Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 132 | Telugu Comedy Web Series | by Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 132 | Telugu Comedy Web Series | by Nagendra K | TeluguOne

** Cries of pain ** She bet me badly! She has no respect for her husband.. She is beating me with whatever she gets She is not a wife, but a demoness! What happened daddy? She came to know that missed the office & went for movie! I had planned everything right, how did she come to know? You managed everything nicely, but forgot to hide me in the status That’s why You should take me to the movies when I ask you!! Getting late for office, where did I keep the phone? You managed very well, but give me the phone… So you came to know? Take it You never study, just keep playing with the phone You always get zero & do not have general knowledge too! I don’t have general knowledge & do you have? I don’t have general knowledge? Ask a few general knowledge questions Will you tell? Who is our Prime Minister? Narendra Modi Who is America President? Donald Trump Capital of India New Delhi Andhra Pradesh capital? You gave me a big task AP Capital before 1953, Madras From 1st Oct 1953 Kurnool From 1st Nov 1956, Hyderabad After 2014, 22nd Oct 2015 Amaravati After 2019 Amaravati, Vizag, Kurnool Which one do you need from these? Till now, it is this later if something changes I will tell you! Why have kids not come even though its time? When did they come? Its ok If you have slips, give it on your own! We don’t have sir Don’t have? I will remove them Remove the chits I don’t have sir! I am not a small boy to believe you don’t have chits Remove the chits Promise sir, I don’t have chits Really Come here So how did you promise before? Like this Remove your shoes Toss it Sit down And she is promising Planned very nicely to kill me Even now you guys can give me the slips by yourself If I catch you, I will take you to principal! Hey I just asked chit, why are you beating me with pencils? Revenge Revenge, who is he? ** Shouting ** Hey Shut up now Let’s start the exam! Hey write fast May I come in sir? Hey why late, don’t you know exam is at 9.00? Sorry sir, I got late Did you get any chits? Did you mean the chits which our parents pay every month? Hey good joke, laugh everyone! Enough now! Enough & start writing now Okay, go & write! You said I will tell that? Come here What are these? Go & write go Go Ikshwak, what is that sound? Exam just started right, I am praying God! Praying God? Okay write Jai Sriram Hey give me the chit, I will also write Jojo, what is that sound? Exam just started right, I am praying mother Earth Praying mother Earth? Okay write SO praying mother Earth? If anyone else has chits, return it soon Otherwise… Sir Toilet Toilet? Go Okay sir Thanks Sir Go Thanks sir Sir Both sir, please sir Hey are you pranking? I will not send you Sir, its urgent please sir Even if you do here, I will not send you Sir urgent Seems like he is telling the truth Okay go Sir thanks sir He does not let us cheat! Don’t I know, how to cheat? So you are cheating? I know how to catch hold of it! Who is that? Sir What is this? Come Sir Hey write silently! Shall I get in sir? Why are you late Gullu? Sir today is my birthday sir After getting up, had to bath go to temple & thus it became late sir Here, take chocolates sir I will give you! Take it sir Happy Birthday Shall I distribute sir? Ok Distribute silently! Go Everyone got 80 marks in maths How? Harshit Everyone got 80 marks in maths Even you got Tell me how? I did hard work sir I did not cheat No matter what, getting 80 is very difficult! Without putting further efforts, tell me how did you get? Otherwise I will make you run 100 times in the ground! I will be done if he comes to know Sir, this is what happened… Gulluuuuu Hey Those land documents are very important, don’t know where I lost it I am sure I lost them on roads Let this become viral in social media Announce that I will give a reward of Rs.10000/- Do anything but… Uncle Will you really give Rs.10000/- for your land documents? You disconnect the call Yes I will Promise? Promise I will give you Rs.2000/- more Then give me an advance of Rs.5000/- will search & get it Selfie with small Buddha Hey big Buddha Sravya What bro? What… What did you tell before the exams? You said you will get above 100 Then why have you got 2 marks? Got above 100 only right? Did not understand See the paper properly… 2 is above 100 only right? During my childhood when I used to go to super market with my dad With just 100rs, we used to get so many items… But now with 1000rs, not even the small cover is getting full! Seems like there were no cameras then uncle… Pragnya What daddy? What are you looking at? After 8 there is 9 Okay Yes Beside 9 there should be 10 right? Why 4?

97 thoughts on “Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 132 | Telugu Comedy Web Series | by Nagendra K | TeluguOne

  1. Political punch… 😂😂😂Politics anduku anna fun bucket.. Just pillalu gurinchi kani valla medha jokes cheyandi..

  2. AP capital joke lo antha wrong data.. before 1956 there is Andhra state not Andhra Pradesh.. appudu Madras kurnool ela vachayi..
    Don't blame govt for you silly jokes and which are not true

  3. Make some extra jokes with Raghu, not only one and nice kids alla are good .😍😍 And Raghu is awesome , Raghu is back…

  4. ఎక్కడ నవ్వాలో కూడా వీడియో ముందు చెప్తే బాగుంటది…

  5. కాదురా ముంబై కి హైకోర్టు ఎక్కడ ఉంది రా.కాని మహారాష్ట్ర రాజధాని రెండు మూడు చెప్పుకుంటూన్నారా..మీ బతుకు కామెడీ చేసుకొని బతకాలి అదే చేసుకోండి అంతే గాని Ap క్యాపిటల్ మీద కామెడీ ఎందీరా….3places చెప్పిన గాని రాజధాని పేరు అమరావతే రా..

  6. ఇలాంటి చెత్త కామెడీ చేసే బదులు మంచివి చేసుకొని బతకండి

  7. చిన్నపిల్లలతో చిట్టి ల వీడియో ఏంట్రా గూట్లే..నీకు వేరే కాన్సెప్ట్ దొరకలేదా???

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