Get to Know the Man Who Transformed a Guys’ Weekend into an International Off-Road Rally

Get to Know the Man Who Transformed a Guys’ Weekend into an International Off-Road Rally

– [Shawn] Fun is greater than rules? – Fun is greater than rules. (energetic music) Set up the tents in the middle of nowhere, just by ourselves and drink all the beer like that’s still success. – Wait, what’s in this? – Several drinks (laughs) – Not knowing where we’re
going and not exactly caring What if this is all I
ever wanna drink now? (laughs) Definition of freedom and success, to me, is to be able to wear flip flops, man. I wasn’t trying to find
a way, like how do I make as much money as I can off this. I looked at it like, how
can I make this my life? (energetic music)
(applause) – Hey everybody, welcome to the show. As always this is a show about failure, missteps or you know, fails, faceplants. You know– it’s when– it’s when you have this really, really great idea and you get really excited
and you tell all your friends and– and you go out there
and you buy the domain name, you get the– you get the website and you write an email to your mom to impress her and then all
of the hard work settles in. The oh my god, what
have I done settles in. The mistakes come in and– that’s what we’re gonna
be talking about tonight. And this is gonna be
a special show because we’ve got Tate Morgan
from the Gambler 500. It’s a road rally event,
think about cannonball run off-road type of thing that we’re doing and I met with Tate in his car before we came here and it’s– it’s a lot of fun. I think you’re gonna enjoy it. Take a look. – Are we good? – Yeah (engine starts)
– Whoa (laughs) (revs engine) – This is the weirdest interview
I’ve ever done by the way (laughs) Quick pause here because
this is an opportunity. – Okay
– Traction control off Overdrive off and we hit the
little power button right here and that will give us
the little extra boost that we need to get around this corner in like a more lively way than– than– – Yeah well this is a really
lively road so you need to– – Use cheap, lively cars. – You need to– (laughs) (engine revs) – Yeah uh, I’ve been
labeled a green decoy. (laughs) Are you gonna ask? – Yeah, what’s a decoy? – What’s a green– – What’s a green decoy? – Green decoy is a– an organization that seems to be kinda, you know, oh machismo and– and– what a right wing, and then– and then you trick them into
doing a bunch of lefty stuff like picking up trash. I wanna teach you how to do burnouts, man. – Okay, okay
– Basically is what I wanna do – And a– and a burnout, I– I think I know what a burnout is. Is the tires, like, make smoke. – There’s somebody filming us. – Right now? – Yeah, there’s somebody
got their camera out. Oh wait, it’s your guys! (laughs) (laughs) They said we came to the wrong place. (laughs) Most of the time I get like,
kind of a fanboy response. Somebody’s like, cause
they’d heard of the Gambler. – Yeah. – But they– he had– they– I think they’re scared of management. They don’t think management– – [Shawn] They had heard of the Gambler. – Yeah, oh yeah, they’d
heard of the Gambler but they said that they
don’t think management has a sense of humor. (laughs) I’m just– we’re trying
to find someone who’s– who likes to party, right? – Is this enough room to do a burnout? – We’ll go see if– we’ll go see if– – So this works a lot
– they have a sense of humor. – Like when you walk in and see– – Well so far, no. (laughs) You know, we shoulda been
doing this the whole time. – Yeah that was elegant
– Very great, Dukes of Hazard – Very Dukes of Hazard. – Oh, okay, we’re gonna swap seats? – [Shawn] We’re gonna swap seats? – Yeah okay – [Shawn] Oh my god – [Tate] So you wanna– did you wanna get behind the wheel of this beast. – Yeah, yeah – Feel the raw power
– Yeah okay Feel the raw power? (laughs) Yeah I totally– (laughs) – Yeah, hold– hold on – Yeah doing this is
important, yeah I’ll– I’ll wait. I’ll wait. – Not– not that I don’t trust you. I think this is kind
of the best time ever. That’s what– that’s what we sell. We sell experiences, right? – Yeah, yeah – We’re getting on the freeway now. Okay now is– now is gonna be
the only time you can maybe – Like punch the right? – No no no no, okay – No no no no. – Stay on the brake,
now hold down the gas. – Hold down the gas? – Yeah hold down the gas,
