Demystifying Speed Tooling (Google I/O ’19)

Demystifying Speed Tooling (Google I/O ’19)

9 thoughts on “Demystifying Speed Tooling (Google I/O ’19)

  1. I have never really seen Paul Irish talking, but I am too familiar with his great dev articles.
    Paul is the front-end optimization god.

  2. What’s wrong with my website? Speed is good. I got 99 in pagespeed. But no clicks from google search.

  3. A summary article, with quotes, screenshots, and link list:

  4. Any reason why you lie twice about the Lighthouse score being the same on your servers as it is on local computers?
    I mean it's an utter bold faced lie. You said it twice @4:10 and @4:40
    We all know people aren't smart enough to run Lighthouse audits through dev tools themselves, which begs the question, why are you not only lying to developers who know better (target audience of footage), but also REFUSING to fix it — seemingly so as to "force" lower scores on the populous en masse?
    Is this how you usher in a new age of AMP? Using social engineering to make people think their websites are bad? I'm genuinely curious. What say you almighty google? Explain the lie.

  5. I check this page in Audit (Chrome DevTool) and get 68 points for performance, but from PageSpeedInsights I get 33 points for performance. Is this video page slow or medium? I think it is slow. What do you say about this, Google?

  6. I spent 10 minutes trying to find more info about the Whiskey and the Bribes platforms before giving up and unpausing the video…

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