84 thoughts on “Easily Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress (and Autoplay in High Definition!)

  1. Very helpful – I'd love to be able to have a graphic you can click on which starts the embedded video. Any suggestions on how to do this?

  2. Read so many posts saying autoplay was impossible in wordpress – you prove them wong!! Thanks a lot!

  3. thanks for the easy tips. We like to keep it simple here at HEROmanager and your clip has been easy to follow and the results are fab.

  4. Great video. I subed just for the fact I have been looking to learn how to get rid of related videos at the end.
    My question is – I have a WP site, I want to embed a YT vid to auto play front and center on top of my full screen image and then go away when it's over. Please tell me you know how to do this. I've seen it before but can't find out how to get it done.

  5. If I have three videos, and I want them to play in an iframe sequentially and automatically one after the other, how would I do that?

  6. Thank you very much for the video, this is exactly what I was looking for, what do I need to do to pre-set the volume so it's not blasting at startup?

    thank you

  7. Very helpful. I was able to successfully improve my videos on my WordPress website following this guidance. Thanks.

  8. I followed your directions and it works when on a computer but when I pull up my web site by smart phone it does not autoplay. Any suggestions? Thanks

  9. hello, thank you for the video. For some reason this code doesn't work for my wordpress site. Can you pls advise? Maybe its because of new version of WordPress?

  10. Autoplay works great! Thank you! My video is showing up on the left side of my screen. Any idea how to make my video play in the middle?

  11. @emediacoah how can I make this youtube video I embedded auto loop? Also is there a way to make it only as a background video like airbnb.com
    I am having much difficulty with this if you can recommend a plugin or easier route it will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I'm always impressed with eMediaCoach. Because of him, I now know how make websites! Btw eMediaCoach, do you know how to make intro video on my front page of the website? It's like a promo product video on the first page when a customer gets in?

  13. I've copied and pasted the link just as you did…but when I update and view the page, it still comes up as a link and not an embedded video? I did not hyperlink either. Would you happen to know what the problem could be? Thank you in advance!

  14. Thank you.
    This was extremely helpful and worked perfectly when followed to the letter. Wasn't getting anywhere with WordPress help and this is exactly what I needed to get the job done.

  15. Great trick of direct insertion and editing YT embedded code
    Thank you of making this video and I believe it goes beyond YT point.

  16. Thanks for the video. I'm having problems getting my video to stick to HD however the code doesn't seem to make a difference . Can you suggest anything?

  17. I got it to work on our website but it made the video long,skinny, and stretched out with black siding, is there a way to fix that to show a normal size? Thanks!

  18. Hi, thanks for the video. We have a question

    Is there a way that we can add the youtube like and share option to our website as well?

  19. When people view your embedded YouTube video on a popular site or blog do those views translate/add to the number views of your YouTube video on YouTube

  20. Hi, I have noticed that if I copy embed code from YouTube and paste it in WordPress page, video is shown without it's Thumbnail, which is part of that YouTube video. If I just paste URL of that doesn't happen. Any idea?

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