Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E06 – ‘In-House Talent’

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E06 – ‘In-House Talent’

I’m not getting even a single match,
how are you doing it? You had got one last week, didn’t you? Yeah, I’ve my doubts about that one. I don’t think she’s the real Katrina Kaif. Show me your profile. When was this photo taken? No I mean, to those who see it, it’s not.. Name – Neerav ‘Nero’ Kapoor Height – 6’03” Hometown – Hollywood, Calfornia Hey, where are you going?
Who do you want to meet? Where are you going,
who do you want to meet? Ramesh Agarwal, broker. There’s no Ramesh Agarwal
staying here. He doesn’t stay here, he’s broker,
supposed to come to show a flat. Yeah Ramesh ji where are you?
I’ve reached. Behind me? Where? It’s me. Ramesh Agarwal. I’m coming. This is my
watchman look. One minute. One minute. Ok? Hello. You can hang up actually. This is my watchman look. I never had space in Nero’s house. And now there’s no safety either. Now that I’ll be preparing
for my role, It would be better that
I have my own space. I only know one broker in Mumbai
so I called him. Hi, I’m Ramesh Agarwal. Now days I am operating
as a broker in Juhu area. If you are looking to buy or rent
property in Juhu Vile Parle Santacruz I am not sure if it was
the best decision. Welcome. Please explore. Please look around I’ll just be back. Look, look, look. Hello. Pot and all… Toilet, ha not problem, is it? So! Dream house? Yeah, I mean… Its good.
But.. Please go ahead. Yeah, please tell me… Did you see how good the view is? Sir, view and everything is fine,
but there is no pot in your toilet. Pot is being installed, however
the railway line isn’t much far. I haven’t told Nero yet. But I’ve thought of all my options. If I tell Nero now,
he won’t allow it, or even worse, he will try to help. But if Nero gets to know from
somewhere else, then my life is in danger. Sometimes I fear that
he already knows and he and Jubilant are planning
some elaborate revenge against me. Yes, it’s true… I have become a professional writer. Registered member of WAW! I have been writing for myself
for so long anyway. Then I thought it’s time
to go professional. Actually I had presented some
monologues to Rabiyah so she suggested that the only way I can ever
make it as an actor is, if write something of my own
and then act in it myself. Why and who committed
this heinous crime? Lets find out in the second and
last part of Crime Patrol, Satark. I had parked the bike first. Sunil, the space is mine. Oye, I always come. Oye, who are you pointing finger at! Oye! Oye! Oye… Me and Jubilant have been brainstorming for ideas
for quite a while. Guess… which hand the coin is in? How you did it? Without any hands. And we’ve come to this
conclusion that the best thing to do is to write
something autobiographical. Honest and believable. And yet… heroic and thrilling. And that’s why I am starting by observing and making notes
about the people around me. On my smart phone. Ohh… So that explains it. No… It could also be a cover up. To execute the revenge plan. Maybe it is a cover up. No but why would Nero do such a thing because he’d know that I would
figure out that it’s a cover up. And maybe he has genuinely
become a writer. But how can be become
a writer overnight? Maybe he knows that I would think
that he would know that I would know
that it’s a cover up. And hence… I would think
that he’d not do such a thing and he’s genuinely become a writer. So that I am relaxed and he could
execute the revenge at leisure. I think I need help. This is really frisking me. What is this? My ADHD medicine. Yeah, but didn’t you take one
this morning? This is the afternoon dose. Hello. I am sure, there was a bullet in
one hand and poison in the other. Is this a diet? How can anyone survive on this? Shut up, yaar!
Why is she texting you so much? She is just being nice. She’s being nice?? She has known me from much before
and she’s never been nice to me. What is this text? That I Hope Minnie is designing pants for you that do
justice to your cute behind?! She was just trying to be funny. It is not funny.
– Arre she found it cute… It’s nothing, you are over reacting. What are you doing?
– Huh? No, I thought writers have
too much of an OCD. They cannot tolerate dirty dishes etc. But I guess you are still not a
professionals… No! Obviously. I felt something personal going on
so I thought… I thought I would bear with it.
– No, nothing personal going on here. We need to sort this shit out. Stop messaging random girls. But Nina is not random, man. She’s the executive producer. A good contact to have.
I don’t want to offend her. How!! How!!! How!
– Hey, Sana! Good you came. Robin left? No. He’s about to. Jubilant also
has to go for some work. So… we’re all… Where do I’ve to go? I’ll tell you. Wait. Wait, wait…
– Something important? Hi, Robin. Sana? Which are you heading? Me… I’m going to Goregaon. Oh, same here.
Let’s go together. Where will I go?
– But you’ve just come. Yeah, actually I got bit late. Ok. Nero. Me and Robin are very close. That’s why he remembers my name
even though we’ve just met once before. At that audition where
Nero broke his nose. Which why he is also
going to recommend me to be the female lead in Rakht Bimb. I mean, he hasn’t actually
said that yet but… that’s because he doesn’t know
he is going to do it. Anyway, there is a whole day to go
before the final cast is locked. So… Superhero’s girlfriend
goes with Superhero’s brother so that she can become
closer to the family. Do I have work here? Do you want me to follow her? Nero! I don’t know how everyone is
guessing it so correctly. Every time. And when they ask, I’m unable
to guess right, even once. Would you do it?
– Yes. Why not? Now it’s in the left. – Yes.
Now in the right… Ok? It’s in this. Huh? I believe this is yours… Would you guys try? If you guess right,
all the money is yours. Left? Ramesh ji, you have been showing me
such pathetic houses since morning. If you can’t manage,
should I ask someone else? Read this SMS very carefully. Go on read. Read it.
– What does it say? Looking for a 1 BHK,
budget 13 thousand. And what’s the replay I wrote
to that? Read that too. Read it. Only in slum rehabilitation building
you may find in such a budget that too if you are lucky. But since you’re in casting
I will give my all life and try. I rest my case. Let me try my contacts. Sana, can we get something in town? Fenugreek. Mint leaves… Wow.
The house looks really clean. Did you even get time to write
or not? Yeah. There are three ideas. How was your High Grow Therapy? How many inches did you grow?
Freudian Slip. Hypnotherapy!
I said Hypnotherapy. I wanted to talk about the same.
Actually, I went somewhere else. I was house hunting.
I’m shifting out. Shifting out? But I haven’t given
you permission to shift out? I don’t need your permission, Nero.
If I want to shit out I can shift out. In fact I have already seen
five apartments since morning. Nero. Nero! Listen. This is cheating. Robin is a fraud! Freudian Slip. Ok, Nero listen…
I don’t need your permission I need your help.
I cannot do it without you. I’m not able to find a single decent
house which is in my budget. Please help me. In cannot be done
without you and your talent. Nero! Nero? Okay. But, in exchange, you’ll do all the
household chores till next week so that I don’t get NOCD. What you don’t get?
– NOCD. Too much of NOCD. Ok, done. I’ll do it.
Come out now. And you’ll sponsor my
High Grow Therapy too. So finally the egg is
leaving the nest. Have I properly trained the egg
to fly or will it break? Ever since Robin’s arrival Mumbai’s
life had become bit tolerable. Now loneliness again. What happened, Jubilant?
– No. Nothing. Now I will have to face
Mumbai’s cruelty on my own. At least I am happy
he asked for my guidance. So if you want Nero to anything, I’ve made a list of a few keywords
over the past few days. It’s like, good-looking, smart,
intelligent, inspiring, talent… six pack abs, leader, Hrithik Roshan. Guidance? Yah, that’s a good one. Guidance. Otherwise it’s been a very bad day. Can’t tell you the exact date but will be vacating the place
some time next month. Talk in Hindi. Can’t tell exact date,
next month maybe. Say it completely in Hindi. Exact date… Correct date. Date on date, date on date, date on date,
we’ve got date on date your honour… but no justice. all we ever got is ‘a date’. Isn’t that your third dose
for the day? So? So what… I am pretty sure that
you are not supposed to do that. Can I use the bathroom
for one minute? Ramesh ji, just listen to me for a second
– Yes, yes, yes… I’m sorry. Having too many anxiety medicines
causes hormonal changes. Shall we? I don’t know what the deal is
with Minnie. She takes a dose,
because she is hyper. After a dose she gets
even more hyper. Who is it?
– Nina. Are you going to receive it? Why not? Are you mad? What car was that? Minnie! I did not have a phone and
I couldn’t figure out where she was. Thankfully, Ramesh-ji
was in character. Follow that car! Hurry! I got it! I’ve finally figured it out how to
chose the correct hand. Afar a lot of research I figured it. You get two clues. First is… whichever hand
the coin is in… Isn’t it? Then your nose which you have
you’ve to slightly turn that way… just one per cent, that’s all..
it tilts towards that. And the second, this what that
you see here after closing the fist, the hand that has the coin,
is little more wide on the side. Widens a little more. All right? So you hold it now
and I’ll guess. I’ll win all the money back.
You will see. Okay? I… Give my money back, please. See! I knew you guys would
ask me to do this today. Hi, I am Ramesh Agarwal. If you are looking for property
in Juhu, Vile Parle… Ramesh bhai.
Say what we’ve told you to… At least let me say it once, man. Okay. Hi, I am Ramesh Agarwal. Please like this video,
share this video everywhere. Please comment.
Please subscribe to our channel. And if you’re looking for a
property in Juhu Vile Parle Santacruz, get in touch with me at
[email protected] My number is 98…