all the way, all the way let it go, let it go. (engine revs) No, all the way
– This is fun – All the way (engine revs) Yes! (laughs) And then slap in to second! (laughs) (engine noises) – Yeah, so– what did I tell you? Like I know– I know a lot about cars. Like I’m like a car genius (laughs) But before we talk, we’ve
gotta do a special drink, of course, for Tate I– you know, like something–
something– yeah, not safe. Jack, what are we gonna be making for– What are we gonna be
making for Tate tonight? – Thank you very much Shawn. Tonight I’ve got a
fantastic drink for you. Rye whiskey, bourbon
whiskey, a little bit of rum some benedictine, called
the 500 Sons of Smokey. We’re gonna use Zaya Rhum. Ounce and a half (jazz music) per each drink so in this case I’m gonna do four drinks. We’re gonna have six
ounces of rum in here. And then we have the Elk Rider from Heritage Rye Whiskey. Two ounces of that, half
ounce each, four drinks. (jazz music) And then it’s a quarter
ounce of Benedictine so a full ounce will do for the full build of this drink. (jazz music) And two dashes of orange bitters per drink (jazz music) and here is the fun part. (jazz music) This drink is actually served
in a burning ring of fire. I use a little bit of Old Grand-Dad 114 (jazz music) and I pipette it on to the wood block. (jazz music) (jazz music In our ceramic container here I have a little bit of apple wood foam. (jazz music) (jazz music) (jazz music) And then we add dry ice to the tea kettle. We set our ring on fire and we
smoke the cups individually. That’s the 500 Sons of Smokey. (energetic music) (energetic music) – Hi everybody, welcome to the show. On this show I have Tate from Gambler 500. We’ll let him talk about
it a little bit more. Welcome– welcome to the show. – Hey thanks for having me – Yeah (laughs)
– This place is nice – You look good. – Hey oh, oh this man? I just– I just threw this on. – You just threw it on? – I just threw it on. – Yeah, where’d you– that’s got a Legends of the Fall feel to it like– – Yeah, yeah kinda,
you know Chicago 70’s– Just feel the inside of this–
– The bear– the bear attack of this like–
– It’s really soft– – Oh no, that’s nice! – Yeah it is pretty nice. – Yeah it’s a little bit
smoother than the outside. – Yeah
– No no no no – They say fame and
recognition changes you, but not– not me
– [Shawn] Not you? – Just– just the same
guy I’ve always been – Like (laughs) you’re–
yeah you’re cool as like looking at you–
(laughs) This is gonna be really hard for me cause I’ve got like a– like a Japanese Star Wars shirt on and– you’re all the way out
– But you know I can take the- I’m gonna take the jacket off. – [Shawn] You– You think so? – Yeah I’ll trade you
– [Shawn] I dunno – If you wanna wear the
jacket I’ll trade and I’ll– – No no no no
– take the Star Wars shirt – No I don’t think I
can pull off the jacket. You’ve got something going on, there’s a– – Oh is it – A little like, po– yeah, there you go. Get it down. Tell me about the– the Gambler 500. – Oh yeah I gotta stop
that with the glasses there (laughs) The Gambler– the Gambler– (laughs) – You’re like now we’re
going into business mode – I’m actually– I’m gonna
drop the– the whole deal. Gambler 500, yeah, it’s
a something that’s stupid that my friends and I
started six years ago that was never supposed to lead to an interview in your basement. (laughs) And– and now it’s
just– it’s evolved into this crazy big worldwide rally brand thing that’s just been– been a really fun ride. – So cars that race
across– actually every– like– like across Oregon is that– – We have every state, yeah
it’s hard to track down. But we got Oregon, pretty
much every state in the US. We have three or four in Canada. I just got back from Iceland
which is the real reason why I have this coat is I–
we did Iceland expedition. – Did you get it in Iceland? – No my mother-in-law made it for me. – She made it for you? – Yeah, yeah, she’s amazing. – Yeah your mother-in-law
made your bear coat. – My mother– well actually
this is kinda the– the demo, we’re actually gonna do– we’re gonna start a Kickstarter and try to make like a bunch of these but like more like bathrobes, like bathrobe Revenant-style coats. – Okay, yeah
– [Tate] Yeah. – Bathrobe, Revenant-style
