hi guys before I go into this video I have chose 12 easy questions for Jarvis and Fraser to answer I want to see who's smart is it going to be Jarvis or Fraser I'm going to see which is cleverest [Laughter] that's why she isn't playing the game is not this did you think that you adjusted obviously it's me didn't I dropped out of school so I know but he does have a big brain but you see his plays yeah all right stop brain teasing you want to get off your phone Jarvis so you can get on there and fight what temperature does water boil at 100 degrees Celsius it's all right yeah where is the smallest bone in the body I just had to tap but the finger maybe no it's in your ear bro this one it doesn't know any bones and you're either sweating your is your is your muscle right no no no it's like a little barn that they think you're right again tell me all right it's like cartilage and a tiny bone with the cartilage I'll say I just don't forget stuff if someone tells me are you ready for the next question yeah which penny is nearest to the Sun Venus mercury bronze when Venus is like the fuzz like don't worry everything you stay in school people because no I should be running oh yeah no I trust like trust off the top of my head I comedy show sometimes for your ring which is the largest ocean pacific hi what language has the most words OH English what could make purple blue and red that's so easy yeah he got that by a dog how much does a liter of water weigh one kilogram yes exact same what is the world's longest river no it's the Indian one well you're right now there's crazy that Amazon is actually a real place – yeah should we go yeah if you like this video or go to Amazon forest and then you can which is the largest mammal in the world I was gonna say I mean I'm trying to think maybe draw is that big is it wait you said oh it's a memo notice the mountain where I breathes a breeze that so to fish nomads like they actually like my fish hunt fish just digest fish up waves of enjoyed I shall we just send Java can you just take javis but yeah I don't even know right now okay neither you get that right tack this one do not what's he doing I just thought it was like a bug yes okay so cap will be answer okay what are the five oceans of the world yeah I don't know okay well I'm gonna tap the Atlantic the Pacific Ocean the Indian Ocean the metal the wait there's the I want to go black seasick peak ocean no no the five great oceans then you've got way Atlantic Pacific then you've got five oceans a great ocean think about them the Indian Ocean the Red Sea and toxic oh yeah the Antarctic Ocean bro that's what I shoulda help us arctic ocean al antique ocean India ocean pacific ocean sound the notion oh shit man holy Sh Sally I don't know there's loads of seasons like the rain Joe the Black Sea I'll give you that one because you did try yeah how many hearts do it listen what did you say how many hearts is an octopus have three one three it's great the last question what is the fattest human organ stomach no your skin your skin is the biggest organ in your entire body bro this skin your skin is an organ the human skin is the largest organ of the system I've seen so many bro I am right guys in the comments so long go and google this and tell me I'm right 60% fuck is your brain okay I know okay javi you can go you come back we gone you're going back to school there's no way I would agree yeah you will collaborate kay you're the smartest brother yeah thanks I mean the skin is the largest organ of the body and includes associated organs that I was closer yeah no javis was close to winning that yeah now he was it was it was he would've maybe got like I don't know as a teacher watching this you can mark it make sure to LIKE and subscribe I've got it guys too much and they say I'm dumb okay

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