Cute Bouncing Lamb Becomes Huge Internet Star

SHANNEN: Winter! 00:08
COMM: This is Winter. The tiny lamb who became a massive sensation on Vine, at one point
racking up eleven million loops in under seventy two hours. 00:18
SHANNEN: Winter! You’re so cute. So cute. 00:26
COMM: Winter was born in August 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. And his owner Shannen Hussein started
filming him from just two days old. But a couple of weeks later when the excitable little
chap started bouncing up and down the hallway when his name was called, an internet star
was born. With his first Vine alone getting over 34 million loops. 00:47
SHANNEN: I love it, he’s so cute, look at his little horns. 00:51
COMM: As well as hopping down hallways Winter also likes bouncing on beds. 01:00
COMM: And gambling on the grass. 01:02
SHANNEN: Winter! 01:06
COMM: But when he’s not jumping up and down he stays as close to Shannen’s side as he
can. And though he doesn’t mix with the other sheep, he doesn’t mind the company of the
cat and the ducklings. 01:18
COMM: Winter has recently returned to Vine, and at almost six months old he still likes
bouncing on the bed, but he may be getting a bit big for it now.

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