– [Tate] I know, it makes– same old story, you know, guy starts a rally, starts a coat line. – [Shawn] That’s what happens – The Gambler 500 itself
is a outdoor navigation adventure challenge where we also have competitive trail cleanups along the way. It makes zero sense but
that’s why it’s so much fun. Is cause there– fun is greater than rules is our– you know, our
basic premise of it. We’re not– – [Shawn] Fun is greater than rules? – Fun is greater than rules. – Yeah I think that that’s– – Most motor sports start from a– a– a rule book and
this– this concept that the race is the most important part of it. Which we really know
that the experience of it is the most important part and so– You know there’s only one winner to a race but like at the end of the day everybody who comes on
the Gambler is a winner. – What’s your– like what’s
your favorite part about it? – My favorite part of this, the Gambler, is the fact that I get to
now make it my lifestyle, make it my life, but the
favorite part of participating is being out alone with– like my friends in some weird car on a gravel road not knowing where we’re
going and not exactly caring. – Yeah – Right? Like it– it’s
a navigation challenge so we just don’t know where we’re headed and it doesn’t matter. We break down there, we camp and– and set up the tents in
the middle of nowhere, just by ourselves and drink all the beer, like, that’s still success. You still won, so. – I like that you– you call
it a navigation challenge and so I picture like
orienteering going out– but like– like the cars that go out the Gambler 500 are any of these. They don’t look like normal
cars all the time, right? They– they like something–
– Yeah It’s a mix and you see
that on social media is the big crazy ones,
but at the end of the day as we were talking about earlier is that– that the funnest thing to do would be to take your old Toyota Yaris. – Echo. – E– Toyota– whatever
– Toyota Echo, yeah – And– and take it
over these gravel roads and explore with your
friends, not having any sort of car knowledge or wanting to race per se but you just had this adventure together in a really approachable way. – Well which is what– which
is what we did in high school. Like I couldn’t afford
anything that would actually go on gra– I mean we were at– when rock climbing,
mountain biking whatever, you just attach it to the car somehow and then go out on the gravel roads and run with it from there. – And that’s my secret, is
that I didn’t invent this I just gave it a name, like
most kids were out rallying dumb cheap cars cause that’s all they had. And they just didn’t have a
call sign and now they see the– the– the– the
skull and the– the all and now they know that this
guy is like– is like them. Likes to go hooning around in cars. And so, it’s like drifting
started that way too. – Wait likes to go doing
what around in cars? – Hoo– hooning. – [Shawn] Hooning?
– Hooning, yeah – Wait– what does hooning mean? – Hooning is– is doing– it was– things you’re not really
supposed to do in cars. You’re whipping around, like what– Yeah I mean like, brake stands. – Brake stands, we tried
to do a brake stand – [Tate] Burnouts, it’s hooning in cars. – You tried to teach–
that’s a hooning in a car. – It’s good, you know, banging
the rev limiter like we did. – [Shawn] The rev limiter? – The rev limiter. – Yeah when it gets up
and– makes the sound the– – Ing ding ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding, yeah. – (laughs) That. (energetic music) (energetic music) – [Shawn] All right Jack,
what are we drinking? – [Jack] We’re drinking
the 500 Sons of Smokey. – What if this is all
I ever wanna drink now? (laughs) Is this gonna get really complicated? – That is also the goal (glass clinks) (blowtorch burning) (blowtorch burning) (laughs)
– This is awesome. – This is aw– you’re in
dre– you’re in dream land. – I have watched your–
all your previous episodes. This is the best one. – No, this is the best one. – [Jack] Now this is a special ingredient – Yeah wha– – For you, we’re gonna keep it woodland. We have a apple wood foam. Tastes like apple wood. Feel free to add it to
your drinks as you see fit. There’s a spoon in there for ya. Cheers. – [Tate] Awesome. – [Shawn] Okay cool, cheers, yeah. (cheers in Russian) (sips) (swallows) – I thought it was gonna be warm (laughs) I’m happy that it’s not.
