last weird just hit wine and whistle I don't know what that whistle does right what they're doing right guys so welcome back to our survival evolved on Fox Estoque and today we are getting on it again alright we've literally got some bit we've got some bits and bobs in here I'm just going to refresh this organic colleague I think I need to go get some more because I want to get that indi Forge made to need some oils and pastes and Polly and we're all good it's not too much really it's not too much it's all b'fer so go any little scraps of stuff take loads of meat so the roux it's turned out real nice I called him Ralph I've already got some movement speed on a grinder throughout the night literally got to level up a ee and then called a night went to bed while I was grinding nut just randomly uh came to Rex turned out really rubbish came to mammoth turned out really rubbish you know the usual stuff usual orangey of a heart that's what just nothing you can do about some bombs is it so start off with we're going to which paste is easier to go to go that way or could go that way I think I'm gonna go this way because once the other one last time we're gonna go get load of paste and then on the way back hopefully swing by and get some oil from the snow and we should be good so hope you enjoy the episode if you do guys smash that thumbs up button if you're new to challenge I've the good subscribe show your support and if you want join the server there's a link in the description down below to the discord group with all the howls and twos and have to applies and bloody blinks and stuff that's where I'll do my pearl running guys there's a nice little pearl spawn in here like I'll show you what cuz we're on the way anyway I'll just show you Cameron which side it is so there's people outside my house drilling and the dogs really annoyed at it and has to bark obviously cuz a stupid dog but yeah there's a lip two little clusters of pearls down there and then if you come up this little river is actually what there's actually a few little pearl spawns in here as well look it's only two or three like along the river but it's about there's nothing it's easy pickings as well do not mean that's what I'm all about the easy grind but yeah so I'm just going to jump straight over to the beaver dams hopefully we'll get a good bit of paste while we're over there not like it can you just land on that's it yeah hopefully we'll get a good bit not just like a couple hundred because I need to stock up on a bit paced really and I don't want it oh she pees 200 not bad not bad not too shabby lately just seemed like hassle more then the other spot does the other spots like real club though they're all a bit more clustered and a little bit closer together and mainly on land it's obviously helpful just swim around with beavers chasing me on ion Oh your precious home I ruined it these humans keep coming and wrecking your homes I guess we could have a look for a dye Nauticus egg while we're over here couldn't we oh this is a terrible idea could I have a quick look it's not hurt nobody I'm going to jump on the base it's like halfway point in it quick pick no just chill mate what's got go crazy that was a terrible jump it's just like upward jumping freak right I'm going to bounce through here see what we could find and then we'll be back right guys it's pretty dark and can't really see a thing and see if there's any of those dye Nauticus about it probably is it's probably not a good idea but I've seen a nest I'll sum just there but the nest is just underneath me like just there what's that running about shape or someone I think we could have a look at this just worried if they're oh look there's one where did it go is he chasing sir yes he's chasing something nice okay I think we're good to go then it's not even an egg in it no waste of time nothing's got a nagging it a level 45 wait sometimes a while oh I'm getting out of there I don't like it get too dark for these shenanigans I'm so long jump I'm bright I just been and got some obsidian from the snow I actually found a nice little place to drop an oil pump so I just been out there dropped an oil pump what am I looking for Polly all the Polly spawns have been farmed already so I'm gonna have to do it old school how much do we actually need hopefully not a lot Oh only a hundred were golden right okay cool you got it I just a couple more so good alright so may as well have a base tour right so this is the base you know it hasn't really changed much since the last time you see it there's Jack still laying in the same position for our boy apex well I don't know where his bodies start down knife is on the map still here's the the top look we ain't got weren't got bit on that we don't need that this will all be changed when we have the maps for it honestly having this yes having this Indy forward she's just gonna it's just gonna change everything for me it's game changer for me yes let's go there and place it gosh a bit the morning light I'll put this box here as well look at this box so when someone's power level and they can just stand here and they can't be shot and they can just keep refresh in there ah there's loads of wood in there well might as well get that cracking down getting on some levels here gonna want Bob shutting out of the door but yeah you just shut this alert and then used to sit in there and do it funny innit what oh I was going to say was it saying I can only do 204 look at that it's just desperately bursted getting this little room look a little a ceiling of popcorn right side I just needs to straighten myself out a bit I think that's pretty straight looks straight enough to me a sublet oh that's gonna be in the way and Oh night night night night yeah easy easily done look at that do I draw it bang in the middle where do we want it what do you think because I have it bang in the middle or we could have it just just slightly back I think slightly backs probably nice about there it's done now in it we look at that glorious definitely got on the frame for another one well hey let's fill her up so this is my metal running