100 thoughts on “Garry Kasparov: “Deep Thinking” | Talks at Google

  1. an excellent book IMHO 😊

    my video on Deep Blue (Computer) vs Garry Kasparov 1-0, Philadelphia, PA USA, 1996.02.10

  2. I wonder if anabis already knew about alphazero when mentioning "alphago in chess" – seemingly taken as a joke because the interview was done … Um, so many… Weeks before alphazero

  3. For a GM like Kasparov is about finding the best possible move in given position suited to his "style' of play. Chess engines on the other hand get busy polling the ramifications of many moves in seconds. So you have human chess logic versus a checkmate calculator. engine.To the concept of AI you have to add AP Artificial Perception to be more human-like.

  4. Beautiful mind… Russia is sick and Kasparov could be madicine but he left Russia to not being jailed or killed like his friend Boris Nemtsov

  5. when faced with a problem, (intelligent) humans first devise a method with which to solve it, instead of going at it directly. thus, computers themselves could be understood as a method invented by humans to solve advanced problems. maybe that's why at this point we still regard them as tools rather than emergent intelligences.

    one major driver of human intelligence is laziness. any algorithm behaving like a pet dog eager to please will have a hard time reaching human level of thinking.

  6. a machine just give answers but everything begins with a question,the most important in the knowlege is not the answer but the question¡¡¡¡ so true¡¡¡¡

  7. Don't know if it's worth to mention but Garry was my neighbor in Tallinn old town 🙂
    I never assumed he spoke so good English and we always had the small talk in Russian and my Russian is really broken and he heard me several times speaking English over telephone.
    Don't know what to think of it but I assume he was just being helpful and willing to help me improve my Russian skills.

  8. 16:35 Increasing the speed of learning is a notable pedagogical issue. I wonder if the general concept he is illustrating there could be applied to other fields.

  9. 35:25 if you watch this on 2018, this moment is gold. He knew that 5 months later, stockfish was going to be smashed.

  10. Depuis 1985 les progrès de l’IA semblent susceptibles de révolutionner nombre d’activités ludiques, artistiques ou sportives … A l’occasion du « FESTIVAL MONDIAL D’ÉCHECS DU MILLÉNAIRE « MONTPELLIER 1985 ». nous avions fait participer dans l’open mondial rassemblant près de 400 joueurs un des tous premiers programmes informatiques disponibles sur les micro ordinateurs du marché ….

    Quelle spectaculaire évolution en moins de 40 ans !
    Jean PY

  11. And finally alpha zero beat stockfish. These things are happening fast.. as the guy at waitbutwhy wrote!

  12. Kasparov is genius in chess but idiot in politics Donbass Donieck made only referendum to became independent not any part of Russia as western média shown. YOU SHOULD KNOW this THIS by YOUR SELF.

  13. Well…Think deeply about this… Who was the first person abused by Google. Yes, abused. Invasion of privacy and perjury applied to business premise. The way Google operates is completely against the law. They notify you when you download an app for your cell phone or computer that they can access your devices media files, change them, delete them, alter them, charge you fees without your knowledge, make phone calls on your phone. This is blatant perjurious invation of privacy. How can they get away with this? The first individual to have gone through the first app download abuse owns Google. I will say here, I really like Google. I like their info. layouts. They are much better than Bing or Yahoo (just to make a note here, to say Yahoo as in hip hip hooray the spelling needs to be Ya-Hooo or Yah-Hooo, to spell it as Yahoo is saying "Way to go you dumb yahoo.") I can't believe Google would leave themselves that legally vulnerable. Perhaps someone reading this comment could elaborate.

  14. In 1997, you needed a supercomputer crunching raw numbers with brute force calculations to even challenge a grandmaster.
    In 2017, all you need is an average off-the-shelf laptop with the latest chess engine installed to defeat any grandmaster, simply using clever algorithms instead of raw computational power.

  15. HI all I really want to know what is GM Garry Kasparov religion atualy and I hope you can share the tips to become the super power in infiniti level chess player but not in only in chess but for all acpect aright bye see again

  16. All these complaints by Kasp about IBM…the bottom line is that he lost and game 6 was embarassing. Does he really want us to think that he did not want to win but was just there for the experiment? Just admit that you lost.

  17. Hello, at 31+ minutes "people" is used in caption instead of spoken word "deepblue" , alters meaning of Ks sentence.

  18. kasparov is probably one of the few chess masters during the era of soviet dominance that didn't cheat or at least collude with other soviet players

  19. Kasparov is a great speaker. His accent may obscure certain words, but if you listen closely, he makes a lot of sense.

  20. To sum it up :

    "Computer find good answers, Human find good questions."

    "Computer + Human are better, than Human alone, or Computer alone…Its all about interface… complete eachother."

    "Computers/Machines replaces activities/works of Human to set new challenges and new frontiers for Humankind"

    But there is a big criticism i want to mention – at 6:20 "How can i prepare, if i didnt have any games"… Sorry, but if a noname like me, would (even with the smallest chance in universe) win by luck against Garry Kasparov – i would still won fair and square, regardless, that he didnt see any chessgames from me. So thats a very weak argument from Kasparov. Also Alpha Go dont know the "stockfish-games" when Alpha Go plays against stockfish. And we value the result, and not the whining around "why stockfish loses"… Stockfish also could say "but how i prepare against Alpha Go if i cant see his played games :…-( " … Sorry but no – and this kind of argument is not the level of a worldchampion. Even if i understand, that in normal human-human-tournament (on the professional side) players study the games of the opponent. But a chessplayer – espescially worldchampion must have stand his quality even if he dont know anything about his opponent. Or is it ok, when Kasparov beats me at chess, and i whine : "He only beats me, because i wasnt prepared.. i didnt know any of Kasparov's Chessgames he played before." …. Bullshit argument.

    Otherwise i like this interview a lot – and i like his thinking (which why i sum it up into the quotes in the beginning). Respect to Garry Kasparov 🙂

  21. Of course a supercomputer will never say "check mate in 7,000 moves", basically because you can´t FORCE mate from the starting position. Mistakes and blunders make it possible, fortunately in practice is practically impossible to play 100% error-free. Even the most powerful engines aren´t invincible.

  22. The solution to the final question asked by the man in the front about elimination of brute force, is already present in the method of genetic algorithms. Well I guess that's what the interviewer meant when he pointed that self learning systems don't use brute force.

  23. Isn't it true that the # of computations needed for game of Go far exceed the computational power of even the best modern day super computers? Chess on the other hand is many orders of magnitude less variations when compared to game of Go.

  24. The debate as to whether or not computers are better at chess than humans has begun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0O3QmAhoeA

  25. I did not know Kasparov had such great language skills! I mean, I do no tthink I could speak so well in my own native language as he does is in a second language.

  26. Wow!! He's truely the "Child of change". Never knew he could talk in a perfectly put up american accent. Wonderful chess player and a wonderful politician.

  27. Is kasparov genius oh yeah! but what he did for you or me he didnt do anything for the world he just crushed his oppenent and liked it and lived for it so i think we cannot learn anything from this guy .

  28. A stuttering mad man…..yes my friend deep blue is terminator……. human plus machine plus a processor ….. wow !!!!!!

  29. Can some one let me know when he starts to talking about the deep blue game wishing the next 38 minutes?

  30. I just started chess around 2 months ago and the computer shows a blunder because i could mate the opponent in next 16 moves….. And i was like what the fuck is it…

  31. he's got a very wicked brain, thinks with deep passion and logic at the same time, definitely a skill that he learned from the days living in competitive chess. Nice!

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