– [Jack] (laughs) Yeah. – I thought it was gonna be warm too. Wait what’s in this? – Several drinks (laughs) Any one of em’s enough, but together. – [Shawn] Hmm, uh-huh Did you– so once you started– I mean is this your business now? The Gambler 500
– [Tate] Yeah – This is it. – [Tate] Oh it’s– – There’s no side gigs, there’s
nothing else that you do? I have the race and you have the– you have this. – Yeah I thi– I think
I’m– I’ve evolved now into like a little bit
of a serial entrepreneur. – Yeah? – Cause I always looking for things– I have about nine LLC’s and so– some of them are Gambler based, you know. It’s selling swag and stuff. I brought you some sunglasses
though, by the way. – Oh look, we got sunglasses. Are they– they look
like those sunglasses. – No, they’re a little
bit more mod– tempered. – Tempered? – They just look like normaller– – It’s in– it’s in camouflage
– Normal sunglasses Yeah I dunno, I thought
– Is that part of the– – No, that’s just the
heatwave backing part but they got the little
branded logo thing that’s – Oh yeah, no they’ve got the Gambler– the Gambler 500 set on there. – But I have a– I still
have a construction– like after that I went into real estate after I learned fr– Dude those look good! – I know they look gr–
nah I have no idea. – They are perfect for your face. – [Shawn] They’re perfect for my face? – Yeah
– [Shawn] Yeah, I believe you. – No they re– – [Shawn] They really do look good? – Yeah they really do
look– I’ll put mine on too. – No yours look– yours look fantastic
– So I did the– My wife went to law school
and I worked real estate, through that, sold like houses– Made like 100 grand on one of em. – You married– you married a lawyer. – I didn’t– well yeah – Well, not a lawyer
– [Tate] I waited until she– She was– dating
– And then she became a lawyer – [Tate] I was dating
her yeah, in college. She was a– she cheered at U of O and said I’m going to law school and I was like, I’m
hitching my wagon to you. (laughs) And so– and it was a great decision cause she is super smart, beautiful and keeps me in line and
has really made this– a lot of this possible, just
by having the solid base where I wasn’t always having
to be the breadwinner. Cause I was for a long time. I worked, you know, 60
hours a week building houses and– and then went
through the big recession. – Yeah – Got laid off, my wife
got laid off, our house which we had put like, half down on it like was worth half as much
like had to tuck tails, go back to Portland from Bend, move in with my father-in-law and take a job at his
moving and storage company. And we– with our second kid on the way and it was like– we were bottom. (laughs) And that was like, bottom, but– – Like you seem like– you seem like the type of
guy that even that would be, I dunno, like I’m not
gonna say like happy, like all the time, but
you seem like you– you– I dunno, like you’d
make the best of things, – Yeah yeah as
– Of whatever you got. – I was the saddest a
happy guy could be, yeah I guess, it’s all relative right? – [Shawn] (laughs) It is. – I was in a bad spot, but
I was motivated to get out – And you had a– you had
a kid at that time too? – I had one kid already, yeah, and moved back in with father-in-law– amazing guy, I love him to death. He’s one of my best friends. But yeah, I just– the– the– my– for my personal ego, I couldn’t– I couldn’t raise a kid in
my father-in-law’s house, like, even it– we were there for like three months, four
months and, you know, took the job I didn’t want, yeah. – Was that the real estate? No that was– – I was working for his
moving and storage company and you know, the goal
was maybe to work me into, you know, management and
ownership at some point. But I found out that I don’t
like moving and storage. (laughs) – Well I think you found out
you don’t like a lot of things. – Yeah, which is great– which is– I thought about the failure part of this– driving up here– a lot. I took notes.
– [Shawn] Yeah. – No I didn’t. That would be irresponsible – Why wou– why would I take– yeah, I take notes about all my failures. – It’s all about humility. To me and– and not caring about what other people think of you. – Yeah. – Cause like that is true
freedom, right, like you’re not– like why– it’s the– the reason
why I wore flip flops today (laughs) Because in my past life, could have never worn flip flops to work. Like someone would have said
that– that’s unacceptable. And definition of
freedom and success to me is to be able to wear flip flops man and if you showed up and was
like pfft who’s this dirt bag? Get out– get him outta here! I’d be like, later bro and I woulda done a
burnie in your parking lot and we woulda left but like– like, but you weren’t, you were like– cool flip flops let’s go drive! Like, so this was great.
