,
I’ll do something funny, I’ll run. (everyone laughs) – Oh my God, go, yes!
– Oh my God! (group cheers)
– Who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna win? (reactors cheering over each other) – Oh he’s got the arms!
– Look at them, look at them! – Look at ’em go! – JC was running a little bit,
but we won’t count it. – You know why? ‘Cause the body’s
not meant to power walk. – That was my favorite
demonstration of them all. (laughs) Wow. – (FBE) Are you ready
for some rebuttals? – I’m ready.
– I’m ready for rebuttals. – (FBE) Sharon, you’re gonna have
15 seconds, your time starts now. – I think the demonstration
proved my point that power walking belongs
in an office, not on an Olympic track. One of ’em even started running,
you know why? Because you can’t power walk! Your hips go all quacky wacky! – Quacky wacky,
that’s the word of the day. – Uh huh, yep. – It’s a scientific word. – So, power walking,
the reasoning for that is to be able to maintain energy
for the duration they’ll be going, ’cause the average power walkers are essentially doing
marathon distances. The average speed is only about
7.7 miles per hour, so that’s not that fast. That’s not even running speed. – (FBE) Alright, point to who
you think the winner is. Three, two, one. (bell rings)
– Hell yeah! – But you see how into that I got
when they walked in here, and that’s a sport I’d like to watch! (everyone laughs) – (FBE) Unfortunately did not
get to cast the deciding bonus round, however they felt that power walking
was not an Olympic sport. – Thank you! ♪ (intense debate music) ♪ – (FBE) Tori, Austin.
It’s all up to you guys now. – Good luck to the both of you. – Yeah guys.
– Thank you. – (FBE) The question is:
dogs or cats? – Oh! – (FBE) Tori, are you ready? – I’m ready. – (FBE) Okay, your time starts now. – There is one animal
that is man’s best friend, and that is the dog,
because dogs are, historically have been,
man’s best friend since the beginning of time. They can offer protection. Even if they’re small dogs,
they can still be an alarm system for you. Dogs are also more obedient
and easier to train. There’s also a lot of,
a wider variety of different sizes of dogs
depending on your lifestyle. If you want a small dog,
just indoor dog, there’s an option for that. If you want a big active lifestyle,
then you can get a big dog. If you want a family dog,
there’s lots of those, ’cause every dog is a family dog. – Woo!
– That was a good. – This is the one I’m
the most passionate about. I’m ready to bring it.
– Let’s go. – (FBE) Austin, are you ready?
– I guess, why not? Everyone says that dogs
are man’s best friend, but you should look at it
from a different angle. First of all, what do we teach
our kids to be? We teach them to be
independent, not to depend on other people,
just generally not full of [bleep]. Cats versus dogs,
the number one difference is they’re dependent
versus independent. Dogs are super dependent on you,
they want all your love and attention, you have to feed them constantly. Cats are their own animal. – I’m trying to put my bias away,
because I love both! Teaching your kids?
– Yeah yeah. – That was strong.
Protection? Near and dear to my heart. (laughs) A family dog is for everyone.
Love it. – (FBE) Alright guys,
are you ready to put this IRL to the test? – Yes.
– I am. – (FBE) Okay, let’s see
if our little fluff nuggets are ready. – Oh my God!
Ah, yay! – (FBE) This is Figaro.
– Oh my goodness, hi Fig. – He looks a little nervous.
– Just support him. – You guys match!
– Oh we do. – Oh see, look, she’s independent.
Come here buddy. – (FBE) Spencer, go ahead
and visit our judges over here. – Oh my God!
– (Labib) What’s up buddy? – (FBE) Alright Spencer,
do you wanna meet Team Freakin’ Bet? – Nah, he’s like
I’m ready to dip, fam! – Spencer! – See, even the dog’s running
away from your argument. – Hello!
– You feel just like my hair! (Ethan laughs) – (FBE) Alright Austin,
your time starts now. – Okay, so two main points.
First, you’ve never heard of a cat attack,
because even though cats can scratch you,
they can’t do as much damage as a dog. Their bite isn’t nearly as much,
they don’t scratch too much. Second thing is that
a real relationship is a partner who is equal to you
and can walk away from you, or come to you,
isn’t dependent on you like a dog is. It’s not about obedience,
it’s about partnership! – (FBE) Alright Tori.
Are you ready for your rebuttal? – This is a topic that’s near and dear
to my heart, and I’m ready to do this. A dog wants nothing more
than to be your good boy or good girl. And if you want something
to care for and love, a dog is perfect for that,
’cause they’ll love you right back. If you want something that’s
more the equivalent of a pet rock and wants to be independent,
then that’s a cat. Go ahead, go for it. Dogs can also be service dogs,
and everything on cats is sharp. They’re a little bit painful,
and you never wanna declaw them. – Yeah, I have a dog and a cat. So it’s like I love them both equally. – (Labib) I don’t have either. – I’m seeing both sides
very clearly. – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah. – (FBE) Dogs or cats,
point to the winner in three, two, one.
– Ooh, split decision! – (FBE) This means we’ll be going
to our FBE SuperFam for the final deciding vote.
– Drum roll. (table rumbling) – (FBE) And SuperFam says dogs
are better than cats! – Yay! – (FBE) Team Freakin’ Bet,
congratulations you are the winners! – Yeah!
– Freakin’ Bet, Freakin’ Bet, Freakin’ Bet, Freakin’ Bet!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! – They should’ve won. – We all love dogs. – I will say cats are far less
popular than dogs, and I’m happy to
fight for them any time. – Thanks so much for watching
Declickbate on the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – Which debate was your favorite?
Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching,
bye! – Hey guys, React Producer Mary here. Do you wanna be involved
in making episodes like this one? Well then be sure to join
our FBE SuperFam. Just click the link
down in the description below. Thanks for watching guys.

