ESL Students Learn New Gender Pronouns | We the Internet TV

ESL Students Learn New Gender Pronouns | We the Internet TV

[CLASS] I swim. You swim. We swim. [TEACHER] Very good, everyone. Now, Farhad, do you swim? [FARHAD] I swim. [TEACHER] Everyone, Farhad swims. So… [CLASS] He swims. [TEACHER] Good. Now let’s conjugate the verb ‘to swim’ with the other pronouns. [CLASS] She swims. They swim. [TEACHER] Zir swims. Ze swims. Sie sw….what’s wrong? [LUIS] I no understand. [TEACHER] That’s okay, ‘I *don’t* understand.’ And that’s alright, Luis! So, ‘I’ is the first person pronoun used when you’re referring to yourself. [FARHAD] I swim! [TEACHER] Correct! [LUIS] Yes, I understand ‘I,’ pero I no understand what is that? [TEACHER] Oh, they are all gender-neutral pronouns. [YUKI] What does that mean? [TEACHER] Gender-neutral pronouns are what you use when you’re referring to someone who doesn’t want to be referred to by traditional masculine or feminine pronouns, like ‘he’ or ‘she.’ [YUKI] So, not a boy, not a girl? [TEACHER] That’s right, Yuki. [LUIS] Is he gay? [TEACHER] No, well, not necessarily. [LUIS] My brother, he gay. Is he one of them? [TEACHER] Do you know your brother’s preferred pronouns? [LUIS] I don’t know. My family no speak to him. [TEACHER] Okay, cultures are different. It’s important when studying and practicing English that you stay sensitive to the pronouns of others. [FARHAD] Not boy, not girl… [TEACHER] Uh, that’s a table, Farhad. ‘It’ is a table. You see, the table didn’t choose its gender, objects can’t do that. But people can! For example, what is Yuki? [FARHAD] Girl? [TEACHER] Well, maybe! We don’t want to misgender Yuki! [YUKI] Yes, I am a girl! [TEACHER] Ehh, you could be. [YUKI] I am! [TEACHER] Yeah, but you could also be someone who was assigned female at birth, but now identifies as non-binary, so we would in fact use a gender-neutral pronoun for you, like ‘Ze.’ [LUIS] What is ‘assign’? Is homework? [TEACHER] Uh, no no, ‘assign’ is how you look on the outside. But how you feel on the inside, that is how we identify. [FARHAD] I-dentify swims! [TEACHER] Really, Farhad? [YUKI] I am confused. [TEACHER] You shouldn’t be confused, Yuki! [YUKI] Sorry. [TEACHER] It’s really not that hard, you guys. There’s only 63 pronouns! [YUKI] 63 pronouns!?! [TEACHER] Yes! And it’s important before speaking to anyone that you ask, ‘what is your preferred gender pronoun?’ [LUIS] I have to ask everyone that? [TEACHER] Yes. Of course! Luis, what if you accidentally referred to a ‘Ze’ as a ‘Za’? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed? [LUIS] No? [TEACHER] Of course you would! You should be embarrassed! And you know what else? It’s offensive! Right? [LUIS] Right? [TEACHER] And you want to be a gender ally, right? [LUIS] Right… [TEACHER] You’re not learning English to be a bigot, are you? [LUIS] Okay… [TEACHER] Alright! Luis gets it. Okay, so who is still confused? [TEACHER] S**t. [FARHAD] S**t swims!

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  1. I thought this was fake and the media was hyping it like always but my wife actually encountered this in Atlanta on a job and 1 out of 1500 people got offended for gents and ladies lol I think it’s crazy and funny

  2. Yeah fuck all that. I'm going to call em as i see em. Fuck everyone who has a problem with that… Freedom of speech bitch

  3. There are 3 pronouns, he, she ,it. If you can't figure out how to tell the difference between he and she you're an it and I have no problem calling you that.

  4. look gender's a spectrum, but having a different pronoun for every single part of that spectrum is stupid, and that's coming from me, a non-binary person. how fucking many pronouns would that be? just use they/them in the singular if you dont want to use she/he,thats what i do, although really i go by any pronoun people want to refer to me as in english,i hardly ever get uncomfortable when people call me a she or a he (but really its seriously not that hard to refer to someone as they/them if they do mind pronouns).ive been told they/them can be confusing though, since it's mostly used in the plural, so im honestly not that agaisnt adding a singular gender-neutral pronoun different from they/them, but more than that is stupid. and if youre genderfluid,well ive met some people who are and usually they either use bracelets and stuff like that with pronouns on it,people close to them will know, and dont mind getting accidentally misgendered from time to time,or they just always use one pronoun regardless of what their gender is in that certain period of time. again tho,having that many pronouns is stupid.

