100 thoughts on “Dual quad core xeon Gaming computer Starts with a $50 server

  1. have fun with your Electricity bill !. I would rather have a decent corei7 first gen laptop under 300 dollars with a dedicated ddr5 Graphics card and that's it ! 😉

  2. had a dell server twin 6 core xeons 48gb ram twin 256gb ssd in raid 3gb storage had a gtx 1060 in it and was super fast run anything

  3. Helloo..
    I am planning on to do some server motherboard utilization into gaming pc.. however what is a pandora's box for me how you dealt with the audio interface.. server boards have no 3.5 jacks for headphones..
    Appreciated if you filled me in on that one modstek!

  4. Used HP ProLiant SE326M1 Rev.2 next to me… Not recommended as a good starting point for a gaming rig. Awesome Dual Xeon performance and all that cool server redundancy stuff, but also sound like a vacuum cleaner on full speed. Those things belong into server racks – and not on your desk. Note: watch out – often they use PCIe 2.0 – so you're kinda bottlenecking your graphicscard.

  5. i wonder, why there arent any motherboards with dual CPU ports for regular motherboards? to put two CPU's of any kind, i bet it could be possible.

  6. Amazing! But just to check, the server fans actually start at max speed for boot up which is about 30 seconds. If there is no OS installed they stay at max speed, However if it boots, they actually quiet down quite significantly. Although considering you had to put a graphics card inside, this doesn't matter since the tiny jet fans are pointless without the cover on :D.

  7. I got a question. Say you have a pc case already so thats not needed. BUT you wanna build a PC that can run Shadow Of The Tomb Raider on highest settings for the LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY! What would you pick to you in a system to build a gaming rig like that? Also I dunno why ppl bug over fan noise. Almost all gamers have headphones on so you dont even hear it to start with so care? My fans r loud but i use headphones so i dont hear it

  8. Interesting build, I did something similar at the end of 2016 with a dual xeon poweredge 2950 GIII, watercooled it, resistor modded the fans, modded in a GPU bracket, 40 gigs of ram, did some custom shit to trick the server into thinking a HDD was an entire raid array. Was good fun, https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/658478-project-cheapass-dual-cpu-ghetto-watercooling/.

  9. what was the final cost for all that? time required to build? power bill per day vs normal gaming rig? how does performance compare to i7-8700? you left a lot of unknowns

  10. An old video, I know, but the x5690 is a great processor for this kind of stuff. I got a t7500 with a floating processor. Deal x5690's OC'd at 4.4 ghz is gonna be massive power. People don't think about the power for things other than gaming. I love videos like this. Put together pieces of crap to make something really beefy, and awesome. I don't care about ryzen and i7 and all that other stuff. I know about that stuff. If I wanted it, if use it.

  11. I think I'm going to buy a poweredge 2950 did you put all those PC fans and heatsinks in so you could remove the server noisey fans?

  12. I love seeing people repurpose old server parts, I have a ASUS L1N64 SLI-WS with WS/B BIOS and have been working on trying to increase the CPU support and regain the overclocking functions that were lost from switching the BIOS.

  13. You should make a mini rack to put it in and put it in a closet as a little gaming server to stream the screen to a monitor or tv, or wire it up manually. Could even make a custom case

  14. Did watch this particular video.. just popped on to comment to say respect for adding the world "start's with" seems less like click bate..

  15. … Is this why I can't find a $50 server to setup multiple game servers and Teamspeak servers… I only have $50 and I've been trying to get a server.

  16. I've been doing this exact project as a science fair piece but I cant get the GPU to be accepted by the motherboard, help

  17. so the question you should all be asking your self is what is the gen on the pcie slot and could this cause a bottle neck

  18. you can just buy a 1u r610 w/ x5680 or something (2nd gen) and not need to make any adjustments at all.. goober.. r610 is quiet already, just add graphics card

  19. I cringe when I hear there words gaming and server together. It's not a true having machine if it doesn't have any rgb

  20. nice results, but…. wouldnt it be nice just using a server for server workloads? Who would want a computer that takes 5 minutes to boot up and has out of support parts

  21. Good grief this was just painful to watch. From the complete ignorance and destruction of the factory engineered flow through cooling to the short bus wire splices it was just painful.

  22. Ugh.. there is something very hard to watch about this, plus your components are not even great for gaming.
    Server and enterprise CPU's are not made to game on… None of this was warranted, but I can appreciate your effort.

  23. That's a cool build!! I'm building the T710 tower and am going to do the same.

    I have 192GB of RAM, 20TB of storage, 2 x Xeon 3.1Ghz 6 core processors so 12 streams. This is beast mode!! 😀

  24. Just bought one last night I'm gonna try a custom case an dual liquid cooling one question though can I use a desktop power supply instead of a server power supply?

  25. This is what my uncle did for my cousin, he took is i7 2600k server and added a gtx 1050ti to it and my cousin gets around 100 FPS in 1080p high

  26. I don't know why you didn't just transplanted the motherboard into a standard ATX case or at least into a 4U case since the CPU HSF is stick out from the case anyways.

  27. olá , seu projeto é incrível,adquiri um ibm x3650, funciona porem nao faço ideia de como instalar o O.S ! tem como me ajudar ?

  28. lol pretty cool-but i was wondering could you take out the board and install it into a regular pc case? it didnt look too big

  29. Hey please help need help with optiplex 380 i put a new cpu cooler on not stock but doent now how to connect cpu fan

  30. I know this video is old but I just bought a Asus with two X5675 but no cpu coolers so I bouth the same cpu heatsink he bouth but I connot be able to install the heatsinks because it comes with push locks.
    How did you manage to install the heatsinks? Thanks

    My PC: Thinkcentre C20X
    MOBO: Intel Tylersburg 36D
    CPU: 2x Xeon X5667
    RAM: 24GB DDR3 ECC 1333MHz
    GPU: GTX 745 (Litte SHIT) Today I will Buy GTX 1650 SUPER
    1000GB HDD+ 120GB SSD + I will buy bigger SSD too
    PowerSupply have 800W 80PLUS GOLD so its good

    for this pc without SSD i paid about $150 and for graphics card and i will pay about $200 xD old Graphics Card I Will sell for about $50 ($30-$50)

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