Ellie Kemper Isn’t Falling for Ellen’s Scares

Ellie Kemper Isn’t Falling for Ellen’s Scares

Hello, ladies and a few of
your boyfriends or husbands. I am Ellie Kemper, and
it’s very nice to meet you. I will be your host
for the next hour. It’s only going to
be an hour, right, because I really have to pee? Now, unfortunately Ellen
can’t be here today because– well, I actually don’t
know what she’s doing. It’s none of my
business, or at least that’s what everyone on
staff keeps telling me. Butt out. This is actually my third
time hosting this show. [APPLAUSE] And you know what they
say about the third time. Time to put out. [LAUGHTER] Some people say it’s a charm. Not me. So a couple of years
ago Ellen got the flu, and they called me. And here I am hosting
for the first time. Dance moves haven’t
changed much. I know that I look really
cool, but at the time I was super nervous. But then they liked me so
much that they asked me back. And not to brag, that’s
just what happened. So again, I know I
look super rad wearing a very similar jumpsuit I
just am realizing right now– [LAUGHTER] –but I was still a little
nervous at the time– not as nervous as the first
time but not as relaxed as now. So do you think it’s
all the experience I’ve had or is it
the Zyrtec I just washed down with a White Claw? [LAUGHTER] We’ll never know. Any who, I know that Ellen has
had some guest hosts recently, but I’m the original. I was the first guest host ever. That’s true. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I am the OG. And I must say I’m not exactly
sure what OG stands for. I think it’s old gal. Maybe it’s oh gum
drops or orange gravy. Original– oh, it’s
original gangster. [LAUGHTER] Well, yeah. I mean, that’s totally me. As the original
gangster, I feel like I should be properly
recognized, and I can’t help but notice there are lots of
seats here dedicated to people. Ellen dedicated
seats in her audience to Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Sean Hayes has a seat. And since Ellen is
never here when I am, I decided to take
matters into my own hands like a real gangsta. [LAUGHTER] So come with me, won’t you? [MUSIC PLAYING] And now I am proud to reveal– can I get a drum roll? Is that– [DRUM ROLL] Ladies and boyfriends
and/or husbands, behold– oh– the Ellie Kemper chair! [APPLAUSE] Thank you! Yes! It is Ellen’s chair,
but it’s on the back because I have
always got her back. Plus, she’ll never see it there. Now as I said before, this
isn’t exactly my first rodeo. I know how much Ellen
likes to scare people, and I’m not falling for that. So let’s get this out
of the way right now. Get out of there. [LAUGHTER] Go. [APPLAUSE] Don’t think I don’t
see you there. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] What else am I forgetting? Oh yeah. [BLOWS] [APPLAUSE] Can someone get
this out of here? All right. [APPLAUSE] Terrifying. [LAUGHS] All right, that should cover it. That was terrifying.

70 thoughts on “Ellie Kemper Isn’t Falling for Ellen’s Scares

  1. Ellie: 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎booooo ya


  2. I know what Ellen is trying to do, Ellen is looking for someone to replace her for "The Ellen Show" and Ellie will most probably be the choosen one, and there is some similarities in their names. Hope I am right, let's wait and see, the chair with her name gives it away, that means Ellie will be a regular host for Ellen.

  3. Ellen por ty li li marlen. Marta sanchez ole. Vicki lara. Ole bravo samuray y. Roasalia. Uy ay alli. Y mundo son hombres. G. Uy ay. Uy flax. Uy music baile. Es navidad. Viví árbol. Ya. Te. Diré lo. Cas. Co. Fan a fan.

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