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  2. I love how in the beginning she states that this is based on who debated their argument better, and yet basically every time the decision was made by their opinions

  3. also for people that are allergic to animal hair, there is only one option for a cat that doesn’t shed that is easy to get and doesn’t cost too much money, dogs have many many breeds that do not shed

  4. Water isn't wet becuase if you come in contact with water that makes you wet. So if water comes in contact with a substance it becomes wet.

  5. 🐕: he loves me, he plays with me, he feeds me, he is a God
    🐈: he loves me, he plays with me, he feeds me, I am the God

    Dogs are much cooler, as they are not jerks

  6. What I thought:
    1. hard g
    2. water is not wet
    3. Cheetos are chips
    4. power walking should not be an Olympic Sport
    5. cats

  7. I think the right team had a lot more scientific arguments but just didn't win because the left defended what the judges like the most I think this debate wasn't fair

  8. Anyone could power walk u could just wake up and be like ok im going to be in the olympics cuz soooo fast its so easy

  9. Cats by far! Nooooo! I think it’s more of what you want in your life. Like me I’m focused on school and sometimes need it to be independent but with a dog you still have to walk it and everything else. Dogs take more time I feel like and you can get just as much love from a cat as a dog. But cats will always be my favorite

  10. Cats and dogs debate about only dogs being man's best friend is wrong. Look up how the Egyptians where with cats. Cats where gods back in the day

  11. I think if Austin comebacked with the fact that cats were practically gods back in Egypt, it woukd have been more solid. But cats are stil better than dogs and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

  12. hard g
    cheetos are chips
    water ain't wet
    not an Olympic sport
    personally dog.

    that "dogs attack not cats"

    that's a bold face lie did you forget about the wild animals

    did you forget about children with cats rather than dogs

    also different breeds 🙂

  13. i get easily mad when it comes to the topic "cats or dogs". cats are WAYYYY better. I've never liked dogs, I hate them sm w all of my guts and I've always been so close with cats, they're my babies. 🥺💗

  14. Even though I love both dogs and cats, the only win I think the blue team deserved, was that one. Also, lions are just big cats and they attack. I know this would be very vague in this context, but it would’ve been a concrete counter argument to the statement: “You never hear of cat attacks”
    Also, being a cat owner, tell me you’ve not been cut. Dogs would seldom bite it’s owner, if the latter is very caring.

  15. 4:48 Sharon's got a point even though it's not a correct point because think about it this way, We Have DROUGHTS!

  16. everytime I try to pet a cat, they run away to my sisters lap and this one time, the cat literally fell asleep in her arms. The cat trusted her so much. It's sweet but makes me think why do cats hate me

  17. Cats domesticated themselves in Egypt because they realised that they don't have to hunt and just get you to do whatever they want. That's why they are independent because they chose to be there in the first place. Dogs were genetically mutated for domestication and while most breeds aren't how they originally look, they were bred for domestication

  18. I dont really like the left team because they were like: Oh yea i like yours too
    And didnt kinda try to hold on to their stuff, they were more soft than the left site 😛

  19. My take:
    * Not gif neither jif…. It's GIF
    (It's an abbreviation…)
    *This is the one I'm most passionate about….(cause I'm right all the way i guess…..)
    *Cheetos are Cheetos
    *Power walking should be an Olympic sport
    *Dogs all the way!

    Sorry Sharon but 4:35 water can adhere to itself and that's called hydrogen bonding (basically attractive force b/w h2o molecules)
    And yes you can dry it (….i know it may sound illogical but…..) Just give it enough heat it will over come the attraction between its molecules and one molecule would be seperate from the other it does dry if u manage to keep the water molecules at high energy then it will remain at steam….
    And Ur point that it will be on ur hand when you place place your palm above it… Proves the point that it's wet….
    Sorry XD

  20. My answers:

    Gif with a G

    Water is wet

    Cheetos are chips (they are a type of chip)

    Power walking should be an Olympic Sport

    Dogs or cats is a very hard question but I’ll have to go with cats

  21. My cat is basically a dog.

    She growls at strangers that come into the apartment.

    She LOVES her belly rubbed. I could just glance at her and she'll flip onto her back and expose her belly.

    She likes to play fetch, specifically with paper or candy wrappers.

    She follows me around like a "lost little puppy".

    She's my sweet little baby and my "first born" (seeing as I'll never have human children and don't want any). I've just always preferred cats. I personally don't think animals should be pitted against each other. Every animal is precious in their own way and we all have a preference.

    For example, my favorite animal is a rat which is why I have 32 of them. Plenty of people have the misconception that they are dirty and disgusting when in reality, it's been proven that they are cleaner than both dogs and cats due to bathing themselves multiple times a day.

    I have a co-worker that loves guinea pigs and prefers them over other animals which is why he has quite a few of them.

    My best friend prefers dogs and snakes which is why she wants a house with a big yard so she can adopt more dogs, and why she currently has four snakes.

    It's all about preference, not about which animal is better than the other.

  22. Not surprised dogs won the last argument even though I am personally a cat person. My cat while still independent is as loving as a dog at times. Still, I would like to get a dog eventually

  23. "Cats don't scratch as much" He must've met some aggressive dogs or docile cats. I've been scratched a lot more often by cats than dogs and I've been around dogs more.

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