Who is the cringiest kid On the internet? WHY DO WE NEED A SONIC… 2006 SEQUEL? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OH MY GOD THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING! A question many Youtubers have tried to find for so long… *makes weird noises* *Fight me Bitch* Y’know, you can’t just look at somebody and tell how great they are by how they look. That’s not how it works. *sound of water coming out of the faucet* *suggestive music and chatter of the crowd* They think they’ve found them all… But they missed the cringiest one A man filled with so much cringe *echoing voice* It could destroy the galaxy. *Dramatic music* *laughs quietly* Talking of course… About ChristianU2Uber *how many times are you zooming in poods* Hello everybody A lot of people on youtube, You’re calling me a homo, Ya know when I was a kid, I was a fucking boss I basically was so- so cool *music stops* That no one would talk to me *cries on the inside* *rip headphone users* You see these fucking spikes dawg? AINSLEY YOU THINK YOU CAN PULL OFF THOSE SPIKES!? *dramatic music* *Ainsley the hedgehog* Hello everybody, A lot of people on youtube, You’re calling me a homo, AINSLEY, WAS THAT YOU? DID YOU CALL HIM A HOMO? *Japanese google translate accent* Not cool man How fucki- How dare you speak to ChristianU2ber like that He’s mah boi I can give you the right To call me a homo, You’re only calling me a homo Because that Blue Summers posted a video- Are you Blue Summers, Ainsley? *Ainsley exposed* I fucking knew it He’s an epic troll And he called me a homo, *Pause* He copied and pasted one of my videos and he called me a homo and then Ainsley what do you think is he a homo? *More Japanesse* He does have dick sucking lips You a- You are correct. That is a correct- observation Ainsley Why don’t you just leave me alone, If you’re gonna call me a homo, then *awkward silence* I-I don’t know what *stutters* I don’t know what to say Ya better fucking back off ’cause I don’t know what to say If you’re gonna call me a homo- Then Then? BACK OFF! OH! * Shocked Poods* A lot of you people are making edited versions of my Videos And Copy Poods: I’m backing off And pasting my videos and I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!! *slams desk* GOT IT? *poods is scared* Stop calling me a homo, Or you will be sorry! Imbecile. OHHH! WHY DID YOU CALL HIM A HOMO!? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU AINSLEY!? *zooms in again* Going to have to watch more videos, to figure out how to compliment him. Oh he did the- official music video for Hi everybody, Famous Last Words I’m going to play this song for you today. (yayy 😀 ) I’m going to sing for you, and I’m going to play my guitar. He’s a great musician Ainsley! How about that? Maybe we can promote his album! *crazy lipsyncing* *emos crying in background* *wtf* *presses g note on piano* *eats air* Oh god dammit ((gerard way is angel)) *music intensifies* I mean that’s imppressive He’s doing not just th- the main vocal cords, but also the background vocal cords at the very same time, just while playing and doing all the instrument just from a single guitar! (( THATS WHAT I CALL TALENT )) When I was a kid, I never did any fucking shit like this, I was the fucking boss, I never did anything cringy in my LIFE! No, I did not- Walk across the street in a funny walk once and then a couple of girls saw me and they started laughing, and then I went home, cried, and thought about it Literally for years I’m 26 years old and I’m still not over it Wha- THAT DID NOT HAPPEN TO ME! He also makes, very, informative reviews Let’s look one right now Hello again, this is my first real video, I have made 3- Oh p-p-p-p Okay. Alright. He says he’s not a homo, Look at the description, okay? *piano music* Vince said that I’m going to Love “Love” His nuts. and he’s not lying NOW IF THAT’S NOT HOMO, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS! Okay you’re starting to make me angry Ugh come on… Ugghh Don’t make him angry Oh, come on… Shit! What have we do? Ugh Oh shit, he’s doing it again! Oh No! *Pulls hair* *ear rape warning* Oh! No! He’s Getting Angry! AAAAHADFAHDKSJFHDKLAJSHF Kay now you’re just being a fucking weirdo Ugh There’s so many videos of a- pe-people reacting t cr- to cringy kids and uh- I just did it myself *laughs* It’s like come on, We’ve all did fucking terrible shit as kids It’s part of growing up. Now, the problem here lies in that the fact that Their- Their shit’s online forever *Hi Ainsley* Shut the fuck up Ainsley! I don’t need that fucking attitude from you *Good question* The thing is like All these people making fun of cringy kids, Ya know I’m sure they were super cool as kids Okay I- I bet aw- like they look so cool Look at this dude *Ricegum* OHOHO OO *Laugh* ONONONONO OOHH *Laughter* O-O-O-O *Leafyishere* o; HAHAHAHAHA


  1. "I did not walk funny across the street and a couple girls saw me and laughed and I went home and cried and I thought about it for the rest of my life, I'm 26 and i still think about it. Nope, never happened."

  2. pewds ima grown man I can do what a want ( my name is actually aynslie and every time he says my name I freak out like wtf man chill )

  3. Wow this is really lame. That kid is obviously not well and you’re trying to make money off slandering him. I can’t imagine what he must have gone through after all this

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