50 thoughts on “Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E06 – ‘In-House Talent’

  1. Amazingly weird characters.. Interestingly indulging.. And I really like the pace at which story rolls on.. Slow, poised, apt!
    I am loving Jubilant. Thank God he was in character(police) hahaha.. It was sheer creative the way you people connected it.
    Nero, you are the hero! The scale you maintain while speaking, flat tone adds more innocence. And all global gyan (GG) you give really helps; one in making fun of my own thought process and two you are 'Kabir Das of strugglers' world' in a way sharing experiences of other people for a lesson to achieve enlightenment.. Hahahaha
    Robin and his gf, we call it 'authentic'! Apne hi siyyape khatam nahi ho rahe dono ke.. Hehehe
    Writing is strong and you all are stronger in your execution. Though I don't understand technicalities but I always get that natural reaction.. Ye kaise kiya? Specially certain reactions.. Haauuuwww? By Jubilant, 'okay' straight from the bathroom by Nero! Mai to senti ho gayi.. Big comment!

  2. The Guy playing Neeraj – Brilliant … .he's the sole reason that makes me wanna watch this show …

    However..the guy playing his cousin(Robin)…. – Awful…… brings down the whole essence of the show….

  3. I've binge watched 6 episodes today.will watch the rest tomorrow.Geat job guys! I really like this Robin guy.good actor.baaki nero to sai main average actor hai.haha freudian slip.not

  4. Ok, so I am on a second binge of Not Fit. Take a bow guys! I love your subtle (and not so subtle) humor. Oh and also, Jubilant is probably one of the most hilarious characters I have ever seen. Please make a season 2 soon!

  5. guys, to be honest, when I started the show 5-6 months ago I didn't really like it. but somehow today, it grew on me and I'm in love

  6. This web series deserve over a million views.. Under rated and brilliant with superb concept and some great acting.. Hoping Season 2 comes soon!!! Just brilliant!!

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