  5. They woke up one morning and realised they only had a few minutes to get dressed, brush they teeth, and put on some sunscreen. It was a very special day. They was going to the beach to meet a group of people just like theyself. They wondered what they would be like and whether they would accept they and all personal attributes they all shared. There were those that opposed they. Those that ridiculed they and them and they were very narrow minded and stuck in the past. They would argue, then they would, and after they would join in and help they argue with they. In the end they all admitted that no one knew what the fuck anyone was talking about.

  6. “Objects don’t have genders”

    Hmm Idk about that… ask literally every other language besides English

  7. don't you love the state? where drag queen and drag king are officially recognized pronouns? And you get arrested if you don't use the right one?

    We're not talking about nondiscrimination by a government-funded agency at that point. We're not talking about easy access to registered name changes, we're talking about a pretty obvious violation of freedom of expression.
    And as much as I find it irksome when people insist on being disrespectful douchebags, legal sanctions are not an appropriate answer.

  8. Oh, giving that French genders everything, including inanimate objects and uses the pronoun "il" to speak about meterology…

  9. I know people will be nonbinary/trans/ect. Hell, I'm pansexual so i will love whoever. But whatever your appearance is ill more than likely call you by the typical male and female pronouns unless corrected otherwise

  10. I identify as Batman, address me as caped crusader or dark knight you bigots!!!

    Also you know your video is getting demonetized right?!

  11. Why is anyone gonna call somebody by their gender pronouns in the first place? If that person is my friend, he/she wouldn’t care what I call them, those who do would immediately stop being someone I’d associate with anyway lmao.

  12. Kids today are soooo educated, they don't even know what gender they are, and what the anus is for. Children, if your not sure what gender you are? Look between your legs. Boys have an outie, girls have an innie and the anus is for defecation, not penetration. Class adjourned.

  13. "The table didn't choose its gender. Objects can't do that"
    Virtually every European language except for English: hold my beer

  14. The advertisement before this was a transvestite and gender God knows what doing a cleanup the planet promo. I kid you not

  15. 90% of comments: "Objects can't choose genders" jokes

    9% of other comments: other jokes found in video

    1%: me being totally blown away how a YouTube channel finally got the balls to call out all the BS on this whole 'Gender pronoun' thing

  16. the irony is they use 2 words for each pronoun like ze/zer but you only need one. otherwise theyd just use he or she… why would each pronoun need 2 words if its gender neutral … my head exploded

  17. See, it’s funny to me how science and spirituality are separated in literally every instance accept the transgender community… Spirituality states that there is something omnipotent controlling this universe, science states that there probably isn’t (stating this simply for argument’s sake) Meanwhile, science states that regardless of the hormones and surgeries, you’re still what you were before you started, biologically. But spirituality states that you are whatever you believe or feel inside.

  18. The defense language institute rates languages 1 easiest to 5 difficult to learn. Eg… spanish is a 2. Russian is a 3. Korean is a 4. Chinese is a 5.

    English is so difficult to learn to non- english speakers that a rating could not be assigned. I guess in a weird way…

  19. Not to ruin the joke, but many languages have neuter nouns, and frequently the gender of a word is arbitrary especially when it is an inanimate object (inanimate nouns frequently still have genders.) The real question is why do we need 60 some odd neuters, and why would we primarily apply them to people.

  20. i dont even agree with all these stupid pronouns. its bullshit, but this video is really unfunny and not well written

  21. "trans bad"
    Jesus fucking Christ you "centrists" just upload one liberal video, claim yourself bipartisan, and then say conservative shit. Fuck you.

  22. A shame really. These immigrants they want so much aren’t woke. But they still vote overwhelmingly democrat. It will take too long to wake them up.

  23. No wonder why the Chinese are going to knock the US off as the world super power, these mentally insane liberals focus all their effort on this kind of shit.

  24. "Objects have no gender."

    Americans: looks at a boat look at her she is beautiful

    Also wtf is goin on with this teacher-

  25. American colleges produce garbage. We should lock.the doors with the faculty and administration inside and burn it all to the ground.

  26. Just shows how retarded the idea of more than two genders it just makes everything so much more fucking complicated and unnecessary and stupid and triggering

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