guys like we keep the Anki in a little it's just a little box there and it's literally a case of get the ravager to follow the Yankee hit cut the rocks and that that's about it really it's not really it's not very exciting is it it's for something you might want to see it again a knife I've shown or not just get a little bit stained and that's why I don't know apparently not it's like no stone have any of them rocks bit weird then I jump off grab the stuff fro honey so I thought what's he got it's got junk on it as well I'm gonna keep this down this time usually I just been Durst I don't need to keep the Flynn do offers I'll just grind the stone into Flynn but yes I literally just follow this mountain round just walk all the way around it until I get to where I can't walk no more and then erst just home time I think it's about to do an hour thousand metal and smell it so it's not too it's not too bad a little run really I don't mind it too much just pop that on but that's that's the run in full so let's see how much we actually did get two thousand three thousand three hundred that's not too shabby at all alright so to finish off the run it's literally smashed these rocks if the old unfollow whistle to the dog to the dog to the ravager and then it's homeward bound mate jump on our zip lines and off we go see if I'll get it first time eyes boss I was just in a really bizarre place let me have one of them get this old boys back though go get some more but the ravager away like a pro who what sound cheer stand up 363 gate and close it didn't close still didn't close look at this in the face there are secret gas supply unit it's been around so you get confused of which side it is of the base thought wow I need like 7 well I don't even need seven sevens for like a full forge with normal stacking I don't know how much it be for this right because I think it's 5 times and stuck in there yes that would be 35 do you feel Forge there you go guys if you feel a forge but 45 there gas in it and that'll smelt a lot for you another drop what's this 170 for tech rafter that's a Gooden what a shame he died nobly died a noble death trying to do whatever he was doing to that plant or thing did he damage it no he did damage it a little bit Whataburger way he's only just can't go himself another level up and get my health to like 300 maybe and what did that unlock I'll scuba I thought scooter was like level 90 something oh that's awesome I'm excited about that yes I just made a few Smithy's and Neil fabbi I'm just going to place like the smithee's and that along here I'm thinking that's like dead straight eyes doesn't look it does it thinking that's like dead straight lies so maybe what go like on there on the one that looks beautiful I can't believe I'm so good at doing it after all these years he's finally decided that he can actually play the game and just pop up there look that's pretty pretty nifty we've got bits and bobs we can't access it from there though yes we can cool and then we can still get in there if you want to sit in their local lemon and do this are sure to turn that off mad water lemon water lemon go go go give me levels I think I only need to get one more level going on so kami and bench eight – it's awesome right well I guess I'm I guess I'm gonna go on a pearl run off Sumner shall we just a very stupid idea well I'll just have gas around the base do not mean it's like every time I need to turn something on I've got come up here and they clip it out at the journey take five leave it down there odd odd I mean Jenny I mean own gas with collecting storage device right okay I'm a scuba chitin Oh Cayenne mama scuba I don't think these goggles actually do anything anymore do they I think it's just like a fast more than anything it's gonna throw land take me scuba I'm gon go and swim in guys like I'm literally going full swimming don't need feet need some hands yeah I need to take a chair we need to learn chair don't we but backward blah Oh fungal would not do it we're going mesh and boys now we're not really we're going swimming okay just go and swimming is all we need to make plays I'm gonna drop this canteen off because I want to just fry wait on me all right let's go all right check this Lake is off off I feel like there's a bit in the middle of this like we I'm not sure like I might just be you know making her for like confusing myself but it looked like the middle of this lake was like real deep so I was thinking like maybe this flippers in Schuyler they have seen that he's a fish and bird and look at he's got a big beard yeah I think this there might be an entrance to like the deep underwater in this pond mega dive was a good dive as well one of guys ten out of ten well maybe there isn't easy that's it for a minute woof take off a load what what what number chair that is unfair filthy Baryonyx what the fuck I don't even get to have a go do I what an argue go hey we just got pick on me right then let's go out there the guys is a person run run lovely time for a bit of lag little server save this is this all night I always stuck behind a rock anyway oh my ah I won't get me here I can take refuge in this space we'll be fine hello someone just pay itself I don't think he's home I think that was the might been the guys like running around down there or something wasn't there a guy we're in obviously on a server we don't have a cave buildin or anything like that so we ain't got to worry about people actually being in here and turret to getting us or anything so that's quite nice scuba time and it let's go into the unknown yes I've got us here guys I'm pretty happy I got this all the way here let's see what's down here we ain't gonna beg to go for long we've got until our stammerings out really cuz we ain't got a chair or anything so oh yeah we're in proper deep water nah I don't even know what spawns down there obviously anglers and stuff sharks are Spillane I see a dolphin over there mana I look how big it is guys would it help if I took the goggles off no not really goggles actually do a little bit don't know is that way out of there not sure this