6 thoughts on “Danica Patrick, GoDaddy back together for Daytona 500, Indy 500

  1. She had nothing to offer in racing, she was there because she is a woman to brink more woman into racing fans. Give me a break woman never was good at driving. Prove me wrong!
    (I was a professional driver retired now)

  2. lol, smart move godaddy, as a business. They know Daytona gets the most view time in sports bars and such as its bradcast more. SHe also wrecks more than other drivers. Godaddy is simply funding the last 2 races because it brings in more advertising from the viewership of the races the most non-fans watch. Sports bars will have this more than other whocares races like the short tracks. Its all about advertising returns ahaha

  3. One of the biggest names in racing. Except she's not. She has won nothing in NASCAR, not even a podium. Over 200 races in both classes and nothing.

    A single Indy victory, which was team strategy made possible by the engineers.

    She's only a big name in racing because of media hype, not because she's any good at it.

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