– [Shawn] Yeah yeah yeah yeah Like you’ll let anybody
take it and run with it which is actually great. I love that you’re doing the– like people can take it and run with it and putting it together but
why– how– how do you– how do you turn that into a business? – This is something that I struggled with in the beginning because
I didn’t wanna ruin something that was so fantastic and– and in turn you’re basically you know, putting out that fire
by smothering it with– with the you know, trying
to– to hold it too close. And so I wasn’t trying to find a way, like how do I make as much
money as I can off this? I looked at it as like how can I make this my life? So I’m not looking to make
billions of dollars on– on Gambler, I just wanna
make sure that I can spend every breathing minute,
doing the thing that I love instead of having to do something
else to support a hobby. And so yeah, there are– I
coulda been rich, much richer like earlier on by coming
at this a different way but I’m not a great business man. What I’m great at doing is creating fun things
for people to go do, and so I just focused on
creating as much fun as possible and that thing that my mom always said, do what you love, the money will follow kind of came ringing
into my ears and that’s– and that’s– and it’s worked. Yeah, no I make– I– I can
exist and support my family just by the– the Costco method of fun. Provide as much fun for
everybody as possible at value prices. (energetic music) (energetic music) – So do you think that
there’s any type of– like normal job that you would like? Or is it always gonna
be sort of entrepreneur with everything you’ve got set up. You’ve had a taste of that, right? – Yeah I liked– I liked my job, my last job job that I had because after the recession and after, you know, starting another
business that ultimately failed. I blamed the economy but, who know– I didn’t know if I was gonna
be any good at it anyways. Took a job in the building ind– in building materials industry. I was a sales rep and
so I was running around being a sales guy and– and I would always recommend any entrepreneur to go be a salesperson because ultimately if you’re trying to get
something off the ground, you have to– I mean you may not be
selling what it is you sell, but you’re selling your company. – You’re gonna sell anyways, yeah – And so like you gotta have
those interpersonal skills. You gotta know who to talk to, you know and how to kind of get,
whatever it is, off the ground. So I– I’ve really valued that and I probably would have stayed there and it was gr– I was making great money and that’s when I had a
little personal trauma come through, I developed
testicular cancer. – What, really? – Yeah, found it myself
through a self exam. Anybody out there
– Hey. – Could do that, take care of yourself. So yeah, went to the doc–
super fast and– and– I said hey man, this doesn’t feel right and he was like, gets
down and he’s like yeah it doesn’t feel right
(laughs) And then– and then he
says, go get an ultrasound and I was like, went to
go get the ultrasound and I was like oh whoa, every time I’ve been in ultrasound, there was a lady doin it. – [Shawn] Yeah yeah yeah
– This is gonna be fun Nah, it was dude – [Shawn] Gotta fit it on the shelf – So we hang out there for awhile and– and they send the slides
back to my– my urologist. She then later informs me
that it’s– it’s cancer. – [Shawn] Oh wow. – Like that very same day and says, what are you doing tomorrow about two o’clock in the afternoon? – [Shawn] What?