is huge that's just like crystals to light the place up so far I'm not seeing anything different to what we saw in the shallow or donkeys Oh electric eels ridiculous I'm gonna get as far as like electric eels and then we ran out of stamina well at least we saw some other stuff imagine actually coming down here though detain like we're just down there for a laugh Basel that's what you want to take down here it's just like the deepest part swish there was some way for us to get down back you know I mean like could have had a chair at that Baryonyx not just broken it so we just have a fist a little slow saloon know you've gone until we just pass out or die of starvation oh there's a pleasure guys just hoping to see something big like two souls and all there's an angler there so that's where you go for your anglers we look at this look I can't even go up I'm just crawling around like a dirty little bottom feeder that's a crystal over there no and our journey comes to an end killed by shark I wanted to get to that crystal and have a look we might make it that in black pearl is it wore black pearls guys confirmed you'll probably knew those here are it what there's a deeper bit yes oh oh like oh like some lava thing in there it's like mega deep down going to the Earth's core nothing can even live down there but sharks and chasey still well that's fun while it lasted well he's a donkey ver ha I was doping him without even realizing how I'm still not dead he's got me rest in peace I believe that's all that black pearl don't know that was a lot won it so what I did and I went into it though it's got be another entrance son there may be there may be there may be there right so that's me pretty much finishing up this manic crafting bonanza what if you'd like to call it craft and a patron way and I'm just getting the last turrets made know guys like literally I'm on it I am on it but I got more absolutely more gunpowder than I could possibly imagine so I can make loads bullets and with four turrets are finishing the top which ink will be able to craft I think we might be short on sea peace I might have to go get some CP yeah we're gonna be a little bit sure on CP I got to do a quick CP run see what I can find unless we've got some we don't really have chitin knocking around the base not really something we have in a I demand to know I mean I was but I thought I don't think 280 coins gonna really cut it to be honest guys let's face it so I'm going to set up these as well I've made a few folders just for like just so we can go bang and put a full care on boilers and weapons and everything I got level yeah just pump that so that it's 300 ya ask for plan anyway and then we can go start going home I mean I'll do want to get out there and do some EVP and do some raids obviously I had this to finish for us guys to go get a sword and you got get set up thought I heard someone walking then that's probably me but um I'll do really what get down to the aberrations own and tame the crab as well because I think for the next part of obviously farming and that from now on you'll not bear if we had a crab because we could get another Anki you know getting bread getting printed on a non-key getting Anki may boost did and proper farm Toonami farm properly instead of scrub farming it's gonna see if I've got any stone what about I think there's any in here was there I was a little bit it's really not a lot of smelling paste does it pick shame big massive shame I'll just get that going keep that going yeah so I'll just go get some cement paste from somebody and then when I get back up and crafts up let's just double check no yo yes Mountain good Polly's good electronics at good-smelling paste and we only need a hundred Shirley was close enough for a key complicated man you alright let's go get some paste though cause look at this oh they're not even online oh I can deploy their balloon dun dun sabotage I never got anything to like knock it down with IVA boy bi mát ah us know that it's don't you that's a base tracker right there that's gonna go up and then it's gonna go straight to his base there it goes lift somewhere over there random I can't believe I can deploy it what a funny thing to do I feel bad by now sabotage this balloon never mind so here we are at the stupid beaver dams again we need is like a hundred from sure I'll get that one year buddy yeah buddy might as well stay for some more what happened to the air oh it's another balloon over there demolish allowed to demolish it us container I can't even open cuz it offline ridiculous innit are pay sucks but you know it's what people want on there so what hello so we did wingnuts a raptor just chillin ah excellent excellent excellent stuff wow that like 300 in it I was quite good we have you off cliffs and guys what are you reckoned John to beaver dams down there as well I'm just going to jump back real quick I think we need to take him off the cliff do we were a bit faster than him not on the wall we're not free nice we were some dams just off here look at that that wonderful day there's a lot of babies here though I don't think I might just open close get our tame and run go on tame and run not get on time and get stuck come on – why this is the why quite straightforward I'll just lead him this way bit and then jump back up ler then I'll be a stuck oh wow does loads here it's like for Dan was just here I knew that it's baby jumping down from the top just see a shadow and I was late yeah okay see where this is going you little freak what you can't go over there Oh God come on then long way around for you to look at that four dams just there crazy or quite so well ladies guys over here Oh so I summation in their stupid davis jump back up still one knocking around up here often cope with one or someone left word disgusting disgusting freaks get off my server Oh another one all dear something you know if I find you doing it off I'll just flat ban you it's just ban hamma bull ban hamma boo ya know no one likes people leaving uh just wooden downs us ridiculous that's a ridiculous thing to do and it's disgusting it's a low-life thing