Doodle 4 Google 2012: Behind the Scenes with the Doodle Team

Doodle 4 Google 2012: Behind the Scenes with the Doodle Team

Jennifer Hom: “Coming up with Google doodle
ideas actually comes from all over the place. It comes from not only the doodlers themselves—which
is us—but also comes from other people who work at Google and our users from around the
world.” Ryan Germick: “And then we try to find that
suggestion and solve that as a creative problem in the most exciting way we can manage to
do.” JH: “We basically just try to celebrate
anything that’s techy and fun and geeky and artistic.” Sophia Foster-Dimino: “We also have ones
that we do every year. So, like, Halloween, for example, we know is going to come every
year so we can start planning way in advance.” JH: “The fortunate thing about finding inspiration
for doodles is that we already have a subject matter. For instance, if we were celebrating
St. Patrick’s Day, we might look into Irish culture.” Willie Real: “I usually start with research
and look up reference imagery and go from there, start sketching, brainstorming ideas.” JH: “So the inspiration comes from learning
about what we’re drawing.” JH: “Doodle 4 Google is awesome because
it gives kids all across the country the opportunity to take our jobs for a day. This year in particular
is really cool; I’m really excited about the theme.” Michael Dutton: “The theme is definitely,
to me, really just super cool. I mean, my whole life, I’ve just dreamt about time
travel.” SFD: “I would definitely go to see the dinosaurs.” JH: “I may go back to the Renaissance, just
to see what they were doing.” RG: “I really find like the 1930s kinda
interesting…” MD: “I mean I have no idea where I’d want
to go but to be able to express what you’d want to do on paper and show that to everybody,
that’s just really cool.” RG: “OK, I have some advice for young artists:
there’s no shortcuts.” JH: “I would highly suggest that you draw
every day and draw what you love.” SFD: “I think above all, you should focus
on having fun.” WR: “When you genuinely have fun, it shows”
MD: “You know last year’s winner, drew exactly what he loves, and that’s, you know,
aliens devouring Google letters. And, you know, it wasn’t trying to be right, it was
just him having fun, and that definitely registered with us.” Marissa Mayer: “This year, the winning student
is Matteo Lopez, from South San Francisco, California.” RG: “I think I cried. Seriously, if you
look at the footage from last year, when Matteo Lopez won, I was having a moment.” MD: “For me, the pinnacle of success when
I was growing up as a young artist was to actually have my artwork pinned on the chalkboard
and, you know, have it shown in front of the whole class; that to me, that was it. And
for kids now to have the opportunity to have their artwork pinned on the homepage for millions
of people to see, that’s just awesome.”

74 thoughts on “Doodle 4 Google 2012: Behind the Scenes with the Doodle Team

  1. im getting tired of all the new "life experience/story" crap products from google…they're putting geeky to a whole another annoying level…and messing up good software…they need to stop taking over the web.

  2. @warmth7 nothing is wrong, just imagine when she fucks you with some dirty talk..hahaha..That would be interesting:)

  3. I'm entering this contest and I'm an aspiring artist. Art has always been my passion and a way of me to express myself. I hope to get my Doodle picked at least for a finalist because it would be a great opportunity to show what I really can do.

  4. Google videos are indistinguishable from Portlandia clips.

    They're actually funnier because these people are for real.

  5. Seriously, I think Google is taking it too easy on the kids. There were some other ones that were better.

  6. The younger kids always win even though there are TONS of other doodles that are much better but do whatever you want google, I'm not the boss of u

  7. The woman at 1:07 is definitely a fucking hermaphrodite. I bet he has a big long penis just waiting in those little pants. That's so fucking disgusting that google would hire someone like that.

  8. In this case it was pretty political, because Americans like to glorify their soldiers (which are really just people we send to other countries to kill civilians for oil which converts into money for the government).
    If we can make soldiers look like heroes, we need it to use it!

  9. Well you really are a fucktard. Actually God frowns upon transgender people. Where the fuck have you been? God hates gay people. America hates gay people. Why most people be any different? It's fucking disgusting how that neo nerd head of google hired a trap. Maybe he was turned on by that or something. Still it's gross.

  10. Would love to see you do the Paralympics which are next year in Rio.  Elite athletes with a disability.  Athlete must earn their place be been the best in their country

  11. hey picked him cud it was great and strange and unique but yes I wish they would at least pick the older grade kids they did for the coming home one

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