– And I was like– She’s like yeah I’m gonna come in and we’re gonna chop it off. Yeah, I know. I– I was like dude– it
was actually a blessing. Cause waiting–
– Yeah I don’t like, like I don’t know why
I’m reacting that way to something like that cause obviously it would be a blessing – I– I reacted that way
– Well cause it– Like come in tomorrow at 2:30
and we’re gonna chop it off. – But I was– by far I wanted to just get that poison out of my body. So I was like, let’s go back–
let’s get in there and do it and like as they were
putting the gas on me, she’s like oh yeah, by the
way, it’s malignant so like, you know, you have– you have
stage– you know, one or two, we don’t know–
– One or two yeah yeah yeah – You may– you may not wake up
– We’ll find out – So wake up
– Count backwards – I’m on drugs for like
three days I kinda forget I was still answering my phone though cause I was still the sale– the building product salesperson and I’m on like heavy medication and still like– still trying to– I was dealing with roofing
shingles, I think at the point and I was just really exciting. (laughs) But I love– I love working like and I– it was all about those
personal relationships I had so I didn’t want to
leave anybody hanging so I think– I get a kick out of that. So then they said I was
gonna have to do chemo and– and then I– I got
a– in my oncologist office and he says, you know,
you’re about 50/50 right now on– on needing to do that
so if you’re willing to wait and it’s not gonna drive you crazy, like we could just wait and– and– five– – And find out whether
or not it’s coming back. – And five years technically
is when you’re– it’s gonna– But, he says, nobody wants chemo and– And so I opted for that option and I’m three and a half years– Clean now
– [Shawn] Cle– like – And that’s like, yeah the
nasty one’s not gonna come back and they said the chance
is very, very low. So I had like one CT scan so– – What? All in the same time? Like the– just one day you go in and the next day you go in and– – Yeah and facing mortality man. – So what does that do, like– Did Gambler come after? – Yeah it came almost during. We were doing the fun thing, you know, as like the dad getaway thing. And then I was working
with building materials and I was having a hard time balancing my health and my job and my family. I was sleeping one hour a night. My heart would just– I
just stared at the ceiling. I wasn’t taking care
of myself or my family and so ultimately I
said this job has to go. And now luckily, I was in a place where you know, my wife could kind of– you know, she could,
you know, pull the plow. – Support you and support what’s going on. – And, you know, the whole
family and everything. And she was very supportive of it. Inadvertently now, I’ve got all of this time and energy to just– about the same time is when
our viral video came out. 20 million views on– on Facebook and– and Instagram. – Wait– and so the–
was the video just of you and your friends going across– – Yup our dumb stupid little thing. This video we did with Chubbies. We just gave them all of
our cell phone footage. So everybody reached out and said hey we wanna come do this thing. And I was like, well
it’s not really a thing for like thousands of people but what if it was? And then– at the same time I also said why don’t you start
running one where you are? And so now all of a
sudden you’ve got the– in Alabama, and in Florida, and New York and in California and all those places you got these people who
just said oh we’re gonna– just imitate this thing
that we saw online. – [Shawn] We’ll do the same thing. – And– and as long as
you don’t monetize it and as long as you pick
up trash along the way and– and be a benefit on the environment. (energetic music) (energetic music) – So I– like one thing
that I’m curious about and I don’t understand completely. So if it’s Gambler 500,
you have to go 500 miles and so you have other people that start it and just put together
their own 500 mile whatever and then they have lots of people do it or do you try to meet? – It’s Burning Man, it
is the– it is the– it is the– the national get on board and everybody comes here. They drive from New York. They drive from all
over the country from– I have– I have people in
Africa and Europe and Asia. All buying tickets, cause
I can see on the heat map where they all come from. They all coming down how– there’s big fun crazy parties celebrating crazy cars and this culture we have. – Kay – That culture stems
from like when we broke– I was watching what was going on with technology and content
and it’s very much open source. And so it seems impossible
and kind of self-defeating to try to be far too onerous over what– what this great thing is. – Yeah, yeah, yeah – So if you try to go in and
my wife being an attorney I could send letters, cease
and desist to people that– that are gonna, you know, steal our logo and then– and then I could
also get mad and frustrated when people are trying to copy us. – [Shawn] Yeah yeah yeah – But what if– what if I
didn’t give anybody a reason to copy us and say hey
why don’t you just do– just why don’t you copy us? Copy every piece about it. Use our logo. Use the flag and so– – [Shawn] There you go. – We had this big great
success– successful thing that everybody wanted me to