to do everyone's everyone every literally everybody in arc is very very vocal about how annoying what pressed I instead of a oh yeah everyone in arcade people even beaver duck wouldn't be thumbs not just me guys rest assured everybody in the world hates it it's the most hated thing in existence I'm down all right beaver dams here like and why just go oh I can say I might just go home alright like test my luck but I stayed up I could just kick him off cannot gear they are here this is lovely I've definitely had worse fate beaver dam runs 100% definitely as galley I thought I was like a playa and over there in the distance just sort of caught my likes a paper days well it's not like that mega but how much did we good nearly to FAR's & CP guys that's not too shabby for a quick run all he spots the yellow drop on the way home you cannot resist scorched after off that was amazing that was literally amazing did you see that chainsaw I'm getting out there cuz I don't know if there's like cap rows and stuff around don't trust just don't trust no we're good oh I forgot chainsaw oh how did I think that was a chainsaw lemon man is saddle well waste a time we could check oh there's never drop they contain some minor stuff oh my days oh no my poor roof oh I'll know the chainsaws in mob eyed chainsaw on my hotbar I can see it it's a apprentice one get off my roof please yeah I think I'm safe ticket no I'm not well I didn't get me did I this is like panic panic jet what what the hell why do a deinonychus down there literally it what what is he doing down there Oh spit weird innit right get this drop yeah look at that chainsaw apprentice chainsaw happy a for tarsier chainsaw rubbish does that mean there's like a nest down there somewhere nah peculiar-looking uh the aspect you know k mode on this communicable spectator might well look at that I didn't know that was a thing guys I thought they was only in the air chalky cliffs yeah random right hunt on yeah look I found that guy's base on the way home that's the fly drop what we're what we popped off he's not online show the sneaky look all right load to Paris or Zyzz it wait a minute is this part continuum space seem to remember him breeding a lot of tech parasols I think it might be his Forge is not burning but he's off he's offline solid strap before having run few stuff up set off logout no one's taking much that ladies and gentlemen was an absolutely awesome save here and I can't believe it did I put stuff on there nah didn't okay cool we've got a new chainsaw and amongst other things lots of CP exactly what we went for that 132 it's not like massive but all my days that's amazing for us like I'm proper happy about that it's proper good we need four of them yep why not let's just make five then we need to make loads of ammo there's 800 updo for now that'll do for now right I got put these EPS somewhere just gets a fryer Munir Oh Skype attachment as well nice I made one of them yet yeah I'm loving this chainsaw what I attempted to go to testa I get some poly right now but thing Laura Pollock the time being then that ladies and gentlemen is me pretty much happy with the base like defense wise I'm pretty much happy now we've got what we got for the count we've got four more turrets with in place as well so I'm probably gonna see if I can pop one down here I think that'd be a little bit annoying it might not get power it did nice pop on there I need to go get the bullets obviously as and when we want we can can also take out some of the plant X if we decide we want more turrets and stuff like that but that top bit I think it's like 26 how many is it 2 4 6 8 10 2 4 6 8 10 2424 turrets on the top of the pace with a 40 turret cap that's not bad we got plenty here leeway with plenty of room to wiggle happy I'm happy guys it looks good it looks good it looks great it doesn't just look good it looks amazing now I've just got away for blum and bullets just pop them back in there we go we've got 400 I'll put 100 in each for now because the rest of them craft up this is the hardest part that base getting up here without just accidentally getting on them no I mean all right which one's was it this one nice and this guy nice probably these guys yeah buddy look at that I'm actually like on air I'm actually getting on it guys finished the defense's for the base see we've got a little bit more we can add but we'll do that dosnt one I said next next up will they actually sorting out the inside because this is not what its gonna look like but all of this stuff it's got to go it's got to go it's got to go we'll have like Volks long there maybe a fridge is long there I want that allowed it to be free I want this to be open my I didn't do summer I might go breed and spit out shall we show my girl hatchery out here I come thinking if we come off the back of this we could just like line a load here so we can pop the eggs here do not I mean the victory chill on it like craft in our hatchery doubled up because we've you know we've got we've got the Leki there so we don't have to have it inside the base plus my things have to start basis like nonsense it's like mucking around allow you to bullets I think we can then denier then you can just have the rest of them cool right so hope you enjoyed the episode guys if you did smash that thumbs up button new to Schoenberg's good subscribe and we'll see you next time finally got it done so it's good


  1. Loving your content! May want to take the chainsaw down to the beach and carve up the dead turtles and beached dolphins. Free hide, keratin, organic polymer and rotting meat. One trip pays for the next three, even on standard rate servers.

  2. Gas mask is the best to use underwater makes everything clear as day. It's a bug the devs never fixed or its intended either way it works better than goggles.

  3. why dont you use an argy for metal runs just carry the anky because the naky has more metal weight reduction

  4. oh no poor part lost his balloon lol. deinons can spawn pretty much anywhere, they're just really common in the cliffs.

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