charge a– a stacks of money for but I was like, I’d rather
have more people do this since it’s fun and I’d
attract the right people. – This is a good idea. And if it’s a good idea, you want people to take advantage of the good idea. – And I ultimately wanted to brand. I’d– owning a– a car
rally is– is very– just a lot of liability in that. So I wanted to own a brand. I wanted to do things, like make whiskeys and make T-shirts and
make the stuff and like– and kind of like lead a culture into, what I think, is cool
and I– I found just– all these other people who
also thought it was cool. I found like people are way cooler than me out there doing this whole thing and so– and it’s just
been– it’s been neat but it’s the– we’re all– near year three but we are the largest
rally in the world by– I don’t know what a fathom is, but it’s– – What’s the like–
what’s– (laughs) fathoms! – Fathoms! Then there–
yeah I mean we’re– we’re bigger by participation
than– than Baja the Baja 1000, by– the Vitamin 400 These are all, you know– these are races but they are also, you
know there’s rallies– the biggest car event
in basically the world. – Well, what have you– like it– what have you learned doing it? – I think that what we did today, for me, exemplifies success cause
you give me long enough, I was gonna find a place
where we were gonna burnout. And all those different failures and the different businesses
that I did shutter you know, like, that was all a lesson. So every single– every
single job I got fired from or every single job that, you know, I had to quit because of personal reasons, I took something away from that. And so, you’re not a failure
if you fail like you– like you just learn and
you pivot and move on. – Do you have other id– like
other things that you wanna do or things that are in the hopper or– things that you want, like non-stop? – Oh I’m glad you asked this question so of all the different
little LLC’s that I own I find people who are
as excited about I am about things that we’re
doing and then we say well what can we do to make
a thing that would make like you as happy as I am and I have– I have my friend– good
friend Chuck Brasier and– and he– we wanted to race and
when Gambler’s aren’t a race it’s a– it’s a outdoor adventure so we started something
called Hooptiecross. Where we’re taking these old hoopties and now we’re racing em! – The hoopties so you’re
gonna do a hooptie– – Hooptiecross. We’re racing beater cars so now we’re– instead of being a– spending
the most amount of money as you can to– to go out there and win Baja or whatever it is. Now you can just take your Geo Metro, whatever it is you want, take it to the racetrack and– and again it’s like– it’s– we– we celebrate the crappiest
car that’s out there. So you bring– if you can come bring your you know, your UTV or your trophy truck or something out there if you want, but like the person that looks the coolest is the guy who shows up in the Geo Metro and is like, oh what’s up guys. Oh yeah. You– you spent a bunch
of money on that, cool. Okay. I’m gonna go have more
fun than you, later. Like– – I– I know what– yeah, yeah, yeah. I used to know what that feels like yeah. – It’s the parking lot
pimpin versus like the actual like going out there
and actually doing it. – And actually doing it. Well, listen, than– thanks
for being on the show. – Dude, this is fun. – [Shawn] Yeah, like I– (laughs) Yeah. – [Tate] Thanks for inviting
me into your basement. – Yeah no, I– like honestly– I think what you’re doing is amazing. I love– I love the– the
attitude that you have with it. I think it’s all spot on for people that– like I get evangelical
about this type of stuff where I’m so excited to see anybody making something that they care about or something that they love and I think you’re obviously doing that. – I– I thought we were gonna
tie in GoDaddy at some point like so I had all my
GoDaddy references like– – Did you? – Literally the first thing
that happened when my– when my Facebook video like–
– You were gonna like chant – Went viral, I was like oh crap I need to own GoDaddy, boom, I did it (laughs) (high fives) – [Shawn] Thank you Jack! – My pleasure. My pleasure. (energetic music) Hey everybody. Thanks for watching and
if you like what you saw and you think that this is,
you know, all sorts of fun then subscribe and ring the bell. Click on the bell and then, you get– you get notified when something glorious is going to happen and
if you have a screw up or something you wanna talk about here, then go to Hope to see you on the show. (energetic music) (energetic music)

9 thoughts on “Get to Know the Man Who Transformed a Guys’ Weekend into an International Off-Road Rally

  1. all good things comes from playing around. Thank you Tate – went from Denmark to Idaho just to do the Idaho gambler – was the best time i ever had.

  2. All fun aside, there’s so much great business philosophy and legit knowledge in here. Tate is living the dream. 🤘

  3. Ran the FL Gambler Mini Bike Mayhem a few weeks ago and had a blast.
    Gearing up for April’s running of the FL G500!

    Drinks up to Tate, for taking that thing we do, and duct taping it into a common rally point under 1 flag.


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